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Masovian Voivodeship

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Title: Masovian Voivodeship  
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Subject: Polish census of 2002, List of cities and towns in Poland, Poland, Electoral districts of Poland, Demographics of Poland
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Masovian Voivodeship

Masovian Voivodeship
Województwo mazowieckie
Skyline of Masovian Voivodeship
Flag of Masovian Voivodeship
Coat of arms of Masovian Voivodeship
Coat of arms
Location within Poland
Location within Poland
Division into counties
Division into counties
Coordinates (Warsaw):
Country  Poland
Capital Warsaw
 • Total 35,579 km2 (13,737 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 5,164,612
 • Density 150/km2 (380/sq mi)
 • Urban 3,343,231
 • Rural 1,821,381
Car plates W
  • further divided into 314 gminas

Masovian Voivodeship or Mazovia Province[1] (Polish: województwo mazowieckie ), is the largest and most populous of the sixteen Polish provinces, or voivodeships, created in 1999. It occupies 35,579 square kilometres (13,737 sq mi) of east-central Poland, and has 5.16 million inhabitants. Its principal cities are Warsaw (1.7 million) in the centre of the Warsaw metropolitan area, Radom (226,000) in the south, Płock (127,000) in the west, Siedlce (77,000) in the east, and Ostrołęka (55,000) in the north. The capital of the voivodeship is the national capital, Warsaw.

The province was created on January 1, 1999, out of the former Warsaw, Płock, Ciechanów, Ostrołęka, Siedlce and Radom Voivodeships, pursuant to the Polish local government reforms adopted in 1998. The province's name recalls the traditional name of the region, Mazowsze (sometimes rendered in English as "Masovia"), with which it is roughly coterminous. However, southern part of the voivodeship, with Radom, historically belongs to Małopolska (Lesser Poland), while Łomża and its surroundings, even though historically part of Masovia, now is part of Podlaskie Voivodeship.

It is bordered by six other voivodeships: Warmian-Masurian to the north, Podlaskie to the north-east, Lublin to the south-east, Świętokrzyskie to the south, Łódź to the south-west, and Kuyavian-Pomeranian to the north-west.

Population density by gmina (at 2007-01-01)
Warsaw is the capital of Poland
Radom is part of historical Lesser Poland
Płock is the historical capital of Masovia and former Polish capital
Siedlce is part of historical Lesser Poland
Ostrołęka is part of the ethnocultural region of Kurpie
Legionowo is part of the Warsaw metropolitan area
Ciechanów is a former royal city
Otwock is part of the Warsaw metropolitan area
Żyrardów is one of the youngest cities in the voivodeship, established in 1830
Sochaczew is a former royal city
Mińsk Mazowiecki is part of the Warsaw metropolitan area

Administrative division

Masovian Voivodeship is divided into 42 counties (powiats): 5 city counties (miasto na prawach powiatu) and 37 "land counties" (powiat ziemski). These are subdivided into 314 gminas, which include 85 "urban gminas".

