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List of Slovenes

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Title: List of Slovenes  
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Subject: Slovenian people, Vladimir Bartol, List of Slovene-language poets, Lists of people by nationality
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List of Slovenes

This is a list of Slovenes and people from Slovenia that are notable.


  • Artists including performing arts 1
  • Authors 2
  • Inventors 3
  • Military personnel 4
  • Film, radio and television 5
  • Musicians and composers 6
  • Philosophers 7
  • Politicians 8
  • Scientists 9
  • Sports personalities 10
  • Other people 11
  • See also 12
  • External links 13

Artists including performing arts



  • Alojz Knafelc (1859–1937), the creator of Slovenian trail blaze.
  • Janez Puh (German Johann Puch) (1862–1914) – inventor, innovator, industrial designer and manufacturer.
  • Janez Auguštin Puhar (1814–1864) – priest, photographer, painter and poet – invented a photography on the glass in 1842.
  • Herman Potočnik – Noordung (1892–1929), one of the founders of astronautics.
  • Edvard Rusjan (1886–1911) – pilot and aeronautic pioneer.
  • Richard Fuisz (b 1939) – pharmaceutical inventor of controlled release drug beads, quick dissolve tablet systems, thin film drug delivery systems as well as various medical devices, diagnostic devices and electronic mail patents.
  • Japec Jakopin (b 1951) – yacht designer
  • Ivo Boscarol (b 1956) – light aircraft designer and manufacturer

Military personnel

Film, radio and television

Musicians and composers



  • Andrej Bajuk (1943–2011) – 3rd prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • John Blatnik (1911-1991) – US Congressman
  • Leonard J. Bodack – Fmr. Pennsylvania State Senator
  • Jože Brilej - (1910–1981) – Yugoslav politician, diplomat and ambassador, President of the United Nations Security Council (1956)
  • Leo von Caprivi (1831–1899) – was a German major general and statesman who served as German Chancellor from March 1890 to October 1894 (His family (original surname Kopriva) was of Slovenian and Italian origin)
  • Janez Drnovšek (1950–2008) – 2nd prime minister of independent Slovenia, 3rd president of Slovenia 2003–2008.
  • Tom Harkin – US Senator
  • Janez Janša (1958–) – 5th prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • Boris Kidrič (1912–1953) – communist, politician, statesman and economist.
  • Amy Jean Klobuchar (1960–) – United States Senator from Minnesota.
  • Anton Korošec (1872–1940), prominent Yugoslav politician.
  • Milan Kučan (1941–) – 1st and 2nd president of independent Slovenia 1991–2002.
  • Frank Lausche – Fmr. US Senator, Governor of Ohio & Mayor of Cleveland
  • Vladko Maček (1879–1964) – Croatian politician of Slovene origin from the first half of the 20th century. He led the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS)
  • James Oberstar – US Representative from Minnesota
  • Lojze Peterle (1948–) – 1st prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti (1948–) – leader of the Slovenian national party (SNS).
  • Tanya Plibersek – Australian politician – House of Representatives
  • Anton Rop (1960–) – 4th prime minister of independent Slovenia.
  • Gregorij Rožman (1883–1959) – Bishop of Ljubljana (1930–1945), collaborator with Italian and German occupying forces during the Second World War.
  • Edvard Kardelj Sperans (1910–1979) – prewar communist, politician, statesman and publicist.
  • Josip Broz Tito (1892–1980) – president of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia between 1945 and 1980 (son of a Croat father, Franjo Broz, and a Slovenian mother, Marija Javeršek)
  • Danilo Türk (1952–) – President elect of Slovenia
  • Walter Veltroni (1955–) – Mayor of Rome (Slovenian mother)
  • George Voinovich – US Senator – Fmr. Governor of Ohio and Mayor of Cleveland – (Slovenian Mother)
  • Anton Vratuša (1915–) – politician and diplomat, who was the Prime Minister of Slovenia from 1978–80 and of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, also its ambassador to the United Nations


Sports personalities

Other people

See also

External links

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