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The Housekeeper's Week

By: Harland, Marion, 1830-1922; American Home Economics Association; University of the State of New York. Traveling Library

...ge: English Subject: Fiction, Literature Publisher: World Public Library Association Copyright © 20, All Rights Reserved Worldwide by World Publi... ...er http://WorldLibrary.net/Copyrights.html). World Public Library Association P.O. Box 22687 Honolulu, Hawaii 96823 info@WorldLibrary.net ... ...d kerosene. Javelle water and a recipe for making. Recipe for soap powder. Home-made bluing. Starch that will not stick to the irons. Scraps of soap a... ...osal of clothes from the laundry 63 CHAPTER VIII WEDNESDAY: BAKING-DAY The home-made loaf vs. " bakers' bread." Old-fashioned yeast- making. Compresse... ...g can be understood in- telligently is appreciable only by the minority of American housekeepers. Many of us begin house- keeping handicapped by a lac... ...e truth stands, and can not be softened out of sight, that the bane of the American housemother's profes- sional life is washing and ironing. She name... ...n which flannels are to be washed. Says one prime authority upon Household Economics: "Flannels and hosiery should be washed in tepid, soft water—neve... ...—a ton, in fact. But when the standpoint of mistress and maid in household economics is the same, the millennium will have begun. As a young housekeep...

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