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List of ICBMs

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Title: List of ICBMs  
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List of ICBMs

Soviet Union / Russia

Specific types of Soviet ICBMs include:



United States


  • Minuteman III (LGM-30G): launched from silo—as of May 2009, there are 450 Minuteman III missiles in active inventory


  • Atlas (SM-65, CGM-16): Former ICBM launched from silo, the rocket was modified and used in 1962-1963 for four manned Mercury-Atlas flights, and was used, along with the Agena or Centaur upper stages, as a medium-lift satellite and interplanetary probe launcher for NASA and the USAF. Original design, with "balloon tanks" and "1.5 staging," has since been retired and replaced with the Atlas V, which has an internal structure similar to the Titan ICBM, but using conventional propellants.
  • Titan I (SM-68, HGM-25A): Based in underground launch complexes. Used LOX/RP-1 propellants like Atlas, but stored in conventional tanks.
  • Titan II (SM-68B, LGM-25C): Former hypergolic-fueled ICBM launched from silo, the rocket was used in 1965-1966 for ten manned Gemini flights and its two-stage core was modified into the heavy-lifting Titan III and Titan IV rockets. All Titan II, III, and IV models have since been retired.
  • Minuteman I (SM-80, LGM-30A/B, HSM-80)
  • Minuteman II (LGM-30F)
  • LGM-118 Peacekeeper / MX (LGM-118A): silo-based, with rail basing tested; decommissioned in May 2006
  • Midgetman: road mobile launcher; has never been operational, cancelled in 1992

People's Republic of China

DF (Dong Feng or East Wind) are land-based ICBMs.


France only deploys submarine-launched ICBMs, with all land based IRBMs decommissioned.

  • Agni-V (ICBM): Successfully tested in 2012 and 2013, it is a road and rail mobile missile with a range of 5,500-5,800 km.,[3][4][5] and is expected to enter service in 2014-15.[6][7][8][9][10][11][12]
  • Agni-VI: (8,000-12,000 km)
  • Surya: (12,000-18,000 km) [Speculated]


  • Jericho III is a road mobile ICBM which entered service in 2008, a three-stage solid propellant missile with a payload of 1,000 to 1,300 kg with a range of 4,800 to 11,500 km [13] (2,982 to 7,180 miles).[14] In November 2011, Israel successfully test fired an ICBM believed to be an upgraded version of the Jericho III.[15]

Under development

North Korea

North Korea

Intercontinental-range submarine-launched ballistic missiles

Under Development

K-5 missile, with a maximum range of 6,000 kilometers and a payload of one tonne, is under development by DRDO which may be the SLBM version of AGNI-VI (ICBM). However, there is strong opacity regarding the existence of such a project.
A variant of the K-4 missile is also under development, with a range of 5,000 km and is intended to arm the future, larger nuclear submarines of the Indian Navy.[17] India, having completed the development of its first ballistic missile submarine INS Arihant, is reported to be developing at least three more submarines in the Arihant classi.e total 4 SSBN.[18]

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