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Basilicata regional election, 2013

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Title: Basilicata regional election, 2013  
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Subject: Reality Italy, Left Ecology Freedom, Communist Refoundation Party, Five Star Movement, Politics of Italy
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Basilicata regional election, 2013

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The Basilicata regional election of 2013 took place on 16–17 November 2013.

A snap election was called upon the resignation of the incumbent President, Vito De Filippo of the Democratic Party (PD), on 24 April 2013 and the subsequent dissolution of the Regional Council.[1] Several regional ministers and councillors had been involved in an expenses scandal (and one minister and two councillors had been arrested).[2]

Basilicata is a traditional stronghold of the PD, thus Marcello Pittella (a former Socialist and brother of Gianni Pittella, Vice President of the European Parliament) was elected President by a landslide 59.6% of the vote. Its main opponent, Tito Di Maggio of Civic Choice (supported by the whole centre-right, comprising The People of Freedom and the Union of the Centre), gained a mere 19.4%. The PD was the most voted party with 24.8%, followed by Pittella's personal list with 16.0%.


Candidates & parties votes votes (%) seats
reg. list
prov. lists
Marcello Pittella 148,696 59.60 3 10
Democratic Party 58,730 24.84 4
Pittella President 37,861 16.01 3
Italian Socialist Party 17,680 7.48 1
Reality Italy 14,012 5.93 1
Democratic Centre (incl. United Populars) 11,938 5.05 1
Italy of Values 8,160 3.45 0
Tito Di Maggio 48,370 19.39 1 4
The People of Freedom 29,022 12.27 2
Civic ChoiceBrothers of ItalyGreat South 12,033 5.09 1
Union of the Centre 9,002 3.81 1
Moderates in Revolution 847 0.36 0
Piernicola Pedicini 32,919 13.19 - 2
Five Star Movement 21,219 8.97 2
Maria Murante 12,888 5.17 - 1
Left Ecology Freedom (incl. PRC) 12,204 5.16 1
Florenzo Doino 2,178 0.87 - -
Workers' Communist Party 869 0.37 0
Manuello Doriano 1,917 0.77 - -
Matera Moves 1,370 0.58 0
Franco Grillo 1,300 0.52 - -
Work and Pensions 799 0.34 0
Elisabetta Zamparutti 1,215 0.49 - -
Rose in the Fist 724 0.31 0
Total 249,483 100.00 4 17

Source: Ministry of the Interior


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