Greek Lexicon

Greek alphabet
Transliteration schemes
Greek Traditional Classical Modern
Α α a a a
Β β b b v
Γ γ g g gh, y
Δ δ d d dh
Ε ε e e e
Ζ ζ z z, dz z
Η η e ē i
Θ θ th th th
Ι ι i i i
Κ κ c k k
Λ λ l l l
Μ μ m m m
Ν ν n n n
Ξ ξ x x x
Ο ο o o o
Π π p p p
Ρ ρ r r r
Σ σ ς s s s
Τ τ t t t
Υ υ y u i, y
Φ φ ph ph ph, f
Χ χ ch kh kh, h
Ψ ψ ps ps ps
Ω ω o ō o
αι ae, e ai e, ai
αυ au au af, av
ει i ei i
ευ eu eu ef, ev
γγ ng ng ng
γξ nx nx nx
γκ nc nk g, ng
γχ nch nkh nkh
μπ mp mp b, mb
ντ nt nt d, nd
οι oe, e oi i
ου u ou ou, u

This is an incomplete list of Greek words with derivatives in English. The words are in Greek alphabetic order, with tables for the 24 Greek letters, listing thousands of related English words.



There are considerable differences between the various transliterations used to represent the Greek alphabet in English. The table in the sidebar shows:

  • The "traditional" transliteration, in other words that used in Latin, representing classical Greek: this is the form in which most Greek words have made their way into English
  • A "classical" transliteration, commonly used to represent more accurately the pronunciation of Ancient Greek, although traditional forms are rarely used.
  • The "modern" transliteration often used for Modern Greek—see transliteration of Greek into English for some variations.

Rough breathing was represented in some Greek dialects by an [h] while in others, the [h] represented the vowel eta (the origin of the sign is thought to be the left-hand half ( ├ ) of the letter H): a rough breathing over an initial vowel or diphthong – ἁ ἑ ἡ ἱ ὁ ὑ ὡ – indicates that the word was pronounced with an initial h, and a smooth breathing – ἀ ἐ ἠ ἰ ὀ ὐ ὠ – indicates the absence of an h, but this has since disappeared in speech, and Modern Greek omits the breathings. An initial upsilon (υ) always had the rough breathing –  – hence hy is very common at the start of words derived from Greek, but no (or very few) such words start with y.

The letter rho (ρ) at the start of a word always had the rough breathing –  – and is transliterated rh. If a rho was geminated within a word, the first ρ always had the smooth breathing and the second the rough breathing – ῤῥ – leading to the transiliteration rrh.

In ancient Greek, gamma was used to represent nu before a khi, ksi, kappa and another gamma. On this list, where this occurs, the word is listed as if the gamma were in fact a nu.

Greek words with modern derivatives

The citation form shown is the form most commonly shown in dictionaries, but this form is often unrepresentative of the word as used to form a compound word, hence the root form is also shown. In the case of verbs, the citation form is often by convention the first person singular, present indicative, (cf Latin), for instance φάγω (phagō), "I eat", rather than the infinitive ("to eat"). The Greek forms are generally in their true root form; i.e., a noun or verb derived from an earlier form will appear under the earlier form.

The "classical" transliteration as described above is used for both the Citation form and the Root form. Greek entries are in alphabetical order according to the Greek alphabet, English entries by the Roman alphabet.

The Greek words are shown in polytonic orthography, in other words showing the breathings and the fuller range of accents, as used in Ancient Greek and in Modern Greek for those who do not accept the 1982 "monotonic reform".

Note that alpha privatives are addressed under the heading of the positive form of the word whenever possible.



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ἀ- a- ἀ-/ἀν- a-/an- without, not adiabatic, agnostic, ahistorical, amoral, anaemia, anaesthesia, anhydrous, anonymous, apathy, asymmetric, asymptote, atrophic
ἄβαξ abax ἀβακ- abac- reckoning-board, used for counting votes abacus, abaculus, abax
ἄβυσσος ābussos ἀβυσσ- abyss- bottomless abyss, abyssal, abyssocottidae, abyssopelagic
ἄγαλμα āgalma ἀγαλματ- agalmat- glory, delight, honour, statue agalmatolite, Agalmatophilia
ἀγαθή agathē ἀγαθ- agath- good agathism, agathodaemon, kalokagathia
ἀγάπη agapē ἀγαπ- agap- fraternal love agape, agapanthus, agapanthaceae
ἀγαυός agauos ἀγαυ- agau- illustrious, noble agave, agavaceae
ἀγγαρεία angareiā ἀγγαρει- angarei- impressment for public service angary, angaria, angariate
ἀγγείον angeion ἀγγειο- angeio- vessel angiosperm, angiocardiography, angiodysplasia, angiogenesis, angiogram, angiography, angioma, angiopathy, angioplasty, angiosperma, angiostatin, angiotensin,
ἄγγελος angelos ἀγγελ- angel- messenger angel, archangel, evangelist
ἅγιος hagios ἁγιο- hagio- holy hagiography, hagiology, hagiographa
ἄγκιστρον ankistron ἀγκιστρ- ankistr- hook ancistrocladus, ancistrocactus, ancistrocheirus
ἀγκύλος ankulos ἀγκυλ-
crooked, curved[1] ancylus, angle, ankyloglossia, ancylopoda, ankylosaurid, ankylostomiasis
ἀγκύλωσις ankulōsis ἀγκυλ-ωσι- ankul-οsi- stiffening of the joints ankylosis, ankyloglossia, ankylosaurus
ἄγκυρα ankura ἀγκυρ- ankur- anchor anchoring, anchor, ankyrin
ἀγκών ankōn ἀγκων- ankon- elbow ancona, ancon, anconal
ἀγορά agora ἀγορ- agor- marketplace agora. agoraphobia, agoranomos
ἄγρα agra -αγρα/ἀγρ- -agra/agr- seizure, trap podagra, pellagra
ἀγρός agros ἀγρο- agro- tilled land agrobiology, agronomics, agrology
ἄγρωστις agrōstis ἀγρωστιδ- agrostid- a type of grass agrostology, agrostophyllum, agrostistachys
ἄγχω ankhō ἀγχ- ankh- I press tight, strangle, throttle, choke angina
ἄγω agō ἀγ- ag- I drive, lead pedagogue, anagoge, mystagogue
ἀγωνία agōnia ἀγωνι- agōni- agony antagonistic, agony
ἀδάμας adamas ἀδαμαντ- adamant- unconquerable, diamond adamant, adamantine
ἀδελφός adelphos ἀδελφ- adelph- brother adelphopoiesis, adelphous, monadelphous,

adelphogamy, Philadelphia

ἄδηλος adēlos ἀδηλο- adelo- unknown, obscure adelopod, adelospondyli, adelophagi, adelophryne
ἀδήν adēn ἀδενο- adeno- gland adenoma, adenomelablastoma, adenomyosis, adenosine
ᾍδης Hades ᾉδη-/ᾉδο- hade-/hado- god of the underworld hadean, Hades, hadopelagic
ἁδρός hadros ἁδρο- hadro- thick hadron, hadrosaurus
ἀδιάφορος adiaphoros ἀδιάφορ- adiaphor- indifferent adiaphora, adiaphorism
ἄδυτον aduton ἀδυτ- adyt- not to be entered adytum
ἀείδω aeidō -ᾠδ- -od-/-ed- I sing comedian, comedy, melody, ode, parody, prosody, psalmody, rhapsody, tragedian, tragedy
ἀέριος aerios ἀέρι- aeri- of the air aerial, aerie
ἀερόβιος aerobios ἀερόβι- aerobi- living in air aerobic, aerobics, aerobiology, anaerobic
ἀηδής aēdēs ἀηδ- aed- distasteful, unpleasant aedes
ἀήρ aēr ἀερο- aero-

