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Venetian regional election, 2000

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Title: Venetian regional election, 2000  
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Subject: Liga Veneta Repubblica, Liga Veneta, Fronte Marco Polo, Fabio Padovan, Flavio Tosi, Alessio Morosin, Venetian regional election, 2005, Elections in Veneto
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Venetian regional election, 2000

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The Venetian regional election of 2000 took place on 16 April 2000.

Giancarlo Galan (Forza Italia, House of Freedoms) was re-elected for the third time President of the Region by a landslide over the centre-left candidate Massimo Cacciari (The Democrats).

Forza Italia, this time in alliance also with Liga Veneta, had its best result ever and was by far the largest party in the election, receiving 30.3% of the regional vote.


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Candidates Regional lists Provincial lists Total
votes % seats Parties votes % swing seats party group
Giancarlo Galan 1,484,585 54.9 6 Forza Italia 696,358 30.3 +6.3 17 19 37
Liga VenetaLega Nord 274,472 12.0 -4.7 6 7
National Alliance 225,194 9.8 -0.9 5 6
United Christian Democrats 102,967 4.4 new 2 3
Christian Democratic Centre 53,580 2.3 -1.3 1 2
Socialist Party 16,249 0.7 new - -
Sgarbi Liberals 12,413 0.5 new - -
Venetian Democratic Union 1,730 0.0 new - -
Massimo Cacciari 1,032,255 38.2 1 Together for Veneto 312,347 13.6 new 9
Democrats of the Left 282,644 12.3 -4.2 - 8
Communist Refoundation Party 68,375 2.9 -2.1 - 2
Federation of the Greens 53,464 2.3 -1.7 - 1
Italian Democratic SocialistsPRI 29,355 1.2 new - 1
Party of Italian Communists 23,349 1.0 new - 1
Fabrizio Comencini 71,878 2.6 - Veneti d'Europa 56,448 2.4 new - - -
Marco Cappato 66,457 2.4 - Bonino List 54,844 2.3 +1.1 - - -
Fabio Padovan 45,975 1.2 - Fronte Marco Polo 28,568 1.2 new - - -
Total candidates 2,701,150 100.0 7 Total parties 2,292,357 100.0 = 53 60 60

Source: Regional Council of Veneto


After the election, Giancarlo Galan formed his second government, while Enrico Cavaliere (Liga Veneta) was elected President of the Regional Council. Forza Italia had the lion share in the government, including the posts of President, Vice President and Minister of Health.

Galan III Government
Ministry Minister Party
President Giancarlo Galan FI
Vice President Fabio Gava FI
Minister of Budget, International Relations Luca Bellotti (until 10 April 2001)
Maria Luisa Coppola (since 18 September 2001)
Minister of Security and Immigration Raffaele Zanon AN
Minister of Health Fabio Gava FI
Minister of Industry Marino Finozzi LV
Minister of Social Affairs Antonio De Poli UDC
Minister of Agriculture and Commerce Giancarlo Conta FI
Minister of Public Works Massimo Giorgetti AN
Minister of Environment and Transport Renato Chisso FI
Minister of Culture and Venetian Identity Ermanno Serrajotto LV
Minister of Tourism and Mountain Affairs Floriano Pra FI
Minister of Occupation and Local Affairs Raffaele Grazia FI
Minister of Territorial Affairs Antonio Padoin UDC

Source: Veneto Region

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