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South Africa at the Olympics


South Africa at the Olympics

South Africa at the Olympic Games

Flag of South Africa
IOC code  RSA
NOC South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee
Olympic history
Summer Games
Winter Games

South Africa first participated at the Olympic Games in 1904, and sent athletes to compete in every Summer Olympic Games until 1960. After the passage of United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1761 in 1962 in response to South Africa's policy of apartheid, the nation was barred from the Games. (This did not, however, apply to the Paralympics. South Africa made its Paralympic Games début in 1964, and continued to compete until 1976, included, after which the Dutch Parliament declared its participation in the 1980 Summer Games would be undesirable. From then on, South Africa was absent from the Paralympics until 1992. See: South Africa at the Paralympics.[1][2])

After the negotiations to end apartheid in South Africa commenced in 1990, the nation re-joined the Olympic movement. The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee was created in 1991, and South Africa returned to the Games at the 1992 Summer Olympics (and the 1992 Summer Paralympics). South Africa also participated in the Winter Olympic Games in 1960, and since 1994.

South African athletes have won a total of 76 medals, with athletics, boxing, and swimming as the top medal-producing sports. The most recent medal won was a silver by Caster Semenya on the 11 August 2012 at the 2012 London Olympics.


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Summer Games

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Gold Walker, ReggieReggie Walker 1908 London Athletics Men's 100 metres
 Silver Hefferon, CharlesCharles Hefferon 1908 London Athletics Men's Marathon
 Gold McArthur, KenKen McArthur 1912 Stockholm Athletics Men's Marathon
 Gold Lewis, RudolphRudolph Lewis 1912 Stockholm Cycling Men's Individual Time Trial
 Gold Kitson, HaroldHarold Kitson
Winslow, CharlesCharles Winslow
1912 Stockholm Tennis Men's Doubles Outdoor
 Gold Winslow, CharlesCharles Winslow 1912 Stockholm Tennis Men's Singles Outdoor
 Silver Gitsham, ChristianChristian Gitsham 1912 Stockholm Athletics Men's Marathon
 Silver Kitson, HaroldHarold Kitson 1912 Stockholm Tennis Men's Singles Outdoor
 Gold Rudd, BevilBevil Rudd 1920 Antwerp Athletics Men's 400 Metres
 Gold Walker, ClarenceClarence Walker 1920 Antwerp Boxing Men's Bantamweight
 Gold Raymond, LouisLouis Raymond 1920 Antwerp Tennis Men's Singles
 Silver Dafel, HenryHenry Dafel
Oosterlak, JackJack Oosterlak
Oldfield, ClarenceClarence Oldfield
Rudd, BevilBevil Rudd
1920 Antwerp Athletics Men's 400 Metres Relay
 Silver Kaltenbrum, HenryHenry Kaltenbrum 1920 Antwerp Cycling Men's Individual Time Trial
 Silver Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith
Walker, JamesJames Walker
1920 Antwerp Cycling Men's Tandem
 Silver Smith, DavidDavid Smith
Bodley, RobertRobert Bodley
Buchanan, FerdinandFerdinand Buchanan
Morgan, FrederickFrederick Morgan
1920 Antwerp Shooting Men's Team 600 Metres Military Rifle
 Bronze Rudd, BevilBevil Rudd 1920 Antwerp Athletics Men's 800m
 Bronze Walker, JamesJames Walker
Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith
Kaltenbrum, HenryHenry Kaltenbrum
Goosen, HarryHarry Goosen
1920 Antwerp Cycling Team Pursuit
 Bronze Winslow, CharlesCharles Winslow 1920 Antwerp Tennis Men's Singles
 Gold Smith, WilliamWilliam Smith 1924 Paris Boxing Men's Bantamweight
 Silver Atkinson, SydneySydney Atkinson 1924 Paris Athletics Men's 110m Hurdles
 Bronze McMaster, CecilCecil McMaster 1924 Paris Athletics Men's 10 Kilometer Walk
 Gold Atkinson, SydneySydney Atkinson 1928 Amsterdam Athletics Men's 110m Hurdles
 Bronze Isaacs, HarryHarry Isaacs 1928 Amsterdam Boxing Men's Bantamweight
 Bronze Rennie, RhodaRhoda Rennie
van der Goes, FredericaFrederica van der Goes
Bedford, MarieMarie Bedford
Russell, KathleenKathleen Russell
1928 Amsterdam Swimming Women's 4x100m Freestyle Relay
 Gold Stevens, LawrenceLawrence Stevens 1932 Los Angeles Boxing Men's lightweight
 Gold Carstens, DavidDavid Carstens 1932 Los Angeles Boxing Men's light-heavyweight
 Bronze Clark, MarjorieMarjorie Clark 1932 Los Angeles Athletics Women's 80m hurdles