The counties, shown on the numbered map, are described in the table below.
English and
Polish names
Area Population
Seat Other towns Total
(km²) (sq mi)
City counties
1 Warsaw
517 200 1,700,536 1
(2) Ostrołęka 29 11 53,758 1
(3) Płock 88 34 127,307 1
(4) Radom 112 43 226,372 1
(5) Siedlce 32 12 77,047 1
Land counties
2 Ostrołęka County
powiat ostrołęcki
2,099 810 84,344 Ostrołęka * Myszyniec 11
3 Płock County
powiat płocki
1,799 695 106,455 Płock * Gąbin, Drobin, Wyszogród 15
4 Radom County
powiat radomski
1,530 591 145,232 Radom * Pionki, Iłża, Skaryszew 13
5 Siedlce County
powiat siedlecki
1,603 619 80,560 Siedlce * Mordy 13
6 Żuromin County
powiat żuromiński
805 311 40,078 Żuromin Bieżuń 6
7 Mława County
powiat mławski
1,182 456 73,355 Mława 10
8 Przasnysz County
powiat przasnyski
1,218 470 52,948 Przasnysz Chorzele 7
9 Ciechanów County
powiat ciechanowski
1,063 410 91,050 Ciechanów Glinojeck 9
10 Sierpc County
powiat sierpecki
853 329 53,811 Sierpc 7
11 Maków County
powiat makowski
1,065 411 46,474 Maków Mazowiecki Różan 10
12 Ostrów Mazowiecka County
powiat ostrowski
1,218 470 75,073 Ostrów Mazowiecka Brok 11
13 Płońsk County
powiat płoński
1,384 534 87,430 Płońsk Raciąż 12
14 Pułtusk County
powiat pułtuski
829 320 51,033 Pułtusk 7
15 Wyszków County
powiat wyszkowski
876 338 71,558 Wyszków 6
16 Gostynin County
powiat gostyniński
616 238 47,034 Gostynin 5
17 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki County
powiat nowodworski
692 267 75,736 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki Nasielsk, Zakroczym 6
18 Legionowo County
powiat legionowski
390 151 96,497 Legionowo Serock 5
19 Wołomin County
powiat wołomiński
955 369 202,444 Wołomin Ząbki, Marki, Kobyłka, Zielonka, Radzymin, Tłuszcz 12
20 Węgrów County
powiat węgrowski
1,219 471 67,823 Węgrów Łochów 9
21 Sokołów County
powiat sokołowski
1,131 437 56,823 Sokołów Podlaski Kosów Lacki 9
22 Sochaczew County
powiat sochaczewski
731 282 83,318 Sochaczew 8
23 Warsaw West County
powiat warszawski zachodni
533 206 100,965 Ożarów Mazowiecki Łomianki, Błonie 7
24 Mińsk County
powiat miński
1,164 449 141,048 Mińsk Mazowiecki Sulejówek, Halinów, Kałuszyn 13
25 Łosice County
powiat łosicki
772 298 32,769 Łosice 6
26 Żyrardów County
powiat żyrardowski
533 206 74,662 Żyrardów Mszczonów 5
27 Grodzisk Mazowiecki County
powiat grodziski
367 142 78,208 Grodzisk Mazowiecki Milanówek, Podkowa Leśna 6
28 Pruszków County
powiat pruszkowski
246 95 145,870 Pruszków Piastów, Brwinów 6
29 Piaseczno County
powiat piaseczyński
621 240 145,276 Piaseczno Konstancin-Jeziorna, Góra Kalwaria, Tarczyn 6
30 Otwock County
powiat otwocki
615 237 116,086 Otwock Józefów, Karczew 8
31 Grójec County
powiat grójecki
1,269 490 96,489 Grójec Warka, Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą, Mogielnica 10
32 Garwolin County
powiat garwoliński
1,284 496 106,227 Garwolin Łaskarzew, Pilawa, Żelechów 14
33 Białobrzegi County
powiat białobrzeski
639 247 33,545 Białobrzegi Wyśmierzyce 6
34 Kozienice County
powiat kozienicki
917 354 61,614 Kozienice 7
35 Przysucha County
powiat przysuski
801 309 43,822 Przysucha 8
36 Zwoleń County
powiat zwoleński
571 220 37,183 Zwoleń 5
37 Szydłowiec County
powiat szydłowiecki
452 175 40,083 Szydłowiec 5
38 Lipsko County
powiat lipski
748 289 36,669 Lipsko 6
* seat not part of the county

Cities and towns

The voivodeship contains 85 cities and towns. These are listed below in descending order of population (according to official figures for 2006):[2]

Protected areas

Protected areas in Masovian Voivodeship include one National Park and nine Landscape Parks. These are listed below.

Most popular surnames in the region

  1. Kowalski: 26,270
  2. Wiśniewski: 21,940
  3. Kowalczyk: 21,586
  4. Mazurkiewicz: Founding of Masovia Name.


Masovian Voivodeship (1526–1795)

Masovia Voivodeship, 1526–1795 (Polish: Województwo Mazowieckie) was an administrative region of the Kingdom of Poland, and of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from the 15th century until the partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1795). Together with Płock and Rawa Voivodeships, it formed the province (prowincja) of Masovia.

Masovian Voivodeship (1816–1837)

Masovian Voivodeship was one of the voivodeships of Congress Poland. It was formed from Warsaw Department, and transformed into Masovia Governorate.


There are three main road routes that pass through the voivodship: Cork-Berlin-Poznań-Warszawa-Minsk-Moscow-Omsk, Prague-Wrocław-Warsaw-Białystok-Helsinki and Pskov-Gdańsk-Warsaw-Kraków-Budapest.

Currently there are only small stretches of autostrada in the area. However, the A2 autostrada, upon its completion, will be the first autostrada to connect the region, and therefore the capital city, with the rest of Europe. The autostrada will pass directly through the voivodship from east to west connecting it with Belarus and Germany.

The railroad system is based on Koleje Mazowieckie and PKP Intercity.

The main international airport in the region is Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport.


Masovian Voivodeship is the wealthiest in Poland. It produces 22% of Polish GDP, and GDP per capita is 160% of country average.

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