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Independent Fabrication


Independent Fabrication

Independent Fabrication
Industry Bicycles
Founded 1995
Headquarters Newmarket, New Hampshire, U.S.
Key people
Gary Smith
Products Custom Bicycles
Revenue undisclosed
Number of employees
Slogan "Living The Dream"
Website Independent Fabrication

Independent Fabrication (IF) is a bicycle company located in Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA. It is often mistakenly referred to as Independent Fabrications. IF fabricates bicycle frames from steel, titanium and carbon fiber. Independent Fabrication has twice won the Bicycling Magazine "Dream Bike of the Year" with its carbon-tubed, titanium-lugged XS road frame.[1] Independent Fabrication was founded by and is owned by its employees. In 2005, the company took part in a CNN television program called The TurnAround.[2] The show paired a growing business with a mentor from a more successful company. Independent Fabrication was paired with Jeff Swartz, chief executive of Timberland.[3]

In 2011 the company announced its factory would move from Somerville, Massachusetts to Newmarket, NH within the year. A handful of IF's employees made the move with the company, and several former employees returned.


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    • Cyclocross 2.2
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    • Touring 2.4
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  • Owners' Club 3
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History of Independent Fabrication

Independent Fabrication was formed by former employees of Fat City Cycles[4] and later Merlin Metalworks. Giana Roberge won the 2004 world masters time-trial championship in Austria on an XS.

In 2007 Gary Smith bought 80% of the company, with the employees owning the remaining 20%.

Bicycle Frames

Independent Fabrication currently manufactures the following custom bicycle frame models:


  • Corvid (Carbon)
  • XS (Carbon and Titanium)[5][6]
  • Factory Lightweight (Steel)
  • Factory Lightweight (Ti/Carbon)
  • Crown Jewel (Steel; Steel Special Edition (SE); Steel Special Edition Carbon (SEC);[7] Titanium; and Titanium SEC)
  • SSR (Columbus XCR Stainless Steel; SSR SEC)[8][9]
  • Club Racer (Steel or Titanium)

Note SEC features carbon wishbone seat stays.


  • Corvid Cross (Carbon Fiber)
  • Planet Cross (Steel or Titanium)[10]
  • SSX (Columbus XCR Stainless Steel)

Off Road

  • Deluxe (Steel or Titanium)[11][12]
  • Beatstick (Steel)


  • Independence (Steel or Titanium)


Independent Fabrication has also produced specials and one-off bikes. Some are show bikes, others have been built to the requirements of customers or other companies:

  • BMXS[13]
  • XS version of the Planet Cross cyclocross bike.
  • Phil Wood Piss Off (which had a limited production run)
  • Tungsten Electrode[14] full suspension (prototyped in steel and titanium)
  • Various Dual Slalom/4X frames.

Owners' Club

An Independent Fabrication Owners' Club launched in 2004. It has a register of over 1,750 IF bikes.

Grassroots Racing

Independent Fabrication has a small but successful grassroots racing program. Racers past and present include:

  • Eric Roman

  • Mike Ramponi Sr.

IF Racing

IF Racing was formed in February 2008 by team director Jonathan Bruno. The squad is a newly expanded U25 Development program for road racing and pro mountain bike racing. In addition to efforts to promote environmental sustainability and healthy choices, the team will participate in an after-school cycling program for Boston public schools.

  • Team Website: https:/

2010 Team

  • Jonathan Bruno
  • Evan Cooper
  • Robbie King
  • John Hanson
  • Emerson Oronte
  • Matt Buckley
  • Vinnie Scalia
  • Kevin Wolfson
  • Todd Yezefski

Women's Team

The team, which started as Merlin/Smartfuel in 1997 and in 2000 picked up sponsorship from Independent Fabrication, is based in New England and rides regional and National Racing Calendar events.[17][18]

Current Riders:

  • Brenda Bahnson
  • Pauline Frascone
  • Zoe Sheehan
  • Michele Smith
  • Silke Wunderwald

Former Riders:

  • Katrina Davis
  • Kirsten Grasshoff
  • Katheryn Curi Mattis[19]
  • Lisa Maxwell
  • Julia Oh
  • Heather Peck
  • Jessica Phillips
  • Kathryn Roszko
  • Marianne Stover
  • Sarah Uhl
  • Aimee Vasse


External links

  • Independent Fabrication
  • Independent Fabrication Owners' Club
  • Independent Fabrication Racing Team
  • Independent Fabrication Racing Team


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