aerodynamics, aerofoil, aeronautics, aerobatics, airplane, aeroplane, airship

ἄηχος aēchos ἀηχο- aecho- without sound anechoic, anechoic chamber
ἀθήρα athēra ἀθηρ- ather- gruel atheroma, atherosclerosis
ἀθλητής athlētēs ἀθλητ- athlet- contestant in the games athlete, athletics
αἰθάλη aithalē αἰθαλ- aithal- soot aethalops, ethallobarbital
αἰθήρ aithēr αἰθερ- aither- massless medium ether, ethereal
αἴγαγρος aigagros αἰγαγρ- aigagr- wild goat aegagrus, aegagropila
αἰγιαλός aigialos αἰγιαλ- aigial- beach, seashore aegialornis, aigialosaur, aegialornithidae
αἰγίς aigis αἰγιδ- aigid- armour of Zeus aegis
αἰκία aikia αἰκι- aiki- torture, suffering aecium, aeciospore
αἴλουρος ailouros αἰλουρo- ailouro- feline ailurophobia, aelurodon, aeluroscalabotinae
αἳμα haima αἱμο/-αἱματ- haimo-/haimat- blood anemia, anemic, hemophilia, hemorrhage
αἴνιγμα ainigma αἰνιγματ- ainigmat- riddle enigma
Aἴολος Aiolus Aἴολ- Aiol- Keeper of the Winds Gk. Myth Aeolic, Aeolian, Aeolotropy
αἰπεινός aipeinos αἰπειν- aipein- high, lofty aepisaurus,
αἰπύς or αἰπός aipus or aipos αἰπυ- aipu- high and steep, utter aepycamelus, aepyornis, aepyornithidae, aepyceros
αἰσθητικός aisthētikos αἰσθητ-ικ- aisthēt-ik- of sense-perception, sensitive, perceptive aesthetic, aesthetician, aestheticism, aesthete, aesthetics, anesthesia
αἰσχύνω aiskhunō αἰσχύν- aiskhun- I dishonour, shame aeschynanthus, aeschynite
αἰτία aitia αἰτι- aiti- cause etiology
αἰχμή aikhmē αἰχμ- aichm- point of a spear aechmophorus, aechmea
αἰών aiōn αἰων- eon- age eon
αἰώνιος aiōnios αἰώνι- aionι- lasting for an age aeonium, aeonian
Ἀκαδημία Akadēmia Ἀκαδημ- akadēm- the field of Academos academe, academic, academy
ἀκακία akakia ἀκακι- akaki- harmlessness acacia
ἀκαλύφη akaluphē ἀκαλυφ- acalyph- stinging-nettle acalypha, acalyphoideae
ἄκανθος akanthos ἀκανθ- acanth- thorn plant acanthus, acantharea, acanthite, acanthocephala, acanthocercus, acanthodactylus, acanthosaura
ἀκάρι akari ἀκαρ- acar- a kind of mite acarid, acariasis, acarology
ἀκατάληκτος akatalēktos ἀκατάληκτ- acatalekt- not incomplete, incessant acatalectic
ἀκέφαλος akephalos ἀκεφαλ- acephal- headless acephali, acephaly, acephalous
ἀκλινής aklinēs ἀκλιν- aclin- unswerving, without inclination aclinic, aclinic line
ἀκμή akmē ἀκμ- acm- highest point
facial eruption
acne, acnestis
ἀκόλουθος akoluthos ἀκόλουθ- akolouth- follower anacoluthon, acolyte
ἀκόνη akonē ἀκον- akon- whetstone aconitum, paragon
ἀκούω akouō ἀκου-στ- acou-st- I hear acoustic, acoustics
ἄκρον Akron ἀκρο- acro- edge, topmost acrobat, acrocephalus, acrochordidae, acrochordon, acromantula, acronym, acrotomophilia, Akron
ἀκροστιχίς akrostikhis ἀκροστιχιδ- acrostichid- headline, end-line acrostic
ἀκτίς aktis ἀκτινo- aktino- ray actinium, actinobacteria, actinodine, actinolite, actinometer, actinomorphic, actinomycetes, actinophryid, actinophryids, actinopteri, actinopterygii, actinozoa
ἀλάβαστρος alabastros ἀλαβαστρ- alabastr- a variety of mineral alabaster
ἀλλαντοειδής allantoeidēs ἀλλαντο-ειδ- allanto-eid- sausage-shaped allantois, allantoin
ἀλήθεια alētheia ἀληθει- alethei- truth alethiology, dialetheism
ἀλέξω alexō ἀλεξ(ο)- alex(o)- I ward off, defend Alexander, alexipharmic, alexithymia, alexiteric
ἄλευρον aleuron ἀλευρο- aleuro- flour, meal aleurone, aleuromancy
ἄλγος algos ἀλγ- alg- pain -algia, arthralgia, cardialgia, cephalalgia, fibromyalgia, myalgia, neuralgia, nostalgia, odontalgia, otalgia, analgesic
ἀλείφω aleiphō ἀλειφ- aleiph- I anoint with oil aliphatic compound
ἄλκιμος alkimos ἀλκ-ιμ- alc- strong analcite
ἁλκυών halkuōn ἁλκυον- halkuon- kingfisher Alcyonaria, halcyon, Halcyon, halcyonidae
ἀλληγορῶ allēgorō ἀλληγορ- allēgor- I interpret allegorically allegory
ἄλληλον allēlon ἀλληλο- allēlo- of one another allelomorph, parallelogram
ἄλλος allos ἀλλο- allo-
other, different allochthon, allodium, allodontidae, allogenes, allograft, allography, allolactose, allometry, allomorph, allopath, allopatry, allophony, allopoiesis, allopurinol, allosaurus, allotroph, allotropic, allotropy
ἅλς hals ἁλ- hal- salt
halogen, haloaromatic, halobacteria, halosaur
ἀλλότροπος allotropos ἀλλoτροπ- allotrop- strange allotropy, allotropes, allotropism,
ἁλύσκω haluskō ἁλυσκ- halusc- I flee from, shun, avoid, escape[2]
alt. L. form: hallucinari, "to dream, be deceived"
hallucinosis, hallucinate
ἄλυσσος alussos ἀλυσσ- alyss- a plant believed to cure rabies alyssum, Alyssa
ἄλφα alpha ἄλφα- alpha- alpha alphabet, alphabetize, alphagram, alphandia, alphanumeric, alpha particle
ἀλώπηξ alōpēx ἀλωπεκ- alopek- fox alopecia
ἅλως halōs ἁλω- halo- round shape, the disk of the sun, circular arcade at Delphi halo
Ἀμαζών Amazōn Ἀμαζον- Amazon- female warriors Gk. Myth. Amazon, Amazonomachy, Amazonite, Amazonia
Ἀμάλθεια Amaltheia Ἀμαλθει- Amalthei- the foster-mother of Zeus Amalthea
Ἀμανῖται amanitai ἀμανιτ- amanit- a kind of fungus amanita, amanitaceae
ἀμάρανθος amaranthos ἀμαρανθ- amaranth- unfading flower amaranth, amaranthaceae, amaranthoideae
Ἀμαρυλλίς amarullis ἀμαρυλλ- amarull- name of a shepherdess Gk. Myth. amaryllis, amaryllidaceae
ἀμαύρωσις amaurōsis ἀμαυρ-ωσι- amaur-osi- blacken amaurosis, amaurobiidae
ἀμβλύς amblus ἀμβλυ- ambly- dim amblygonite, amblyopia, amblypoda
ἄμβροτος ambrotos ἀμβροτ- ambrot- immortal ambrosia, ambrotype
ἄμβυξ ambux ἀμβυκ- ambyk- cup alembic, alembication, alembicated
ἄμβων ambōn ἀμβων- ambon- raised edge ambo
ἀμέθυστος amethustos ἀμεθυστ- amethyst- not drunk or intoxicating amethyst, amethystizon
ἄμετρος ametros ἀμετρο- ametro- without measure ametropia
ἀμίαντος amiantos ἀμιαντ- amiant- undefiled amianthus
ἄμμος ammos ἀμμο- ammo- sand ammoperdix, ammophila, ammotrechidae
ἀμνησία amnēsia ἀμνησι- amnēsi- oblivion amnesia
ἀμνηστία amnēstia ἀμνηστι- amnēsti- forgetfulness, amnesty amnesty, amnestic
ἀμμωνιακός ammōniakos ἀμμωνι- ammōni- from Ammōn ammonia, ammoniacal
ἀμμωνίς ammōnis ἀμμων- ammon- horn of Ammōn ammonite, ammonoid, ammonoidea
ἀμνός amnos ἀμν- amn- lamb amnion, amniotic, amniocentesis, amnioscope,
ἀμοιβή amoibē ἀμοιβ- amoeb- change amoeba, amoebic
ἄμορφος amorphos ἄμορφ- amorph- shapeless amorphous, amorphic
ἄμυλον amulon ἄμυλ- amyl- starch amylin, amyloid, amylose, amylopectin, amylase, amyls, amylophagia, amyl
ἀμυγδαλή amugdalē ἀμυγδ- amygd- almond tree amygdala, amygdalin, amygdule
ἀμφί amphi ἀμφι- amphi- on both sides amphipoda, amphioxus, amphiglossus
ἀμφιβάλλω amphiballō ἀμφιβολ- amphibol- throw on either side, to doubt amphibole, amphibology
ἀμφίβιος amphibios ἀμφιβι- amphibi- living a double life amphibious, amphibians
ἀμφίβολος amphibolos ἀμφιβολ- amphibol- doubtful amphibole, amphibolite
ἀμφίβραχυς amphibrakhus ἀμφιβραχυ- amphibrachy- short at both ends amphibrach, amphibolite
ἀμφιθέατρον amphitheatron ἀμφιθέατρ- amphitheatr- theater amphitheater, amphitheatric,
Ἀμφικτυονία Amphiktuonia ἀμφικτυονι- amphiktyoni- religious alliance Amphictyony, amphictyonic
ἀμφίμακρος amphimakros ἀμφιμακρ- amphimacr- long at both ends amphimacer
ἀμφορεύς amphoreus ἀμφορε- amphore- bearer amphora, ampulla
ἀμφότερος amphoteros ἀμφότερ- amphoter- each of two amphoteric
ἀνά ana ἀνα ana again, backward, upward anabolism, anachronism, anaplasia
ἀναβαίνω anabainō ἀναβα- anaba- I go up anabasis, anabatic, anabantidae
ἀναβαπτίζω anabaptizō ἀναβαπτ-ισ- anabapt-is- I dip repeatedly anabaptist
ἀναβιώνω anabiōnō ἀναβιω- anabio- I return to life anabiosis,
ἀναβολή anabolē ἀναβολ- anabol- putting off, delaying anabolism, anabolic steroid
ἀνάγλυφος anagluphos ἀναγλυφ- anaglyp- putting wrought in low relief anaglyph
        -   anagrammatismos
ἀναγραμ- anagram- transpose the letters of one word so as to form another anagram, anagrammatize
ἀναγωγή anagōgē ἀναγωγ- anagog- spiritual uplift, reference to a principle anagoge, anagogy,
ἀνάδρομος anadromos ἀναδρομ- anadrom- running up anadromous
ἀναδῶ anadō ἀναδε- anade- bind up anadem
ἀναδίπλωσις anadipōlsis ἀναδιπλω- anadiplo- to redouble anadiplosis
ἀνάθεμα anathema ἀναθεματ- anathemat- accursed anathema,


