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Plos Genetics : Crl2Lrr-1 E3-ligase Regulates Proliferation and Progression Through Meiosis in the Caenorhabditis Elegans Germline, Volume 9

By: Needhi Bhalla

Description : The ubiquitin-proteolytic system controls the stability of proteins in space and time. In this study, using a temperaturesensitive mutant allele of the cul-2 gene, we show that CRL2LRR-1 (CUL-2 RING E3 ubiquitin-ligase and the Leucine Rich Repeat 1 substrate recognition subunit) acts at multiple levels to control germline development. CRL2LRR-1 promotes germ cell proliferation by counteracting the DNA replication ATL-1 checkpoint pathway. CRL2LRR-1 also participates in the mitotic proliferation/meiotic entry decision, presumably controlling the stability of meiotic promoting factors in the mitotic zone of the germline. Finally, CRL2LRR-1 inhibits the first steps of meiotic prophase by targeting in mitotic germ cells degradation of the HORMA domain-containing protein HTP-3, required for loading synaptonemal complex components onto meiotic chromosomes. Given its widespread evolutionary conservation, CUL-2 may similarly regulate germline development in other organisms as well....

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