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2006 AFL draft

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Title: 2006 AFL draft  
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Subject: List of Fremantle Football Club players, Kyle Reimers, Shane Edwards, Aaron Edwards, Andrew Foster (footballer)
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2006 AFL draft

The 2006 AFL draft is a recent national draft of the Australian Football League. The AFL draft is the annual draft of talented players by Australian rules football teams that participate in the main competition of that sport, the Australian Football League.

The 2006 AFL draft is noted as being the second "superdraft" since the draft system's inception, due to the wealth and depth of talent.[1]

The AFL pre-season draft, rookie draft and trade week also occurred during the 2006/07 Australian Football League off-season.


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  • 2007 rookie draft 4
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Player Name Original club New club Traded For
Jason Akermanis Brisbane Lions Western Bulldogs pick #34
Andrew McDougall and pick #34 West Coast Eagles Western Bulldogs pick #29 and #59
Shane Birss Western Bulldogs St Kilda pick #59
Graham Polak, pick #13 and #73 Fremantle Richmond pick #8 and #42
Paul Medhurst and pick #8 Fremantle Collingwood Chris Tarrant
Chris Tarrant Collingwood Fremantle pick #8 and Paul Medhurst
Peter Everitt Hawthorn Sydney Swans pick #33
Michael Gardiner and pick #59 West Coast Eagles St Kilda pick #43
Dean Solomon and pick #52 Essendon Fremantle pick #42 and #47

2006 national draft

The 2006 national draft was held on 25 November 2006. Carlton Football Club had the first selection, choosing Bryce Gibbs from the Glenelg Football Club.[2]

Round Pick Player Recruited from Club
1 1 Bryce Gibbs Glenelg Football Club Carlton
1 2 Scott Gumbleton Peel Thunder Essendon
1 3 Lachlan Hansen Gippsland Power Kangaroos
1 4 Matthew Leuenberger East Perth Football Club Brisbane Lions
1 5 Travis Boak Geelong Falcons Port Adelaide
1 6 Mitchell Thorp Tassie Mariners Hawthorn
1 7 Joel Selwood Bendigo Pioneers Geelong
1 8 Ben Reid Murray Bushrangers Collingwood
1 9 David Armitage Morningside Football Club St Kilda
1 10 Nathan Brown North Ballarat Rebels Collingwood
1 11 Andrejs Everitt Dandenong Stingrays Western Bulldogs
1 12 James Frawley North Ballarat Rebels Melbourne
1 13 Jack Riewoldt Tassie Mariners Richmond
1 14 James Sellar Glenelg Football Club Adelaide
1 15 Daniel O'Keefe Geelong Falcons Sydney
1 16 Mitch Brown North Ballarat Rebels West Coast
Priority 17 Shaun Hampson Mount Gravatt Football Club Carlton
Priority 18 Leroy Jetta South Fremantle Football Club Essendon
2 19 Shaun Grigg North Ballarat Rebels Carlton
2 20 Tom Hislop Tassie Mariners Essendon
2 21 Gavin Urquhart Morningside Football Club Kangaroos
2 22 Albert Proud Mount Gravatt Football Club Brisbane Lions
2 23 Paul Stewart Woodville-West Torrens Port Adelaide
2 24 Brent Renouf Southport Hawthorn
2 25 Nathan Djerrkura Wanderers Football Club Geelong
2 26 Shane Edwards North Adelaide Football Club Richmond
2 27 Brad Howard Redland Australian Football Club St Kilda
2 28 Chris Dawes Sandringham Dragons Collingwood
2 29 Eric MacKenzie Claremont Football Club West Coast
2 30 Ricky Petterd Broadbeach Football Club Melbourne
2 31 Clayton Collard South Fremantle Football Club Fremantle
2 32 Kurt Tippett Southport Adelaide
2 33 Jarryd Morton Claremont Football Club Hawthorn
2 34 Chris Schmidt West Adelaide Football Club Brisbane Lions
3 35 Mark Austin Glenelg Football Club Carlton
3 36 Alwyn Davey South Adelaide Football Club Essendon
3 37 Todd Goldstein Oakleigh Chargers Kangaroos
3 38 James Hawksley Peel Thunder Football Club Brisbane Lions
3 39 Nathan Krakouer Claremont Football Club Port Adelaide
3 40 (F/S) Josh P. Kennedy Sandringham Dragons Hawthorn
3 41 (F/S) Tom Hawkins Sandringham Dragons Geelong
3 42 Bachar Houli Western Jets Essendon
3 43 Tim Houlihan North Ballarat Rebels West Coast
3 44 Brad Dick East Fremantle Football Club Collingwood
3 45 Brennan Stack Perth Football Club Western Bulldogs
3 46 Colin Garland Tassie Mariners Melbourne
3 47 Kyle Reimers Peel Thunder Football Club Essendon
3 48 David Mackay Oakleigh Chargers Adelaide
3 49 Daniel Currie Northern Knights Sydney
3 50 Will Schofield Geelong Falcons West Coast
4 51 Clint Benjamin Claremont Football Club Carlton
4 52 Brock O'Brien Peel Thunder Football Club Fremantle
4 53 Lindsay Thomas Port Adelaide Magpies Kangaroos
4 54 Matt Tyler North Ballarat Rebels Brisbane Lions
4 55 Robbie Gray Oakleigh Chargers Port Adelaide
4 56 Garry Moss East Perth Football Club Hawthorn
4 57 Simon Hogan Geelong Falcons Geelong
4 58 Daniel Connors Bendigo Pioneers Richmond
4 59 Jarryd Allen Calder Cannons St Kilda
4 60 Carl Peterson Claremont Football Club Richmond
4 61 Josh Hill Claremont Football Club Western Bulldogs
4 62 Isaac Weetra Port Adelaide Magpies Melbourne
4 63 Tyson Goldsack Gippsland Power Collingwood
4 64 Nick Gill North Adelaide Football Club Adelaide
4 65 Peter Faulks Calder Cannons Sydney
4 66 Malcolm Lynch NSW/ACT Rams Western Bulldogs
5 67 Joe Anderson Darwin Football Club Carlton
5 68 Pass Essendon
5 69 Ben Warren Zillmere Eagles Football Club Kangaroos
5 70 Sam Sheldon Oakleigh Chargers Brisbane Lions
5 71 Justin Westhoff Central District Football Club Port Adelaide
5 72 Pass Hawthorn
5 73 Andrew Collins Bendigo Pioneers Richmond
5 74 Matthew Ferguson St Kilda Football Club St Kilda
5 75 Pass Collingwood
5 76 Paul O'Shea Redland Australian Football Club Western Bulldogs
5 77 Calib Mourish Towns Football Club, Geraldton Fremantle
5 78 Bryce Campbell Norwood Football Club Adelaide
5 79 Jesse White Southport Sydney
5 80 James Thomson Claremont Football Club West Coast
6 81 Pass Carlton
6 82 Aaron Edwards Frankston Football Club Kangaroos
6 83 Ryan Williams Geelong Falcons Port Adelaide
6 84 Pass Richmond
6 85 Pass St Kilda
7 86 David Rodan Richmond Football Club Port Adelaide
7 87 Pass St Kilda
8 88 Pass Port Adelaide
8 89 Pass St Kilda