ἀναισθησία anaisthēsia ἀναισθη- anaesthe- lack of sensation, insensibility under surgical treatment anaesthesia, anaesthesiologist, anaesthetic
ἀνάκλισις anaklisis ἀνακλι- anacli- to lean back anaclitism, anaclitic,
            -   anakolouthia
ἀνακολουθι- anacolouthi- inconsequence anacoluthon
ἀνάκρουσις anakrousis ἀνακρουσι- anakrousi- push back, beginning of a tune anacrusis
ἀναλγησία analgēsia ἀναλγησι- analgesi- painlessness analgesia, analgetic, analgesics
ἀναλέγω analegō ἀναλεγ- analeg- gather analects
ἀνάλειμμα analeimma ἀναλειμματ- analeimmat- support analemma
ἀναληπτικός analēptikos ἀναληπτ- analept- restorative analeptic
ἀνάλκιμος analkimos ἀναλκιμ- analcim- weak analcime, analcite
ἀναλογία analogia ἀναλογι- analogi- proportion[3] analogy
ἀνάλογος analogos ἀναλογ- analog- proportionate, conformable[4] analogous, wikt:analogue
ἀναλύω analuō ἀναλυ- analy- loosen, simplify analysis, analytic, analyze, analyst
ἀναλφάβητος analphabētos ἀναλφαβητ- analphabet- uneducated analphabetic, analphabetism
ἀνάμνησις anamnēsis ἀναμνησι- anamnesi- recollection, reminiscence anamnesis,


ἀναμόρφωσις anamorphōsis ἀναμορφωσι- anamorphōsi- transformation anamorphosis, anamorphic
ἄναξ anax ἀνακτ- anakt- lord, master, king anax
ἀνάπαιστος anapaistos ἀναπαιστ- anapaist- anapaestic verse anapest, anapestic
ἀνάπλαστος anaplastos ἀναπλαστ- anaplast- remolded

anaplastic, anaplasia

            -   anaplērōtikos
ἀναπληρωτικ- anaplerotik- filling up anaplerotic
ἀναπνοή anapnoē ἀναπνο- anapno- respiration, breathing anapnoic, anapnograph
ἀναπόδεικτος anapodeiktos ἀναποδεικτ- anapodeikt- not proved anapodeictic
ἀνάπτυξις anaptuksis ἀνάπτυξι- anaptyxi- expansion, explanation anaptyxis
ἄναρθρος anarthros ἀναρθρ- anarthr- not articulated Anarthriaceae, anarthrous
ἄναρχος anarkhos ἀναρχ- anarch- without a ruler anarchy, anarchism, anarchist
ἀναστομόω anastomoō ἀναστομo- anastomo- I furnish with a mouth, open up anastomosis
ἀναστρέφω anastrephō ἀναστρεφ- anastreph- to turn back anastrophe
ἀνατείνω anateineinō ἀνατα- anata- I stretch anatase
ἀνατολή anatolē ἀνατολ- anatol- East Anatolia, Anatolian
ἀνατομία anatomia ἀνατομι- anatomi- dissection anatomy, anatomical, anatomist
ἀνατρέπω anatrepō ἀνατροπ- anatrop- to reverse

anatropia, anatropal, anatropous

ἀναφέρω anapherō ἀναφoρ- anaphor- mention, recount, refer anaphora
ἀναφυλάσσω anaphulassō ἀναφυλακ- anaphylak- I guard anaphylaxis, anaphylactic, anaphylactoid
        -   anakhronismos
ἀναχρον-ισ- anachron-is- wrong time reference anachronistic, anachronism
ἀναχωρέω anakhōreō ἀναχωρ- anachor- go back, retire anchorite, anchoress, anachoretic
Ἀνδρομέδα Andromeda Ἀνδρομέδ- Andromēd- wife of Perseus Andromeda, Andromeda polifolia
ἄνεμος anemos ἀνεμο- anemo- wind anemometer, anemoscopy, anemoscope, anemophilous
ἀνέκδοτος anekdotos ἀνεκδοτ- anecdot- unpublished anecdote, anecdotal, anecdotist
ἀνεμώνη anemōnē ἀνεμων- anemon- lit. daughter of the wind anemone, sea-anemone
ἀνεργἰα anergia ἀνεργι- anergi- cessation from work anergy
ἀνεύρυσμα aneurusma ἀνευρυσμ- aneurusm- dilation aneurysm, microaneurysm
ἀνήρ anēr ἀνδρο- andrο- man (male human) androcentrism, androgen, android, andrologist, andrology, androstephium, androsterone, misandry,

monandry, polyandry

ἀνθολόγιον anthologion ἀνθολoγι- anthologi- collection of extracts anthology, anthologist
ἄνθος anthos ἀνθο- antho- flower anthology, anthophyta, anthostema, anthogonium, Anthozoa, anthocleista, anthotype, anthocyanin, anthocerotophyta
ἀνθρακίτις anthrakitis ἀνθρακιτ- anthracit- kind of coal anthracite, anthracite iron
ἄνθραξ anthrax ἀνθρ- anthr- coal anthrax, anthracotherium, anthracosauria, anthracosis
ἄνθρωπος anthrōpos ἀνθρωπο- anthrōpo- human being anthropology, anthropomorphism, anthropopathy, anthropometrics, anthropomancy, anthropopath, anthropoglot, anthroponyms, anthroposophical, anthroponym, anthropomorphists, anthropocentrism, anthropomorphics, anthropoidea, anthropomorphous, anthroposemiotics, misanthrope, misanthropy, zoanthropy
ἀνιέναι anienai ἀνι- ani- to go up anion, anionic
ἄνισος anisos ἀνισο- aniso- unequal, dissimilar, uneven anisogamous, anisometric, anisometropia, anisotropic
ἄννησον annēson ἄννησ- annes- dill anise, aniseed, anisette
ἄνοδος anodos ἀνοδ- anod- way up anode, anodising
ἄνομος anomos ἀνομ- anom- lawless anomie, anomic
ἄνοργος anorgos ἀνoργ- anorg- not wrathful anorgasmic, anorgasmia
ἀνορεξία anorexia ἀνορεκ-/ἀνορεξι- anorec-anorexi- lack of appetite anorexia, anorectic, anorexigenic
ἄνορθος anorthos ἀνορθο- anortho- sloping anorthosite, anorthoclase, anorthite
        -   antagōnizesthai
ἀνταγωνιζ- antagōniz- struggle against, prove a match for antagonize, antagonist, antagonism, antagonistic
ἀνταρκτικός antarktikos ἀνταρκτικ- antarctik- Antarctic[5] antarctic, antarctica,
ἀντί anti ἀντι- anti- opposite, counter antibiotic, anticyclone, antidiabetic, antihero, antihistamine, antioxidant, antiseptic, antistatic
ἀντίδοτον antidoton ἀντιδοτ- antidot- to give as a remedy against antidote, antidoting
ἀντινομία antinomia ἀντινομ- antinom- contradiction between laws antinomy, antinomianism, antinomia (brachiopod)
ἀντιπάθεια antipatheia ἀντιπαθ- antipath- of opposite feelings antipathetic,


