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United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008

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Title: United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008  
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Subject: Eurovision: Your Country Needs You, Albania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, Even If (Andy Abraham song)
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United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Eurovision Song Contest 2008
Country United Kingdom
National selection
Selection process Eurovision: Your Decision
Selection date(s) 1 March 2008
Selected entrant Andy Abraham
Selected song "Even If"
Finals performance
Final result 25th, 14 points
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest

The United Kingdom chose their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 on the BBC programme Eurovision: Your Decision. It replaced the former selection programme, Making Your Mind Up after a string of bad results. It was broadcast on BBC One on Saturday 1 March 2008.

Andy Abraham was the winner of the contest with the song "Even If" and went on to represent the United Kingdom in Serbia.[1] As a member of the 'Big 4', the United Kingdom was one of five countries directly qualified into the final on 24 May 2008 and does not need to compete in either of the semi-finals, although it was able to vote in the second of the two semi-finals.

Early rumours

One of the rumours about the show was that the finalists of UK TV shows How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do would participate in a newly revamped Making Your Mind Up with songs written by the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Gary Barlow.[2] This format was partially used in the final format, with one of the categories being 'Joseph Vs. Maria', with one artist from each show competing to make it into the semi-final.

There were wide sweeping rumours about which artists were going to try for Eurovision, one in particular was Bill Bailey however his tour in Australia kept him out, however he said that he might try out for next year.

National final

Terry Wogan announced on his radio show, Wake Up To Wogan on 13 February 2008 that a new national final show would be titled 'Eurovision: Your Decision', to replace Making Your Mind Up. The show aired at 19.00 GMT and the results showed at 21.30 GMT. Terry Wogan hosted the show along with Claudia Winkleman, who replaced Fearne Cotton. There was a panel of three judges headed by Terry Wogan, with John Barrowman and Carrie Grant as the other two judges.

The format consisted of 3 categories, each with 2 songs in. One song qualified from each category, with a fourth wildcard song being picked by Terry Wogan. Then 2 participants with the highest number of phone votes sang again in a 'superfinal' later that evening.


No. Artist Song Category
1 LoveShy Mr. Gorgeous Girl Groups
2 The Revelations It's You Girl Groups
3 Rob McVeigh I Owe It All To You Joseph Vs. Maria
4 Simona Armstrong Changes Joseph Vs. Maria
5 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me) Soloists
6 Andy Abraham Even If Soloists


The first category featured two different girl groups. LoveShy is the creation of two former members of girl group Clea. Emma Beard and Aimee Kearsley left the band and created the single Mr Gorgeous which they performed on Your Decision. The other group in the category were named The Revelations and were made up of three friends

No. Artist Song
1 LoveShy Mr Gorgeous
2 The Revelations It's You

In the second category the theme was Josephs v Marias. There were two finalists from reality TV shows How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do. Simona Armstrong from Maria and Rob McVeigh from Any Dream Will Do, performed to make it to the next round. The judges chose Simona 2 to 0, saying that Rob's performance had "pitch problems".

No. Artist Song
1 Rob McVeigh I Owe It All to You
2 Simona Armstrong Changes

In the final category two soloists performed for the chance to represent the UK. Ex-Eastender star turned singer Michelle Gayle sang "Woo (U Make Me)", and got through hands down to the semi-final and then precceded on to the final after the public vote. Andy still got through, after Terry Wogan used his wildcard to keep him in the competition.

No. Artist Song
1 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me)
2 Andy Abraham Even If

The semi-final consisted of all the acts who made it through the first rounds and the wildcard Andy Abraham who was voted in by Terry Wogan. After the public vote only two of the four acts made it to the final. Simona Armstrong and The Revelations received the lowest amount of public votes, blocking them from entering the final. Michelle Gayle and Andy Abraham, the two soloists, proceeded to the final.

No. Artist Song
1 The Revelations It's You
2 Simona Armstrong Changes
3 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me)
4 Andy Abraham Even If

In the final, the act who received the highest amount of televotes would win, and represent the United Kingdom in Serbia. Andy won and did represent the UK in the final of Eurovision 2008. Although Andy did hope the song would make a good showing in Belgrade, his task was not made easy.He came last with only 14 points.

No. Artist Song
1 Michelle Gayle Woo (U Make Me)
2 Andy Abraham Even If

Commentators and spokespersons

Result and reaction

The United Kingdom's entry finished in 25th position with 14 points, joint last with Germany and Poland. Following Eurovision tie-breaking rules, the United Kingdom was placed last overall as it had fewer 12-point votes than Germany and fewer 10-point votes than Poland.

BBC Eurovision host Terry Wogan called Abraham's song, "Even If", "the best UK entry for a while",[5] expressed frustration with the contest result and suggested that Britain follows Italy's suit and no longer enter the competition.[6] In his radio show on 27 May, Wogan remarked on a conversation with Abraham, who had said that he was not expecting a high vote for the usual 'block voting' reasons, and 'another reason' which Wogan was not prepared to discuss on air, presumed to be related to Abraham's race. In an interview, Swedish group Bodies Without Organs stated that if the UK put in more effort then they can win. They also mentioned in the interview that they had been invited to participate in a United Kingdom national final before, but refused as they were not allowed to write their own song.[7]

Points Awarded by United Kingdom

Points Awarded to United Kingdom

Points Awarded to United Kingdom (Final)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
  • Ireland
  • San Marino
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point


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