2007 pre-season draft

Pick Player Recruited from Club
1 Cain Ackland St Kilda Carlton
2 Mal Michael Brisbane Lions Essendon
3 Ben Ross Gippsland Power Kangaroos
4 Adam Cockshell Norwood Port Adelaide
5 Josh Thurgood Hawthorn Hawthorn
6 Kent Kingsley Geelong Richmond
7 Matthew Clarke Adelaide St Kilda
8 Chris Bryan Carlton Collingwood
9 Cameron Cloke Collingwood Carlton

2007 rookie draft

Pick Player Recruited from Club
1 Sam Jacobs Woodville-West Torrens Carlton:
2 Dean Dick Perth Essendon:
3 Leigh Adams Eastern Ranges Kangaroos
4 Anthony Corrie Brisbane Lions Brisbane
5 Alex Lee Dandenong Stingrays Port Adelaide
6 Brett Collins St Bedes Hawthorn
7 Joel Reynolds Essendon Geelong
8 Tasman Clingan North Ballarat Rebels Richmond
9 Clinton Jones South Fremantle St Kilda
10 Sharrod Wellingham Perth Collingwood
11 Gavin Hughes Norwood Western Bulldogs
12 Daniel Hayes Eastern Rangers Melbourne
13 Chris Smith Mt Gravatt Fremantle
14 Andrew McIntyre North Adelaide Adelaide
15 Nick Smith Oakleigh Chargers Sydney
16 Jamie McNamara East Fremantle West Coast
17 Michael Jamison North Ballarat Carlton
18 Danny Chartres Peel Thunder Essendon
19 Ben Hughes Gippsland Power Kangaroos
20 Scott Clouston Morningside Brisbane
21 Gavin Grose Mt Gravatt Port Adelaide
22 Matthew Suckling Wagga Tigers Hawthorn
23 Liam Bedford Claremont Geelong
24 Jake King Coburg Richmond
25 Luke van Rheenen Scoresby St Kilda
26 Brent Macaffer Gippsland Power Collingwood
27 Jarrod Harbrow Murray Bushrangers Western Bulldogs
28 Andrew Foster East Fremantle Fremantle
29 James Turner South Adelaide Adelaide
30 Matthew O'Dwyer Oakleigh Chargers Sydney
31 Llane Spaanderman East Perth West Coast
32 Ross Young Northern Bullants Carlton
33 Adam Ramanauskas Essendon Essendon
34 Matt Campbell Pioneers Kangaroos
35 Daniel Dzufer Suncoast Lions Brisbane
36 Nathan Batsanis Oakleigh Chargers Port Adelaide
37 Sam Gibson Oakleigh Chargers Hawthorn
38 Jason Davenport Geelong VFL Geelong
39 Robert Eddy Gippsland Power St Kilda
40 Martin Clarke Ireland Collingwood
41 Marty Pask Brisbane Lions Western Bulldogs
42 Darren Rumble Subiaco Fremantle
43 Rhys Archard South Adelaide Adelaide
44 Luke Brennan Hawthorn Sydney
45 Chad Jones Kangaroos West Coast
46 Pass Carlton
47 Tim Hutchison Kangaroos Kangaroos
48 Haydyn Kiel Southport Brisbane
49 Peter Hardy Geelong Falcons Port Adelaide
50 Tom Lonergan Geelong Geelong
51 James Wall Sydney St Kilda
52 Michael West Western Bulldogs Western Bulldogs
53 Benet Copping Fremantle Fremantle
54 Greg Gallman North Adelaide Adelaide
55 Matthew Davis Sydney Sydney
56 Ben Sharp West Coast West Coast
57 Joel Tippett Southport Brisbane
58 Jarryn Geary Bendigo Pioneers St Kilda
59 Earl Shaw Sydney Sydney
60 Ashley Thornton West Coast West Coast
61 Will Hamill Brisbane Lions Brisbane
62 Jayden Attard Brisbane Lions St Kilda
63 Pass Sydney
64 Beau Wilkes West Coast West Coast


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  • 2007 Pre-season draft
  • 2007 Rookie draft
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