ἀντίπους antipous ἀντιποδ- antipod- the opposite foot, diametrically opposed antipodes, antipodean, antipodal
ἀντισήπω antisēpō ἀντισηπ- antisep- make to putrefy in turn antisepsis, antiseptic
ἀντίστροφος antistrophos ἀντιστροφ- antistroph- to invert antistrophe
ἀντιτιθέναι antitithenai ἀντιθε- antithe- to oppose antithesis, antithetic, antithetical
ἀντιφράζω antiphrazō ἀντιφρα(δ)- antiphra(d)- speak the opposite antiphrasis
ἀντίφωνος antiphōnos ἀντιφων- antiphon- sounding in answer antiphon, anthem
ἄντρον antron ἀντρ- antr- cave, cavity antrum
ἀντωνυμεῖν antōnumein ἀντωνυμ- antonym- to have an opposite denomination antonym, antonymous
ἄνυδρος anhudros ἀνυδρ- anhydr- waterless, arid anhydrite, anhydrous, anhydrobiosis
ἀνώδυνος anōdunos ἀνωδυν- anodyn- waterless, arid anodyne, anodynous
ἀνώμαλος anōmalos ἀνωμαλ- anōmal- uneven anomalocarid, anomalopidae, anomalopus, anomaluridae, anomaly, abnormal through Latin
ἀνώνυμος anōnumos ἀνωνυμ- anonym- nameless anonymity, anonymous, anonymity, anonymously
ἀνωφελής anōphelēs ἀνωφελ- anophel- unprofitable, useless anopheles, anopheline, anophelorastia
ἄξιος axios ἀξιο- axio- worthy axiological, axiology, axiology, axiom, axiomatic, axiomatisation
ἄξων axōn ἀξον- axon-
axis axoneme, axoplasm, axisymmetric
ἀόριστος aoristos ἀοριστ- aorist- indefinite aorist
ἀορτή aortē ἀορτ- aort- the great artery aortic, aorta
ἀπαθής apathēs ἀπαθε(σ)- apathe(s)- without feeling apatheism, apatheist, apathetic, apathy
ἃπαξ hapax ἁπαξ- apax once hapax legomenon, hapaxes
ἀπάτη apatē ἀπατ- apat- deceit apatite, apatosaurus
ἁπλούς haplous ἁπλο- haplo- single haplodiploid, haploid, haploidisation, haplorrhini, haplotype
ἀπό apo ἀπο- apo- away from apology, apostrophe, apocrypha
ἀπόγειον apogeion ἀπογει- apogei- far from the earth apogee
            -   apodeiktikos
ἀποδεικτ- apodeikt- demonstrable apodictic, apodictically
ἀποδιδόναι apodidonai ἀποδο- apodo- to give back apodosis
ἀπόθεμα apothema ἀπόθεματ- apothemat- something laid down apothem
ἀποθέωσις apotheōsis ἀποθε-ωσι- apothe-osi- deification apotheosis, apotheon
ἀποθήκη apothēkē ἀποθηκ- apothek- storehouse apothecary, apothecium
ἀποκαλύπτω apokaluptō ἀποκαλυπ- apocalyp- to reveal apocalypse
ἀποκόπτω apokoptō ἀποκoπ- apokop- cut off apocopation, apocope
ἀποκρίνω apokrinō ἀποκριν- apokrin- to set apart apocrine
ἀποκρύπτω apokruptō ἀποκρυπ- apokryp- to hide away apocrypha, apocryphal
ἀπολογία apologia ἀπολογι- apologi- apology apology, apologue, apologetic, apologeticism, apologia
ἀπόμιξις apomixis ἀπομιξι- apomixi- without mixing apomixis, apomictic
        -   aponeurousthai
ἀπονευρ- aponeur- to become tendinous aponeurosis
ἀποπλήσσω apoplēssō ἀποπληκ- apoplēk- cripple by a stroke apoplexy, apoplectic
ἄπορος aporos ἀπορ- apor- impassable aporia
ἀποστάτης apostatēs ἀποστατ- apostat- defector apostate, apostasy
ἀποστέλλω apostellō ἀποστολ- apostol- send away apostle, apostolic
ἀποστρέφω apostrephō ἀποστροφ- apostroph- turn away apostrophe, apostrophic, apostrophising
ἀποτρόπαιον apotropaion ἀποτρoπα- apotropa- something that averts evil apotropaic, apotropaism
ἄπους apous ἀποδ- apod- without feet apodidae, apoda, apus, apodization
ἀποφάναι apophanai ἀποφα- apopha- to say no apophasis
        -   apophthengesthai
ἀποφθεγγ- apophtheng-
to speak plainly apothegm
ἀποφύομαι apophuomai ἀποφυ- apophu- grow out like a shoot apophysis, apophysomyces, zygapophysis
ἄπτερος apteros ἀπτερ- apter- wingless Apteryx, Apterygidae, Apterygota, Apteropanorpidae
ἀράχνη arakhnē ἀραχνη arachnē- spider arachnid
ἄργιλλος argillos ἀργιλλ- argill- clay argillite, argillaceous
Ἄρης Arēs ἀρεο- areo- planet Mars areocentric, areology, areography
ἀρθρίτις arthritis ἀρθριτιδ- arthritid- inflammation of joint arthritis, osteoarthritis
ἄρθρον arthron ἀρθρο- arthrο- joint arthropod, arthroscopy, arthropathy
ἄρθρωσις arthrōsis ἀρθρωσι- arthrosi- articulation dysarthria, diarthrosis, anarthrous
ἀριθμός arithmos ἀριθμ- arithm- number arithmetic, logarithm
ἄριστος aristos ἀριστο- aristo- best aristocracy
Ἀρκαδία Arcadia ἀρκαδι- arcadi- area in Peloponnese, Greece, emblematic of rural peace Acadian
ἄρκτος arktos ἀρκτ- arct- bear, the northern constellation Ursa Major arctic
ἀρκτούρος arktouros ἀρκτουρ- arctur- bearward arcturus, arcturis, arcturian
ἁρμονία harmonia ἁρμονι- harmoni- agreement, harmony harmony, harmonium, harmonica, harmonisation, harmonics, enharmonic
ἁρμός harmos ἀρμ- arm- joint, shoulder harmotome
ἀρρυθμία arrhuthmia ἀρρυθμι- arrythmi- lack of rhythm arrhythmia, arrhythmic, antiarrhythmic
ἀρτηρία artēria ἀρτηρ- arter- windpipe, artery artery, arterial, arteritis
ἄρτιος artios ἀρτιο- artio- even artiodactyl
ἀρχαῖος arkhaios ἀρχαιο- archaio- ancient archaeology, archetype
ἀρχή arkhē ἀρχε-/ἀρχί- arche-/archi- chief, authority archaic, archbishop, anarchy, archidiptera, archigram, archipelago, architeuthidae
ἀρχιτέκτων arkhitektōn ἀρχιτεκτον- architecton- chief builder architecture, architect
ἄρχων arkhōn ἀρχοντ- archont- ruler archon, archosaur, archostemata
ἄρωμα arōma ἀρωματ- aromat- spice aroma, aromatic compounds
-ας -as -αδ- suffix(-ad)- suffix Olympiad, Naiad
ἀσθένεια astheneia ἀσθεν- asthen- weakness asthenia, asthenopia
ἄσθμα asthma ἀσθματ- asthmat- asthma asthmatic
Ἀσία Asia Ἀσια- asia- Mythological daughter of Iapetos Asia, Asian, Asianisation, asiaphile
ἀσπάραγος asparagos ἀσπαραγ- asparag- asparagus asparagine acid, aspartame, aspartate
ἀστήρ astēr ἀστ(ε)ρ- ast(e)r- star asteroid, asterisk
        -   astigmatismos
ἀστιγματ- astigmat- without focus astigmatism
ἀστράγαλος astragalos ἀστράγαλ- astragal- vertebra, knucklebone astragalus
ἄστρον astron ἀστρο- astro- constellation astronomy, astrology, astrophysics, astrodynamics, astronaut, astrolabe
ἄσυλον asulon ἀσυλ- asyl- sanctuary asylum
ἀσφυξία asphuxia ἀσφυξι- asphyxi- stopping of the pulse asphyxia
ἀτμόσφαιρα atmosphaira ἀτμοσφαιρ- atmosphair- vapor + sphere atmosphere, atmospheric
Ἄτλας Atlas ἀτλαντ- atlant- name of a Titan atlas, Atlantic
ἄτομος atomos ἀτομ- atom- un + cut atomic, atomizer
ἀτονία atonia ἀτονι- atoni- slack atony, atonal
ἄτροπος atropos ἀτροπ- atrop- inexorable atropos, atropine, atropa
Ἀττική Attikē Ἀττικ- Attik- A region of east-central Greece attic, atticism
αὐθεντικός authentikos αὐθεντικ- authentik- original authentication, authenticity
αὐστηρός austēros αὐστηρ- auster- harsh, bitter austerity
αὐταρχία autarkhia αὐταρχι- autarchi- absolute governing autarchy, autarchism
αὐτάρκεια autarkeia αὐτάρκ- autark- self-sufficiency autarky
αὐτόχθων autokhthōn αὐτόχθον- autochthon- of the land itself autochthon, autochthon, autochthonous
αὐτοψία autopsia αὐτοψι- autopsi- a seeing for oneself autopsy
αὐξάνειν auxanein αὐξ- aux- to increase auxin, auxesis
αὐτός autos αὐτο- auto- self (reflexive pronoun) autonomy, automatic
ἀφαιρέω aphaireō ἀφαιρε- aphaire- take away apheresis, hemapheresis
ἀφανής aphanēs ἀφαν- aphan- unseen aphanes, aphaniotis, aphanite, aphanitic
ἄφατος aphatos ἀφατ- aphat- speechless aphasia, aphasiology, anomic aphasia
ἀφιέναι aphienai ἀφε- aphe- to let go aphesis, aphetic, aphetism
Ἀφροδίτη Aphroditē ἀφροδιτ- aphrodit- risen from sea-foam, name of a goddess aphrodisiac, aphrodisia,
ἀχαίνειν akhainein ἀχαιν- achen- without yawning achene
ἀχάτης achatēs ἀχάτ- akhat- agate agate, agateware
ἀχρώματος akhrōmatos ἀχρωματ- achrοmat- without color achromatic, achromatin, achromatopsia, achromatism, achromatic
ἀψίνθιον apsinthion ἀψινθι- apsinthi- alcoholic liqueur absinthe
ἁψίς hapsis ἁψιδ- apsid- arch apse, apsis, apsidal, Diapsida



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
βάθος bathos βαθ(ε)- batho- depth bathos
βαθύς bathus βαθυ- bathu- deep bathybius, bathymetry, bathyscaphe, bathysphere
βακτήριον bactērion βακτηριο- bacterio- stick, staff bacteremia, bacteria, bactericide. bacteriocin, bacteriophage, bacteriorhodopsin, bacteriostasis, bacteriuria
βάλλω ballō βαλ/βαλλ-ιστ- bal-/ball-ist- I throw balista, ballistics, ballistite, ballistocardiography, ballistospore
βαπτίζω baptizō βαπτ-ισ- bapt-is- dip, immerse, cleanse anabaptist, baptise, baptism, baptist, baptistery, pedobaptism
βάρβαρος barbaros βαρβαρο- barbaro- stranger, a non-Greek barbarian, barbarism,
βάρος baros βαρο- baro- weight barology, barometer, isobar, millibar
βαρύς barus βαρυ- baru- heavy baryon, baritone
βασιλεύς basileus βασιλ- basil- king basil, basilica, basilicon, basilisk
βάσις basis βασι- basi- walk, go base, basis, basilect
βάτραχος batrakhos βατραχ- batrakh- frog batrachite
βδέλλα bdella βδελλ- bdell- leech bdelloidea
βιβλίον biblion βιβλιο- biblio- book bible, bibliography, bibliolatry, bibliomancy, bibliomania, bibliophile, bibliotherapy
βίος bios βιο- bio- life antibiotic, autobiography, biography, biology, biopsy, bios
βλαστός blastos βλαστο- blasto- sprout, germ blastoderm, blastoid, blastoma, blastula
βλάσφημος blasphēmos βλασφημ- blasphem- To speak of God in an irreverent manner blaspheme
βουλή boulē βουλ- boul- will abulia, boule, hyperboulia
βορέας boreas βορε- bore- north, the north wind Aurora Borealis, hyperborean
βοῦς bous βου- bou- ox boustrophedon, bulimia
βραχύς brakhus βραχυ- brakhu- short brachycephalic
βραδύς bradus βραδύ- bradu- slow bradycardia, bradykinin, bradyphrasia
βρῶμος brōmos βρωμ- brom- stink bromate, bromide, bromidrosis, bromine, bromocriptine, bromargyrite
βρόγχος bronkhos βρογχ- bronkh- windpipe bronchiole, bronchitis, bronchocele, bronchophony, bronchoscopy, bronchotomy, bronchus
βροντή brontē βροντ(ο)- bront(o)- thunder brontology, brontosaurus, brontotheriidae
βυθός buthos βυθ- byth- the depth bythometer, bythometric, bythometrical



