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Konrad II of Masovia

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Title: Konrad II of Masovia  
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Subject: Duke of Masovia, Duchy of Masovia, Shvarn, Bolesław II Rogatka, Długosiodło, Przemysław of Racibórz, Leszek of Racibórz, Anna of Racibórz, Euphemia of Racibórz
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Konrad II of Masovia

Konrad II of Masovia (1250 – June 24 or October 21, 1294[1]) was the eldest son of Siemowit I of Masovia and his wife Perejesława, daughter of Daniel of Galicia.

He was Duke of Masovia (1264–1294), he was also Duke of Czersk having given up some of his lands to his brother Boleslaus II of Masovia in 1275, he became Duke of Sandomierz in 1289.

Captivity in Lithuania

Konrad appeared in history in 1262, when Lithuanian Grand Duke Treniota launched a major campaign against Masovia. He and his father stayed at a small fort in Jazdów. Siemowit I of Masovia was killed during the assault and Konrad was captured by the Lithuanians.

Siemowit died, Conrad was a prisoner of the Lithuanians and his brother Boleslaus was too young to rule, the regency of the duchy of Mazovia was ensured by Boleslaw the Pious and the children's mother Perejesława. After two years of captivity in Lithuania Konrad was released and went back to Masovia to recover his lands left to him by his father.

Duke of Mazovia

In terms of foreign policy, he continued to follow the line of his father, working closely with Bolesław V the Chaste, Leszek II the Black and Boleslaw the Pious. He fought alongside Hungary in a war which opposed Bohemia. In 1271 became part of a coalition against Henry IV Probus, to prevent it from providing support to Bohemia. Two years later, the same coalition attacked Ladislaus of Opole who benefited from the war between Hungary and Bohemia to play his own card, seizing the throne of Krakow.

Duke of Czersk

In 1275 when his brother reached the age of majority, he shared Masovia with him. He gave the Duchy of Płock and retaining only the duchy of Czersk. This division did not satisfiy Boleslaus and a prolonged conflict began between the two brothers.

When Bolesław V the Chaste died on December 7, 1279, his heir Leszek II the Black succeeded. The Civil in Masovia helped Konrad claim the throne of Krakow. This did not prevent him from joining the opposition camp to the Duke of Krakow and Sandomierz.

Fighting for the throne of Krakow and Sandomierz

In 1282 Konrad launcheed an attack against Leszek II the Black which ended in a fiasco, the army of Konrad succeeded only briefly seizing Radom and Sandomierz. In 1285 Konrad was better prepared for war. He invaded Lesser Poland, requiring the Duke of Cracow to take refuge in Hungary. However, he failed to seize Wawel, which was defended by followers of Leszek. The decisive battle took place on May 3, 1285. With the help of the Hungarians, Leszek crushed his opponents. Conrad fled and took refuge in Czersk.

Leszek II the Black died on September 30, 1288, this offered a new opportunity for Konrad to ascend the throne of Krakow.He stayed in Ruthenia, among his allies was Vladimir de Galicia, a relation of his mother's but Konrad sought more help. He faced other candidates for the throne: Henry IV Probus and his brother Boleslaus. However, Konrad did not give up. In 1289 when the balance seemed to lean in favor of Henry IV, he concluded an agreement with his brother Boleslaus. The exact terms of this agreement are not known. Probably in exchange for Konrad's abdication from Krakow Boleslaus accepted the partition of Masovia as was done in 1275 and Konrad would reign over Sandomierz. This agreement did not materialize. Despite the victory of Boleslaus at the Battle of Siewierz, Konrad lost Sandomierz to Ladislaus the Short.

Death and descendants

Konrad II died in Czerwińsk on June 23 or October 11, 1294[1] and is buried in Czerwińsk.[1] His family came under the protection of his brother Boleslaus, against whom he had fought all his life. Boleslaus was now sole ruler of Masovia.

Between 1265 and 1270 Konrad married Jadwiga, daughter of Bolesław II the Bald.[2] They had one daughter:[3]

  1. Anna (1270 – after 13 July 1324) married Przemysław of Racibórz and was mother to at least three children.


Preceded by
Siemowit I
Duke of Masovia
Succeeded by
Boleslaus II
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