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The Follies of Science at the Court of Rudolph Ii, 1576-1612

By: Bolton, Henry Carrington, 1843-1903

...entury. " XV. Theosophic Emblem. XVI. Henricus Cornelius Agrippa. Astrology, Alchemy and Magic. XVII. Teyn Kirche. XVIII. Rudolph II. PREFACE. I N TH... ...ities with a view to stimulating progress in art and archaeology; astrology, alchemy and magic were to his superstitious mind true sciences of pre- em... ...s son Maximilian and retired to Linz, where he devoted himself to astrology, alchemy and botany until his death in 1493. Of Augustus, Elector of Saxon... ...old Alley besought the court Doctor to arrange a more public confer- ence on alchemy at which they might meet the Englishmen. With great hospitality, ... ...by appearance, and said that for his part he found the old saying true that "Alchemy is a coquette inviting flirtation, but denying favors; an art wit... ...to agree with that mystical philosopher, Henry Cornelius Agrippa, who styled alchemy the "sister of theology," for the latter directs man to eternal h... ...utzke, who inquired whether the speaker believed the artificial gold made by alchemy to be true gold 25 or not. Rodowsky said in reply that it would ... ...assage in the writings of his own former master in occult science, Cardano: "Alchemy," he wrote, "contains several admirable things, several useless, ... ...h as Dee ventured to oppose Rudolph's inter- pretation of it. The 'Father of Alchemy,' Hermes, was identi- fied with Canaan, Noah's grandson ; he inve...

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