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
γάδος gados γαδ- gad- cod Gadidae
γαῖα, γῆ gaia, gē γη/γεω- ge-/geo- earth apogee, geology, Gaia, geochronology, geometry, geography, perigee, geothermy, georeference, geophysics, geomagnetism, geoscience
γάλα gala γαλακτ(ο)- galact(o)- milk galactose, galactosemia, galactosamine, galax, galaxy
γαλέα galea γαλε- gale- galley galley
γάλιον galion γάλιον)- galion bedstraw galium
γάμμα gamma γαμμα gamma gamma gammadion, gamut
γάμος gamos γαμ- gam- marriage agamia, agamidae, bigamy, hierogamy, gamete, monogamy, polygamy
γάγγλιον ganglion γαγγλι- gangli- subcutaneous tumour ganglion, ganglionectomy
γάγγραινα gangraina γάγγραινα gangraina gangrene gangrene
γάνος ganos γανο- gano- bright ganodonta
γαστήρ gastēr γαστ(ε)ρ(ο)- gast(e)r(o)- stomach gasteromycete, gastrectomy, gastritis, gastroenterology, gastrolith, gastromancy, gastronomy, gastropoda
γένεσις genesis γεν- gen- birth genetic, genesis, gene
γῆρας gēras γηρατ- great- old age geriatric
γέρανος geranos γεραν- geran- crane geranium
γέρων gerōn γεροντ- geront- old man gerontocracy, gerontology, gerousia
γεύειν geuein γευ- geu- to taste ageusia, ageustia, hypergeusia, parageusia
γιγνῶσκειν gignōskein γνω- gnō-
to know agnosticism, agnostic, agnostida, agnostidae, agnost, diagnostic, gnosis, gnosticism
γίγας gigas γιγαντ- gigant- huge, enormous giant, gigabyte, gigantic
γλαυκός glaukos γλαυκ- glauk- blue-green, gray glaucoma, glauconite
γλοιός gloios γλοι(ο)- gloi(o)- gluey glioblastoma, glioma, gliosarcoma, gliosis, gliotoxin, gloeocapsa
tongue anthropoglot, diglossia, epiglottis, epiglottitis, gloss, glossary, glossodynia, glossematics, glossolalia, glossopteris, glottis, glottochronology, idioglossia, isogloss, monoglottism, polyglot, proglottid, xenoglossy
γλουτός gloutos γλουτ- glout- buttock gluteus
γλυφή gluphē γραφ- glyph- carving, carved work glyph, petroglyph
γλυκύς glukus γραφ- glyk- sweet glucosamine, glucose, glycemia, glyceria, glyceride, glycerol, glycine, glycolysis
γλωχίς glōkhis γλωχιν- glokhin- arrow-head glochidium
γνάθος gnathos γναθ(ο)- gnath(o)- jaw gnathitis, gnathopod, gnathostomata
γνώμη gnōmē γνώμη) gnome thought, opinion gnome
γνώμων gnōmōn γνώμον) gnomon inspector, indicator gnomon
γοητεία goēteia γοητεία) goeteia witchcraft goety
γόμφος gomphos γόμφ) gomph bolt gomphosis
γράμμα gramma γραμμ- gram(m)- letter grammar, autogram, grammatic/al, agrammatism
γράφω graphō γραφ- graph- I write autograph, biography, graphics, geography, xerography, stratigraphy, epigraphy, graphology
γρύψ grups γρυπ- gryp- griffin griffin
γυνή gunē γυναικ- gunaik- woman gynaeceum, gynaecocracy, gynecology, gynocentrism, misogynist, polygyny
γωνία gōnia γωνι- goni- angle decagon, diagonal, dodecagon, enneagon, hendecagon, heptagon, hexagon, goniometer, gonioscopy, octagon, orthogon, pentagon, polygon, trigonometry



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
δαίμων daimōn δαιμον- daimon- a divine being (in Classical Greek), an evil spirit (in New Testament Greek) daimon, demon, demonology
δάκρυον dakruon δακρυο- dakruo- tear dacryocystitis, dacryon
δάκτυλος daktulos δακτυλ- daktul- finger dactyl, dactyliomancy, dactylosaurus, dactylitis, pterodactyl
δασύς dasus δασυ- dasu- thick, dense dasylirion, dasymeter, dasypeltis
δέκα deka δεκα- deka- ten decade, decalogue, decameron, decamethonium, decasyllable, decathlon
δέλτα delta δελτ- delt- the letter delta delta, deltoid
δελτίον deltion δελτιο- deltio- small writing tablet deltiology
δελφίς delphis δελφιν- dolphin- dolphin dolphin, dolphinarium
δέμνιον demnion δεμν- demn- bed didemnum
δῆμος dēmos δημο- demo- people, power demagogy, deme, demiurge, democracy, demographic, demography, demotic, Dimotiki, endemism, epidemic, pandemic
δένδρον dendron δενδρ(ο)- dendr(o)- tree dendrite, dendrochronology, dendroclimatology, dendrogram, dendrology, liriodendron, Philodendron, rhododendron, Toxicodendron
δέρμα derma δερμ[α]- derm(a)- skin dermatoglyphics, dermatology, dermatome, dermatomyositis, dermatophyte, dermis, epidermis
δεύτερος deuteros δευτερο- deutero- second deuteragonist, deuterium, Deuteronomy
διά dia δια dia through adiabatic, diabetes, diagnosis, dialogue
διάβολος diabolos διαβολ- diabol- slanderous, backbiting, devil (in Koine Greek) diabolic, diabolical, diablotin, diablerie, diabolism, devil
δίαιτα diaita διαιτ- diait- way of living diet
διάκονος diakonos διακον- diakon servant, messenger deacon
διδάσκω didaskō διδασκ- didask- I teach didactic, Didache
δίδυμος didumos διδυμ- didum- double, twofold, twin didymium, epididymis
δίηγησις diēgēsis διηγησι- diegesi- narration, narrative diegesis
διοίκησις dioikēsis διοικησι- dioikesi housekeeping, management diocese
δίοπτρον dioptron διοπτρ- dioptr- spy-glass dioptre
δίς dis δι- di- twice diatomic, digamma
δίχα dikha διχο- dikho- in two, asunder, apart dichogamy, dichotomy
διφθέρα diphthera διφθερ- diphther- skin, hide, piece of leather diphtheria
δόξα doxa δοξ- dox- opinion, praise chionodoxa, doxology, doxography, orthodoxy, paradox, paradoxology, paradoxurus
δράσις drasis δρασι- drasi- action drastic
δρόμος dromos δρομ- drom- racing, running, racecourse, course aerodrome, Dromaeosauridae, dromedary, dromomania, dromotropic, hippodrome, syndrome
δύναμις dunamis δυν- dun- power, strength, force adynamia, adynamic, aerodynamics, aerodyne, amplidyne, autodyne, dynameter, dynamicism, dynamics, dynamism, dynamite, dynamo, dynamometer, dynamotor, dynasty, dynatron, dyne, electrodynamics, heterodyne, hydrodynamics, isodynamic, magnetohydrodynamics, metadyne, neutrodyne, psychodynamics, superheterodyne, thermodynamics



Citation form Root form Meaning English derivatives
ἑβδομάς hebdomas ἑβδομαδ- hebdomad- week hebdomad
ἑβδομάς hebdomas ἑβδομαδ- hebdomad- week hebdomad
     -  enkuklopaideia
        -   enkuclopaidei-
encyclopedia, lit. circular, general education encyclopedia, encyclopedic
encyclopedia, encyclopedic
ἑγώ egō ἐγω- ego- I, me, my ego, egocentrism
εἰκών eikōn εἰκoν- eikon- icon, picture, painting, reality, kind icon, iconicity, iconoclast
ἔκλειψις ekleipsis ἑκλειψι- ekleipsi- eclipse eclipse, eclipsis, ecliptic
εἰρήνη eirēnē εἰρην- eiren- peace, harmony irene
ἔλαιον elaion ἐλαι- elai- oil vaseline
ἐλαστικός elastikos ἐλαστικ- elastik- elastic elastic, elasticity
ἕλιξ helix ἑλικ- helik- helix helix, helicopter, helicity
ἔλλειψις elleipsis ἐλλειψι- elleipsi- ellipse ellipse, ellipsis, ellipsoid, ellipticity
ἔμφασις emphasis έμφασι- emphasi- emphasis emphasis, emphasize, emphatic
ἐνέργεια energeia ενέργει- energei- energy energetic, energize, energy
ἐπί epi επ- ep- upon, above eparch, epoch, epode, eponym, epoxy
ἔργον ergon ἐργ- erg- action, deed, practice, work erg, ergative, ergonomics, parergon, zymurgy
Ἑρμῆς Hermēs Ἑρμ- herm- messenger of the gods Hermeticism, Hermetic
ἐπιγραφή epigraphē ἑπιγραφ- epigraph- title, inscription anepigraphic, epigraph, epigraphy
ἐπίσκοπος episkopos ἐπισκοπ- episkop- overseer bishop, episcopacy
ἐπιστήμη epistēmē ἐπιστημ- epistem- good knowledge (science) episteme, epistemology
ἑρπετόν herpeton ἑρπετό- herpeto- creeping animal herpetology
ἐρυθρός eruthros ἐρυθρ- erythr- red erysipelas, erysipeloid, Erythrina, erythrism, erythrite, erythritol, erythroblast, erythroblastosis, erythrocyte, erythrocytosis, erythrolitmin, erythromycin, erythronium, erythropoiesis, erythropoietin, erythrose
ἑπτά hepta ἑπτα- hepta- seven heptagon, heptameter, heptarchy, heptathlon
ἕτερος heteros ἑτερο- hetero- different heterosexual, heterogram, heterogeneous, heterozygous
ἔτυμος etumos ἔτυμ- etym- true etymology
εὖ eu εὐ- eu- well, good eukaryote, eulogy, eucharist, eunomia, euphemism, evangelism, euphoria
εὐρύς eurus ευρυ- eury- wide eurypterid



