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Boötes I (dwarf galaxy)

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Title: Boötes I (dwarf galaxy)  
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Subject: Local Group, Satellite galaxies of the Milky Way, Milky Way Subgroup, Dwarf spheroidal galaxies, List of nearest galaxies
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Boötes I (dwarf galaxy)

The Boötes Dwarf Galaxy (Boo I dSph) is a galaxy, which appears faint, with a luminosity of 100,000 L and an absolute magnitude of –5.8. It lies about 197 thousand light-years (60.4 kiloparsecs) away in the constellation Boötes. This dwarf spheroidal galaxy appears to be tidally disrupted[1] by the Milky Way Galaxy, which it orbits, and has two stellar tails that cross over to form a cross. Tidally disrupted galaxies usually only form one tail.

Like many of the ultrafaint dwarf spheroidals, the entire galaxy appears fainter than the star Rigel (absolute magnitude –6.8).


  1. ^ Apparent magnitude = Absolute magnitude + Distance modulus = -5.8[1] + 18.9[1] = 13.1


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