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Robert Field (painter)


Robert Field (painter)

Miniature of Yale University Art Gallery

Robert Field (1769–1819) was a painter who was born in Martha Washington. (Field's miniatures of both are in the Yale University Art Gallery permanent collection.)


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He received his early training at the Royal Academy schools, London, in 1790. In 1794 he moved to the United States. He took up residence in the nation's then-capital, Philadelphia, Pa. There he immediately joined a group of artists led by Charles Willson Peale in establishing the Columbianum, or American Academy of the Fine Arts, which was eventually superseded by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 1805.

Field spent 14 years in the United States, working as a miniature painter in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, and Boston; during this period he produced miniatures of

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  • Early American portrait painters in miniature by Theodore Bolton. New York. 1921 - Robert Field


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In 1816 he moved to Jamaica, settling first in Montego Bay and then in Kingston. He died on 9 August 1819, apparently of yellow fever, and was buried in an unmarked grave in the old "West Ground" cemetery, now called the Strangers' Burial Ground, near the Kingston parish church.[2]


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Nova Scotia


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