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ζήλος zēlos ζηλ- zel- zeal zeal, zealot, zealotry, zelotypia
ζητῶ zētō ζητε- zete- search, inquire zetetic
ζευγνύω zeugnuō ζευγν- zeugn- to yoke syzygy, zeugma, zygote
ζέφυρος zephuros ζεφυρ- zephyr- west wind zephyr
ζίζυφον zizuphon ζίζυφον zizuphon jujube ziziphus
ζώνη zōnē ζων- zōn- belt zone
ζῷον zōon ζῳο- zōo- animal azoospermia, bryozoa, cryptozoa, cryptozoology, Mesozoa, metazoon, placozoa, protozoa, protozoology, spermatozoon, zoantharia, zoanthropy, zoochlorella, zodiac, zoea, zoetrope, zoo, zoogeography, zoography, zoolatry, zoology, zoomorphism, zoophilia, zoophyte, zoopraxiscope, zoospore, zootomy, zooxanthella
ζωστήρ zōstēr ζωστήρ- zoster girdle zoster
ζυγόν zugon ζυγο- zygo- yoke zygon, zygospore, zygote
ζύμη zumē ζυμ- zym- leaven azyme, enzyme, exoenzyme, isoenzyme, isozyme, lysozyme, pancreozymin, ribozyme, zymase, zymogen, zymology, zymosis, zymurgy



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ἡγεμῶν hēgemōn ἡγεμον- hēgemon- leader hegemony
ἡδύς hēdus ἡδυ- hēdu- sweet hedychium
ἦθος ēthos ἠθ- ēth- moral ethics, ethos
ἥλιος hēlios ἡλιο- hēlio- sun anthelion, aphelion, helianthus, heliocentric, heliochrome, helion, heliodon, heliograph, heliography, heliometer, helioscope, helioseismology, heliostat, heliotropic, heliotropism, helium, parhelion, perihelion
ἡμέρα hēmera ἡμέρ- hēmer- day ephemeral, ephemeris, ephemeron, hemera, hemeralopia, Hemerobiidae, hemerocallis, nycthemeron
ἠώς ēōs ἠο- ēo- dawn eocene, eolith, eosin, eosinophil, eozoon



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
θάνατος thanatos θανατ- thanat- death euthanasia, thanatology, thanatosis
θεός theos θε- the- a god atheism, theocracy, theology, theism
θέμα thema θεματ-) themat- theme thematic, theme
θέσις thesis thesi- thesi- thesis thesis
θεωρία theōria θεωρι- theori- theory theory, theorem, theoretical
θεραπεία/θεραπεύειν therapeia/therapeuein θεραπευ- therapeu- medical treatment psychotherapy, therapeutics, therapy
θερμός thermos θερμ- therm- hot hyperthermia, hypothermia, isotherm, thermal, thermoelectric, geothermic, thermochronology
θησαυρός thēsauros θησαυρ- thesaur- storehouse, treasure thesaurus, treasure, treasury
θρόνος thronos θρον- thron- an elevated seat dethronement, enthronement, throne



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ἴδιος idiοs ἰδιο- idio- one's own, pertaining to oneself, private idiom, idiopathy, idiophone, idiosyncrasy, idiot, idiotic, idiocy
ἱερός hieros ἱερο- hiero- sacred hierarchy, hieroglyph
ἴππος hippos ἱππ(ο)- hipp(o)- horse hipparch, hippeastrum, hippocampus, hippodrome, hippogriff, hippology, hippopotamus, hippuris, hippus, Phillip, Philippines
ἱστορία historia ἱστορι- histori- history history, historian,
ἰατρός iatros ἰατρ(ο)- iatr(o)- physician, healer psychiatrist, geriatrics
ἰέναι ienai εἰ/οἰ/ἰ/ἰοντ- ei-/oi-/i-/iont- go anion, ion
ἰχθύς ikhthus ἰχθυ- ikhthu- fish ikhthus, ichthyology


k, c

Citation form Root form Meaning English derivatives
κακός kakos κακο- kako- bad, evil cacochymy, cacodemon, cacodyl, cacoethes, cacology, caconym, cacophony, cacotopia, cacoxenite
καλός kalos καλο-
beautiful calotype
calligraphy, calisthenics
καλύπτω kalupto καλυπτ-
I cover apocalypse, apocalypticism, calyptra, calyptrogyne, eucalyptus
κάμμαρος kammaros καμμαρ- kammar- sea-crab, lobster gammaridae
καρπός karpos καρπ- carp- fruit acarpous, artocarpus, ascocarp, carpel, carpolite, carpology, dipterocarpaceae, discocarpus, endocarp, exocarp, hydnocarpus, lithocarpus, macrocarpa, mericarp, mesocarp, monocarpic, oligocarpus, parthenocarpy, pericarp, physocarpus, pilocarpine, podocarp, polycarpic, schizocarp, sporocarp, stenocarpus, trachycarpus
κάρυον karuon κάρυον karuon nut dikaryon, eukaryotic
κατά kata κατά- kat(a)- downwards, along acatalepsy, autocatalysis, catabolism, catachresis, cataclysm, catadioptrics, catagenesis, cataglottis, catalepsy, catalysis, catalog, cataphora, cataplasm, cataplexy, catapult, cataract, catarrh, catasetum, catastasis, catasterism, catastrophe, catastrophic, catastrophism, catatonia, katabasis
κέντρον kentron κέντρ- kentr- centre centre, central, androcentrism, anthropocentrism
κέρας keras κερατ(ο)- kerat(o)- horn ceratopsid, ceratosaurus, triceratops
κεφαλή kephalē κεφαλ- cephal- head cephalalgia, cephalic
κήτος kētos κητο kēto- sea monster, whale cetacea, cetology
κιθάρα kithara κιθαρ- kithar- lute guitar, zither
κινῆσθαι kinēsthai κινησι- kines- to move, motion kinetic energy, kinesis, psychokinesis
κίνημα kinēma κινηματ- kinemat- movement cinema, cinematic, cinematography
κλειτορίς kleitoris κλειτορ- klitor- clitoris clitoral, clitoridectomy, clitoris
κλίμα klima κλιμ- klim- inclination, slope (and later a region or zone of the earth) climate, climatic, climatology
κλῖμαξ klimax κλιμ- klim- ladder climax
κλών klōn κλων- klōn- branch, twig clone, cloning
κόσμος kosmos κοσμ- kosm- order, the universe, jewel cosmetic, cosmography, cosmology, cosmological, cosmic, cosmical, cosmopolitan
κρυπτός kruptos κρυπτ- krupt- hidden cryptology, encryption
κράτος kratos κρατ- krat- power, rule autocrat, bureaucracy, democracy
κῦδος kūdos κυδ kūd- glory, fame kudos
κύκλος kuklos κυκλ(ο) kukl(o)- circle cycle, cyclic, cyclotron
κῦμα kuma κυματ kumat- wave cymatium, myokymia
κύων, κυνός kuōn, kunos κυν- kun- dog cynanthropy, cynic, cynicism, cynocephaly, cynodont, cynosure
κύστη kustē κυστ- kust- cyst, bladder cyst, cystectomy, cysteine, cysticercosis
κῶμα kōma κωμ- kom- deep sleep coma



Citation form Root form Meaning English derivative
λαός laos λαο- lao/laik- people laic, laicism, laity
λέγω legō λεγ/λογ- leg-/log- to say dialect, epistemology
λήθαργος lēthargos ληθαργ- letharg- forgetful lethargy, Lethe
λἢμμα lēmma λημματ lemmat assumption, premise dilemma, lemma
λέξις lexis λεξι- lexi- word alexia, dyslexia, lexicography, lexicon
λευκός leukos λευκο- leuko- white leukemia, leukocyte, leucogranite, leucoma
λίθος lithos λιθο- litho- stone acrolith, batholith, coccolith, coprolith, cystolith, eolith, gastrolith, laccolith, lithate, lithiasis, lithography, lithology, lithomancy, lopolith, megalith, microlith, monolith, neolithic, otolith, paleolith, Paleolithic, phacolith, phytolith, protolith, regolith, tonsillolith, xenolith
λόγος logos λογο- logo- thought, word analogy, anthology, anthropology, apology, biology, cardiology, catalog, dialogue, epilogue, gemology, geology, logic, logotype, mineralogy, monologue, oncology, ophthalmology, paleontology, pathology, philology, prologue, tetralogy, trilogy, theology, zoology
λύω luō λυ-/λυ-σι- lū-si- break, loosen, dissolve analysis, catalysis, dialysis, electrolysis, hydrolysis, lysis, paralysis, Lysistrata



Citation form Root form Meaning English derivatives
μαθηματικός mathēmatikos μαθηματικ- mathēmatik- fond of learning mathematical, mathematics, polymath
μακρός makros μακρο- makro- long macrobiotic, macroeconomics, macron
μάλαγμα malagma μαλαγματ- amalagmat- that can be softened amalgam, amalgamation
μανία mania μανί- mani- madness, passion, frenzy mania, manic
μανός manos μαν- man- loose, rare manograph, manometer, manoscope
μάρμαρος marmaros μαρμ- marm- crystalline rock marble
μαρτυρία marturia μαρτυρ- martur- testimony martyr
μέγας megas μεγα-
big, great, large megabyte, megafauna, megaphone, megalomania, megalopolis
μέθοδος methodos μεθοδ- method- following after, pursuit, method, system method, methodical, Methodist
μέλας melas μελαν- melan- pigmented, black, ink melancholy, Melanesia, Melanie, melanocyte, melanoma
μέταλλον metallon μεταλλ- metal- mine, quarry, metal metal, metallic, metalloid, trimetallic
μετέωρος meteōros μετεωρ- meteor- raised from the ground, hanging meteor, meteorite, meteoroid, meteorology
μετρώ metrō μετρ- metr- I measure diameter, geometry, metre, metrology, symmetry
μήνη mēnē μήν- mēn- moon meniscoid, meniscus, menispermum
μηχανή mēkhanē μηχαν- mēchan- machine machine, mechanics
μικρός mikros μικρο- mikro- small micron, microscope
μῖμος mimos μιμ- mim- imitator mime, mimesis, mimetic, mimic
μῖσος misos μισ- mīs- hatred misandry, misanthrope, misogyny
μίτος mitos μίτ- mit- thread mitochondrion, mitogen, mitogenesis, mitome, mitosis
μνῆμη mnēmē μνη- mne- memory amnesia, amnesty, Mneme, mnemonic
μόνος monos μονο- mon- alone, solitary, forsaken monatomic, monocle, monogamy, monolith, monologue, monopoly, monopsony, monotheist, monotony
μορφή morphē μορφ- morph- form anamorphic, amorphous, morphology, morphometrics, polymorphism
μωρός mōros μωρο- moro- dull moron, oxymoron
Μοῦσα Mousa μουσ- mous- a patron goddess of the arts Muse, museum, music
μῦθος muthos μυθ- myth- word, speech, tale, story myth, mythical, mythography, mythology
μῦς mus μυο- muo/myo- muscle fibromyalgia, myoblast, myocarditis, myoclonus, myocyte, myoglobin