 Bronze Peirce, ErnestErnest Peirce 1932 Los Angeles Boxing Men's middleweight
 Bronze Maakal, JennyJenny Maakal 1932 Los Angeles Swimming Women's 400m freestyle
 Silver Catterall, CharlesCharles Catterall 1936 Berlin Boxing Men's featherweight
 Gold Dreyer, GeraldGerald Dreyer 1948 London Boxing Men's lightweight
 Gold Hunter, GeorgeGeorge Hunter 1948 London Boxing Men's light-heavyweight
 Silver Shepherd, DennisDennis Shepherd 1948 London Boxing Men's featherweight
 Bronze Arthur, JohnJohn Arthur 1948 London Boxing Men's heavyweight
 Gold Brand, EstherEsther Brand 1952 Helsinki Athletics Women's high jump
 Gold Harrison, JoanJoan Harrison 1952 Helsinki Swimming Women's 100m backstroke
 Silver Robb-Hasenjäger, DaphneDaphne Robb-Hasenjäger 1952 Helsinki Athletics Women's 100m
 Silver Van Schalkwyk, TheunisTheunis Van Schalkwyk 1952 Helsinki Boxing Men's light-middleweight
 Silver Robinson, RaymondRaymond Robinson
Thomas Shardelow
1952 Helsinki Cycling (Track) Men's 2000m tandem
 Silver Estman, GeorgeGeorge Estman
Robert Fowler
Thomas Shardelow
Alfred Swift
1952 Helsinki Cycling (Track) Men's team pursuit (4000m)
 Bronze Toweel, WilliamWilliam Toweel 1952 Helsinki Boxing Men's flyweight
 Bronze Leisching, LeonardLeonard Leisching 1952 Helsinki Boxing Men's featherweight
 Bronze Nieman, AndriesAndries Nieman 1952 Helsinki Boxing Men's heavyweight
 Bronze Robinson, RaymondRaymond Robinson 1952 Helsinki Cycling (Track) Men's 1 km time trial
 Bronze Bekker, DanielDaniel Bekker 1956 Melbourne/Stockholm Boxing Men's heavyweight
 Bronze Loubscher, HenryHenry Loubscher 1956 Melbourne/Stockholm Boxing Men's light-welterweight
 Bronze Swift, AlfredAlfred Swift 1956 Melbourne/Stockholm Cycling (Track) Men's 1 km time trial
 Bronze Abernethy, MoiraMoira Abernethy
Jeanette Myburgh
Natalie Myburgh
Susan Elizabeth Roberts
1956 Melbourne/Stockholm Swimming Women's 4x100m freestyle relay
 Silver Bekker, DanielDaniel Bekker 1960 Rome Boxing Men's heavyweight
 Bronze Spence, Malcolm CliveMalcolm Clive Spence 1960 Rome Athletics Men's 400m
 Bronze Meyers, WilliamWilliam Meyers 1960 Rome Boxing Men's featherweight
 Silver Meyer, ElanaElana Meyer 1992 Barcelona Athletics Women's 10,000m
 Silver Ferreira, WayneWayne Ferreira
Piet Norval
1992 Barcelona Tennis Men's doubles
 Gold Thugwane, JosiaJosia Thugwane 1996 Atlanta Athletics Men's marathon
 Gold Heyns, PenelopePenelope Heyns 1996 Atlanta Swimming Women's 100m breaststroke
 Gold Heyns, PenelopePenelope Heyns 1996 Atlanta Swimming Women's 200m breaststroke
 Silver Sepeng, HezekielHezekiel Sepeng 1996 Atlanta Athletics Men's 800m
 Bronze Kriel, MarianneMarianne Kriel 1996 Atlanta Swimming Women's 100m backstroke
 Silver Cloete, HestrieHestrie Cloete 2000 Sydney Athletics Women's high jump
 Silver Parkin, TerenceTerence Parkin 2000 Sydney Swimming Men's 200m breaststroke
 Bronze Herbert, LlewellynLlewellyn Herbert 2000 Sydney Athletics Men's 400m hurdles
 Bronze Kruger, FrantzFrantz Kruger 2000 Sydney Athletics Men's discus throw
 Bronze Heyns, PenelopePenelope Heyns 2000 Sydney Swimming Women's 100m breaststroke
 Gold Ferns, LyndonLyndon Ferns
Ryk Neethling
Roland Mark Schoeman
Darian Townsend
2004 Athens Swimming Men's 4x100m freestyle relay
 Silver Mulaudzi, MbulaeniMbulaeni Mulaudzi 2004 Athens Athletics Men's 800m
 Silver Cloete, HestrieHestrie Cloete 2004 Athens Athletics Women's high jump
 Silver Schoeman, Roland MarkRoland Mark Schoeman 2004 Athens Swimming Men's 100m freestyle
 Bronze Cech, DonovanDonovan Cech
Ramon di Clemente
2004 Athens Rowing Men's coxless pair
 Bronze Schoeman, Roland MarkRoland Mark Schoeman 2004 Athens Swimming Men's 50m freestyle
 Silver Mokoena, KhotsoKhotso Mokoena 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's long jump
 Gold van der Burgh, CameronCameron van der Burgh 2012 London Swimming Men's 100m breaststroke
 Gold le Clos, ChadChad le Clos 2012 London Swimming Men's 200m butterfly
 Gold Ndlovu, SizweSizwe Ndlovu
Brittain, MatthewMatthew Brittain
Smith, JohnJohn Smith
Thompson, JamesJames Thompson
2012 London Rowing Men's Lightweight Four
 Silver le Clos, ChadChad le Clos 2012 London Swimming Men's 100m butterfly
 Silver Semenya, CasterCaster Semenya 2012 London Athletics Women's 800m
 Bronze Hartley, BridgitteBridgitte Hartley 2012 London Canoeing Women's K-1 500m

