List of consorts of Thurn and Taxis

Baroness and Countess of Taxis

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Consort Ceased to be Consort Death Spouse
Genoveva von Taxis Seraphin II von Taxis
 ? 8 October 1584 5 May 1612
husband's accession
7 July 1624
husband's death
after 14 January 1628 Lamoral I
Alexandrine de Rye, Comtesse de Varax Philibert Bar de Balançon Comte de Varax 1 August 1589 31 January 1616 7 July 1624
husband's accession
23 May 1628
husband's death
26 December 1666 Leonhard II
Anna Franziska Eugenia of Horne Philip Lamoral, Count of Horne and Houtekerke (Horne) 20 March 1629 6 February 1650 13 September 1676
husband's death
25 June 1693 Lamoral II Claudius Franz
Anna Adelheid of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg Hermann Egon, Count of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg
16 January 1659 24 March 1678 1695
husband's creation as Prince
13 November 1701 Eugen Alexander Franz

Princess of Thurn and Taxis

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Princess Ceased to be Princess Death Spouse
Anna Adelheid of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg Hermann Egon, Count of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg
16 January 1659 24 March 1678 1695
husband's creation as Prince
13 November 1701 Eugen Alexander Franz
Anna Augusta of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst Ludwig Gustav, Count of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst
11 November 1675 21 November 1703 21 September 1711
Maria Ludovika Anna of Lobkowicz Ferdinand August Leopold, Prince of Lobkowicz, Duke of Sagan
20 October 1683 10 January 1703 21 February 1714
husband's ascession
8 November 1739
husband's death
20 January 1750 Anselm Franz
Charlotte Louise de Lorraine, Countess de Lambesc Louis de Lorraine, Pr de Lambesc
22 July 1722 22 March 1745 6 January 1747 Alexander Ferdinand
Maria Henriette Josepha of Fürstenberg-Stühlingen Joseph Wilhelm Ernst, Prince of Fürstenberg-Stühlingen
31 March 1732 21 September 1750 4 June 1772
Auguste Elisabeth of Württemberg Karl Alexander, Duke of Württemberg
30 October 1734 3 September 1753 17 March 1773
husband's ascession
4 June 1787 Karl Anselm
Therese of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
5 April 1773 25 May 1789 13 November 1805
husband's ascession
15 July 1827
husband's death
12 February 1839 Karl Alexander
Wilhelmine of Dörnberg Ernst, Baron of Dörnberg
6 March 1803 24 August 1828 14 May 1835 Maximilian Karl
110px Mathilde Sophie of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg Johannes Aloysius III, Prince of Oettingen-Oettingen and Oettingen-Spielberg
9 February 1816 24 January 1839 10 November 1871
husband's death
20 January 1886
Margarethe Klementine of Austria Archduke Joseph Karl of Austria, Palatine of Hungary
6 July 1870 15 July 1890 22 January 1952
husband's death
2 May 1955 Albert I
Isabel Maria of Braganza Miguel, Duke of Braganza
19 November 1894 23 November 1920 22 January 1952
husband's ascession
12 January 1970 Franz Joseph
Gloria of Schönburg in Glauchau and Waldenburg Joachim, Count von Schönburg-Glauchau
23 February 1960 31 May 1980 26 April 1982
husband's ascession
14 December 1990
husband's death
living Johannes



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