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
νάνος nanos νανο- nano- dwarf nanometry, nanosecond, nanotechnology
νάρθηξ narthēx ναρθηκ- narthek giant fennel narthex
ναυτικός nautikos ναυτ- naut- sailor, ship aeronautics, astronaut, astronautics, naumachia, nausea, nautical, nautilus
νεκρός nekros νεκρο- nekro- dead body necromancy, necrophilia, necrophobia, necropolis, necrosis
νέκταρ nektar νεκταρ- nektar drink of the gods nectar
νέος neos νεο- neo- new, young neon, neologism, neolithic, neopaganism, neophyte
νεῦρον neuron νευρ(ο)- neur(o)- nerve, sinew neuralgia, neurapraxia, neurasthenia, neurectomy, neurine, neuritis, neurobiology, neurochemistry, neurogenesis, neurolemma, neurolinguistics, neurology, neuron neuropathy, neurosis
νεφρός nephros νεφρ(ο)- nephr(o)- kidney nephrectomy, nephritis, nephrology, nephron, nephropathy, nephrosis, nephrotomy
νίκη nikē νικ- nik- victory Berenice, Veronica, Nike
νόος noos νοο- noo- mind noosphere, nootropic, paranoia, paranoid
νόσος nosos νοσο- noso- disease nosology
νόστος nostos νοστ- nost- return home nostalgia, nostalgic, nostos



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ξανθός xanthos ξανθ- xanth- yellow Xanthippe, xanthene, xanthine, xanthophyll, xanthosis, xanthous
ξένος xenos ξενο- xeno- strange, stranger, guest xenia, xenon, xenophobia, xenophobic, xenopus
ξηρός xēros ξηρο- xer(o)- dry xeric, xerography, xerophyte, xerophthalmia, xerox
ξίφος xiphos ξιφ- xiph- sword xiphias, xiphoid
ξύλον xulon ξυλ- xul- wood xylan, xylem, saproxylic, xylene, xylitol, xylography, xylophone, xylyl
ξύω xuo ξυ- xy- scrape xyster, xyston, xystus



Citation form Root form Meaning English derivative
ὀδούς odous ὀδοντ- odont- tooth orthodontia
οἷκος oikos οἰκο- oiko- house androecium, ecocentrism, ecology, ecomuseum, econometrics, economics, economism, economy, ecophysiology, ecopoiesis, ecoregion, ecosphere, ecosystem, ecotechnology, ecotone, ecotourism, ecotoxicity, ecotoxicology, ecotype, ecozone, macroeconomics, microeconomics, oeconomus, parish, synoecism
οἶνος oinos οἰνο- oino- wine oenology, oenomel, oenophile
οκτώ oktō οκτ- okt- eight octagon, octopus
ὀλίγος oligos ὀλιγο- oligo- few, little oligarchy, Oligocene, oligomer, oligopoly, oligotroph
ὅλο(ς) holos ὁλ(o)- hol(o)- whole, total, entire holistic, holocaust, hologram
ὅμο- homo- ὁμο- homo- same homogeneity, homology, homomorphism, homophone, homosexuality
ὅμοιος homoios ὁμοιο- homoio- similar homeomorphism, homeopathy, homeoptoton, homeosis, homeostasis, homeoteleuton, homeothermic
ὅγκος onkos ογκο- onko- mass, bulk oncogene, oncogenesis, oncology
ὀξύς oxus ὀξυ- oxu- sharp, acid, sour hyperoxaluria, oxalis, oxamide, oxidation, oxide, oxoacid, oxycephaly, oxycodone, oxygen, oxygenation, oxymoron
ὀπτός optos οπτ- opt- visible optic, optical, dioptre, panoptic
ὄραμα orama ὄραματ- oramat- a sight diorama, panorama
ὄργανον organon ὀργαν- organ- organ, instrument, tool organ, organic, organism, organization, organize
ὄρεξις oreksis ὀρεξ- orex- appetite, mood anorexia
ὀρθός orthos ὀρθ- orth- straight, correct, normal orthography, orthogonal, orthodoxy
ὁρίζων horizōn ὁριζοντ- horizont- horizon horizontal
ὄρνις ornis ὀρνιθ- ornith- bird Ornithodelphia, ornithology, ornithomancy
ὅρος horos ὂρο- hor- limit, boundary horopter
ὀστέον osteon ὀστεο- osteo- bone osteoarthritis, osteology, osteopathy, osteoporosis
ὄστρακον ostrakon ὀστρακ- ostrac- tile, shell ostracism, ostracize, ostracon
ὄστρεον ostreon ὀστρεο- ostreo- oyster ostreophagist, oyster
οὐ ou οὐ- ou- not utopia
ὀφθαλμός ophthalmos οφθαλμ- ophthalm- eye ophthalmia, ophthalmic, ophthalmology



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
παιδεία paideia -παιδεια/παιδει- -paideia/paidei- education, culture encyclop(a)edia, World Heritage Encyclopedia
παῖς pais παιδ- paid- boy, child paediatrician, pedophilia, pederast
πάθος pathos παθ- path- that which happens, incident, accident, passion, emotion, feeling pathos, pathology, pathetic, empathy, sympathy
παλαιός palaios παλαι(ο)- palai(o)- ancient, old paleoanthropology, paleobiology, paleobotany, Paleocene, paleoecology, paleogeology, paleography, paleolithic, paleontology, Paleozoic, paleoseismology, paleogeography
παρά para παρ(α)- par(a)- alongside of, by, past, beyond, against paradox, paranormal, paraphilia, parasite
πᾶς pas παν-, παντο- pan-, panto- all, complete pantheism, pantomime, panacea, pandemic
πατήρ patēr πατρ- patr- father patriarch
πάτριος patriοs πατρι- patr- fatherland, country patriot, patriotic, patriotism
πεῖρα peira πειρα- peira- trial, attempt, attack pirate, piracy
πείρα peira πειρ- peir- experience empirical, empiricism
περί peri περι peri around perimeter, period, periphrasis, peridotite
πέτρα petra πετρ- petr- rock petrify, petroleum, petrology, petrography, petrophysics
πλείων pleiōn πλειω-/πλεο- pleio/-pleo more, abundance, to be full pleiotropy, pleochroism, pleocytosis, pleomorphism, pleonasm, pleonaste, pleonexia, plethora, Pliocene
πληγή plēgē πληγ- pleg- stroke diplegia, paraplegia
ποιέω poieō ποιε- poie-/poe- make, do, create poem, poet
πόλεμος polemos πολεμ- polem- war polemic, polemical
πόλις polis πολε- pole- city megalopolis, metropolis, polis, political, police, polity, politics
πόλος polοs πολ- pol- axis, sky bipolar, North Pole, Polaris, polarity, polarization
πολύς polus πολυ- polu- many, much hoi polloi, polygamy, polyglot, Polynesia, polyphony, polytechnic, polytonic
ποταμός potamos ποταμ- potam- river hippopotamus, Mesopotamia, Potamogalinae
ποῦς pous ποδ- pod foot amblypoda, amphipod, arthropod, bipod, brachiopod, branchiopod, cephalopod, chenopod, decapod, gastropod, gnathopod, heteropoda, isopod, lagopus, macropod, myriapod, octopus, Oedipus, ornithopod, pauropod, podiatrist, platypoda, platypus, prosauropod, pseudopod, sauropod, tetrapod, theropod, tripod, xenopus
πρᾶγμα pragma πρᾶγμα pragma thing done, fact pragmatic, pragmatism
πράσσω prasso πραγ- prag- to do, to act praxis, practical, practice
πρεσβύτερος presbuteros πρεσβυτερ- presbuter- elder, older priest, presbyopia, presbyter, presbytery
πρόγραμμα programma προγραμματ- programmat- proclamation, agenda programmer, program
πρό pro προ- pro- before prophet, prologue
πρὣτος prōtos πρωτ(ο)-/πρωθ- proto-/proth- first protagonist, prothonotary, protobiont, protocol, protoconch, protocone, protolith, proton, protonema, protoplasm, protoplast, protosome, prototheria, prototype
πτερόν pteron πτερ(ο)- pter(o)- wing helicopter, Lepidoptera, ornithopter, pteranodon, Pterichthyodes, pterodactyl, pterosaurus



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ῥάβδος rhabdos ῥαβδ- rhabd- rod rhabdite, rhabditida, rhabdology, rhabdomancy, rhabdovirus
ῥαψῳδός rhapsōdos ῥαψῳδ- rhapsod- reciter of Epic poetry rhapsode, rhapsody
ῥητορεία rhētoreia ῥητορ- rhetor- oratory rhetoric
ῥεῦμα rheuma ῥευματ- rheumat- a flowing, rheum rheumatism, rheum
ῥίζα rhiza ῥίζ(ο)- rhiz(o)- root corallorhiza, rhizobium, rhizome, rhizophora
ῥίς rhis ῥιν- rhin- nose rhinencephalon, rhinitis, rhinoceros, rhinolith, rhinoplasty
ῥόδον rhodon ῥοδο- rhodo- rose, red rhododendron, rhodium
-ῥοία -rhoia -ρροια -rrhoia flow, flux gonorrhea, leukorrhea, logorrhoea, catarrh
ῥόμβος rhombos ῥομβ(ο)- rhomb(o)- rhombus rhombus
ῥῶ rhō ῥῶ/ῥωτ- rho-/rhot the letter rho rhotacism



