Kaela Kimura discography

Kaela Kimura discography
Studio albums 7
Compilation albums 1
Singles 16
Music videos 25

The discography of Kaela Kimura consists of 7 studio albums, 1 compilations albums, 16 physical singles and many digital downloads.


Studio albums

Year Album Information Chart positions
Total sales
2004 Kaela

8 149,000
2006 Circle

2 197,000
2007 Scratch

1 360,000
2008 +1

1 161,000
2009 Hocus Pocus

3 221,000
2011 8Eight8

1 73,000
2012 Sync

Compilation albums

Year Album Information Chart positions
Total sales
2010 5 Years

2 473,000


As lead artist

Release Title Notes Chart positions Oricon
Oricon Singles Charts
Billboard Japan Hot 100
RIAJ digital tracks†
2004 "Level 42" Initially released independently. 14 30,000 Kaela
"Happiness!!!" 11 41,000
2005 "Rirura Riruha" (リルラ リルハ Real Life Real Heart?) 3 117,000 Circle
"Beat" 7 36,000
2006 "You" 7 39,000
"Circle (Kit Kat Edition)" Sold in convenience stores with Kit Kats.
"Magic Music" 7 54,000 Scratch
"Tree Climbers" 6 25* 68,000
2007 "Snowdome" 6 16* 61,000
"Samantha" 8 83* 27,000 +1
"Yellow" 5 52 28,000
2008 "Jasper" 9 11 16* 42,000
"Moustache/Memories" (マスタッシュ/memories Musutasshu?) 7 9
37,000 Hocus Pocus
2009 "Doko" (どこ Where?) 5 5 24,000
"Banzai" 4 2 23 31,000
"Butterfly" Digital download, RIAJ #1 for two weeks. 8 1
"Hot Pepper no Uta" (ホットペッパーの唄 Hot Pepper Song?) Digital download.
2010 "You Bet!!" Radio single. 6 15 5 Years
"Odoru Ponpokorin" (おどるポンポコリン Dancing Ponpokorin?) Digital download. 48
"Musuko (Bokura no Ongaku Ver.)" (息子(僕らの音楽 Ver.) Son (Our Music Ver.)?) feat. Tamio Okuda Digital download, Tamio Okuda cover.
"Ring a Ding Dong" 1 2 1 92,000 8Eight8
"Deep Beep" Digital download. 23 23
"A Winter Fairy Is Melting a Snowman" 4 1 2 30,000
2011 "Kidoairaku plus ai" 13 6 21 13,000
2012 "Mamillel" (マミレル?) 9 6 20 13,000 Sync
"Sun Shower" 16 4 6,000
"Wonder Volt"
* charted on monthly Chaku-uta Reco-kyō Chart.
†Japan Hot 100 established February 2008, RIAJ Digital Track Chart established April 2009.

As featured artist

Release Title Notes Chart positions Oricon
Oricon Singles Charts
Billboard Japan Hot 100
RIAJ digital tracks
2006 "Time Machine ni Onegai '06 Version" (タイムマシンにおねがい Help, Time Machine?)
(Sadistic Mika Band Revisited)
Digital download. Narkissos
2009 "Hey! Hey! Alright"
(Scha Dara Parr + Kaela Kimura)
10 10 12,000 11


Year Album Information
2005 Kaela Kimura 1st Tour 2005 4 You

  • Label: Columbia (COBA-4422)
  • Released: July 6, 2005
2007 Live Scratch: Agattemasu tte ba Tour @ Budōkan (LIVE Scratch~上がってますってばTOUR~@武道館?)

  • Label: Columbia (COBA-4673)
  • Released: September 19, 2007
2008 Best Video 1

  • Music video collection.
  • Label: Columbia (COBA-4746)
  • Released: July 23, 2008
2008 Go! 5! Kaeland

  • Music video collection.
  • Label: Columbia (COBA-4829)
  • Released: November 4, 2009

Other appearances

Release Artist Title Notes Album
2005 Kaela Kimura "Twinkle (Nana Ver.)" Love for Nana: Only One Tribute
Animo "Is My Fate" Band featuring Kimura before her debut ... of Newtypes (compilation album)
"Out of Luck"
Kaela Kimura "Why Are You So in a Hurry? (Tō-chan no Melody)" (父ちゃんのメロディ Daddy's Melody?) Custom Made 10.30 Original Soundtrack
2006 Kaela Kimura & Foe "Cloudy" Last Days: Tribute to Mr. K
Foe feat. Kaela Kimura "The End of the Sun" Foetunes
Kaela Kimura "Oh, Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison cover. Attention Please Soundtrack: Oh Pretty Woman
Sadistic Mikaela Band "Sadistic Twist" Collaborations with Sadistic Mika Band. Narkissos
"Watashi wa Big-Bang, Bang" (私はBig-Bang, Bang I'm a Big-Bang, Bang?)
2007 Farrah feat. Kaela Kimura "No Reason Why" Self cover, featured on B-side. "No Reason Why" (single)
Kaela Kimura "Marshmallow" (マシマロ Mashimaro?) Tamio Okuda cover. Tamio Okuda Covers
2008 Taiyō Yamazaki feat. Kaela Kimura "Birdie" Music Tree
Kaela Kimura "Roirura Riruha (Kōtetsu Gattai Robomix) Remixed by Foe" (リルラ リルハ~鋼鉄合体ロボミックス~Remixed by FOE" Steel Alloy Robomix?) Detroit Metal City Tribute Album: Seinie Metal Mix
Idoling!!! "Kokuhaku" (告白 Confession?) Lyrics written by Kimura. Petit-Petit
Kaela Kimura with Hōtai Band "A Song for Paco" Appears three times on soundtrack. Paco and the Magical Book Original Soundtrack
Mo'Some Tonebender feat. Kaela Kimura "Kimi to Dokomade mo" (君とどこまでも Anywhere with You?) Sing!
2009 Kaela Kimura "Happy?" Judy and Mary cover. Judy and Mary 15th Anniversary Tribute Album
Rie Tomosaka "Mother Goose" Lyrics written by Kimura. Toridori.
Curly Giraffe feat. Kaela Kimura "Forbidden Fruits" Thank You for Being a Friend
Kaela Kimura "Kotoba wa Sankaku, Kokoro wa Shikaku" (言葉はさんかく こころは四角 Words Are Triangles, Hearts Are Squares?) Quruli cover Quruli Tribute


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