Medal tables

Medals by Summer Games

Games Gold Silver Bronze Total
1904 St. Louis 0 0 0 0
1908 London 1 1 0 2
1912 Stockholm 4 2 0 6
1920 Antwerp 3 4 3 10
1924 Paris 1 1 1 3
1928 Amsterdam 1 0 2 3
1932 Los Angeles 2 0 3 5
1936 Berlin 0 1 0 1
1948 London 2 1 1 4
1952 Helsinki 2 4 4 10
1956 Melbourne 0 0 4 4
1960 Rome 0 1 2 3
1964 Tokyo did not participate
1968 Mexico City did not participate
1972 Munich did not participate
1976 Montreal did not participate
1980 Moscow did not participate
1984 Los Angeles did not participate
1988 Seoul did not participate
1992 Barcelona 0 2 0 2
1996 Atlanta 3 1 1 5
2000 Sydney 0 2 3 5
2004 Athens 1 3 2 6
2008 Beijing 0 1 0 1
2012 London 3 2 1 6
Total 23 26 27 76

Medals by sport

Sport Gold Silver Bronze Total
Swimming 6 3 6 15
Athletics 6 12 6 24
Boxing 6 4 9 19
Tennis 3 2 1 6
Cycling 1 4 3 8
Rowing 1 0 1 2
Shooting 0 1 0 1
Canoeing 0 0 1 1
Total 23 26 27 76

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