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
σάρξ sarx σαρκο- sarko- flesh sarcophagus, sarcasm, sarcoidosis, sarcoma
σαῦρος sauros σαυρο- sauro- lizard dinosaur, Saurida
σκελετός skeletos σκελετ- skelet- dried up, withered, dried body skeleton, skeletal
σκεῦος skeuos σκευ- skeu- vessel, implement skeuomorph
σκοπός skopos σκοπ- skop- observer scope, telescope
σοφία sophia σοφι- sophi- knowledge, wisdom philosophy, sophistry
στήλη stēlē στηλ- stel- block of stone stele, stela
στροφή strophē στροφ- stroph- turning anastrophe, antistrophe, apostrophe,[7] catastrophe, epistrophe, strophe, boustrophedon
σύμβολον sumbolon συμβολ- sumbol- symbol symbol, symbolic, symbolism
σύστημα sustēma συστηματ- sustēmat- system system, systematic
σφήν sphēn σφήν(ο)- sphēn(o)- wedge disphenoid, sphene, sphenocrates, sphenodontia, sphenoid
σφήξ sphēx σφηκ- sphēk- wasp sphecidae, sphex
σχήμα skhēma σχηματ- skhēmat- shape, form scheme, schematic
σχολή skholē σχολ- skhol- leisure, school school, scholar, scholium, scholastic



Citation form Root form Meaning English derivative
τάξις taxis ταξι- taxi- arrangement parataxis, phototaxis, syntax, taxidermy, taxon, taxonomy, thermotaxis
ταχύς takhus ταχυ- tachy- swift tachometer, tachycardia, tachygraphy, tachylite, tachyon
τέλος telos τελεσ-/τελε(ο)- teles-/tele(o)- end teleology, teleonomy, teleostome
τἣλε tēle τηλε- tele- afar, far off telegram, telegraph, telemetry, telepathy, telephone, telescope, telethon, television
τέτταρες tettares τετρα- tetra- four oxytetracycline, pentylenetetrazol, tetracaine, Tetragrammaton, tetrahedron, tetralogy, tetrapod, tetrarchy
τέμνω temnō -τομή/τομο- -tomē/tomo- cut, incision tomography, tracheotomy, vasectomy
τοξικόν toxikon τοξικ- toxik- poison toxic, toxicology, toxicosis toxin, toxoplasma
τόπος topos τοπ(ο)- top(o)- place dystopia, topology, utopia
τρόπαιον tropaion τροπαι- tropai- monument of an enemy's defeat trophy
τροπικός tropikos τροπικ- tropik- of the turning of the sun, tropical tropicamide, tropics
τροφή trophē τροφικ- trophik- nourishment, food (genitive form) amyotrophy, atrophy, auxotrophy, chemotroph, dystrophy, heterotrophy, psychotropic[7]
τύμβος tumbos τυμβ- tomb- sepulchral mound, cairn, barrow tomb, tombstone
τύπος tupos τυπ- typ- figure, example type, typology, typography
τύπτω tuptō τυπ- typ- poke, beat type, typology, typography


(h)u, (h)y

Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ὕδνον hudnon ὕδνο- hydno- truffle hydnocarpus
ὕδωρ hudōr ὑδρο- hydro- water achlorhydria, anhydrous, dehydration, hydrodynamics, hydrogen, hydrolysis, hydroponics, hydrophobic, hydrophyllic
ὕδροψ hudrops ὕδροπ- hydrop- dropsy dropsy
ὑγιεινή hugieinē ὑγιειν- hygiein- soundness, health hygiene
ὑγρός hugros ὑγρ/ὑγρο- hygr/hygro- moist hygrine, hygrometer, hygroscopy
ὕλη hulē ὕλη/ὕλ- hylē/hul- wood, forest hyla, hyle, hylodes, hylozoism
ὑμήν humēn ὕμεν- hymen- thin skin, membrane, caul hymen, hymenoptera
ὕμνος humnos ὕμν- hymn- hymn, ode hymn, hymnody, hymnography
ὕπέρ huper ὑπέρ- hyper- super-, pro-, trans-, over- hyperactivity, hyperbole, hypersensitivity, hypertasis
ὕπνος hupnos ὑπνο- hypno- sleep hypnotism, hypnotic, hypnotize
ὕπο hupo ὕπ(ο)- hyp(o)- sub-, under hypoblast, hypochlorite, hypochondria, hypodermic, hypocrisy



Citation form Root form Meaning English derivatives
φάγω phagō φαγ- phag- I eat anthropophagy, bacteriophage, esophagus, phagocyte, sarcophagus
φάναι phanai φα- pha- to say phatic, prophet
φαντασία phantasia φαντασ- phantas- imagination fantasy, fantastic, fantasia
φαίνομαι phainomai φαινο- phaino- I appear epiphany, hierophany, phenomenon, theophany
φέρω pherō φερ- pher- bear, bring Berenice, pheromone, varnish, Veronica
φιλία/φίλος philia/philos -φιλια/φιλο- -philia/philo- friendship/friend Philadelphia, philosophy, pedophilia, zoophilia
-φοβια/φοβο- -phobia/phobo- irrational fear,
phobia, Phobos
φωνή phōnē φωνη- phōn- voice phoneme, phonetic, phonograph, phonology, telephone, vibraphone, xylophone
φρήν phrēn φρεν- phren- heart, mind frantic, paraphrenia, phrenitis, phrenology, schizophrenia
φύλλον phullon φύλλο- phullo- leaf chlorophyll, phyllotaxis
φύσις phusis φυσι- phusi- nature physical, physics, physiognomy
φυτόν phuton φυτο- phuto- plant dermatophyte, geophyte, macrophyte, microphyte, neophyte, oophyte, periphyton, phytic acid, phytochemical, phytology, phytopathology, phytotomy, saprophyte, spermatophyte, thallophyte, zoophyte
φῶς phōs φωσ-/φα-/φωσ-/φωτ- pha-/phōs-/phōt- light phosphorus, photography, photogenic, photon


k(h), c(h)

Citation form Root form Meaning English derivatives
χαίτη khaitē χαιτη- khaitē- loose, flowing hair polychaete
χάσμα khasma χάσμ(ατ)- khasm(at)- yawning hollow chasm, chasmogamy
χάος khaos χαοσ- khaos- primal emptiness chaos, gas
χαρακτήρ kharaktēr χαρακτηρ- kharakter- character character, characteristic, characterology
χάρτης khartēs χαρτ- khart- papyrus, leaf card, cartogram, cartography
χείρ kheir χειρ- kheir- hand cheironomy, chirograph, chirography, Chiroptera, chiromancy, Chironomidae, chiropractor, surgeon[7]
χιών khiōn χιον- khion- snow chionodoxa
χολή kholē χολ- chol- bile cholera, melancholia
χορεία khoreia χορει- chorei- dance choreography
χορός khoros χορο- choro- dance choir, chorale, chorus
χρηστός khrēstos χρηστ- chrest- useful chrestomathy
χρίω khriō χρι- khri- anoint chrism, chrismation, chrismarium, Christ, Christmas
χρῶμα khrōma χρωματ- khromat- colour chromate, chromaticism, chromosome, monochrome
χρόνος khronos χρον- khron- time anachronism, chronology, chronometer
χρυσός khrusos χρυσ- khrys- gold chrysalis, chrysanthemum, chrysene, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ψάλλω psallō ψάλ- psal- to play, twang Psalmodicon, psalm, psalter, psaltery
ψάμμος psammos ψαμμο- psammo- sand psammoma, Psammophis
ψῆφος psēphos ψηφ(ο)- pseph(o)- pebble isopsephy, psephite, psephology
ψεῦδος pseudos ψευδο/ψευδ- pseud(o)- false, a falsity pseudechis, pseudepigrapha, pseudobranch, pseudonym, pseudopod, pseudoscience, pseudomorph, pseudotachylite, pseudoephedrine
ψηλαφάω psēlaphaō ψηλαφ- pselaph- to grope about pselaphinae
ψιλός psilos ψιλο- psilo- mere, bare, smooth psilanthropism, psilocybin, psilomelane, psilotopsida
ψόα psoa ψοα- psoa- muscles of the loin psoas
ψυχή psukhē ψυχ- psych- spirit, soul neuropsychology, psionics, psychasthenia, psyche, psychedelic, psychiatry, psychic, psychoacoustics, psychoanalysis, psychobabble, psychodrama, psychogenesis, psychographic, psychohistory, psychokinesis, psycholinguistics, psychology, psychometrics, psychometry, psychoneuroendocrinology, psychoneuroimmunology, psychopathy, psychopharmacology, psychophysics, psychophysiology, psychosis, psychosomatic, psychosurgery, psychotherapy, psychotropic
ψυχρός psuchros ψυχρο- psychro- cold Psychrolutidae, psychrometer, psychrometrics, psychrophile



Citation form Root form Meaning English Derivative
ὠ μέγα omega ὠμεγα omega large o omega
ᾠόν ōon ᾠο- ōo- egg oocyte, oology, oomycete, oogonia, oolite
ὥρα hōra ὡρ- hōr- season, hour horology, horometry, horoscope
-ωσις -osis -ωσι- -osi- suffix indicating noun derived from verb halitosis, metamorphosis
ὠτο- oto -ὠτ(ο)- ot(o)- ear otitis, otolaryngology, otolith, otology, otoplasty, otoscope

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