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BritBowl is the championship game of the British American Football Association Community Leagues, and formerly the British American Football League (BAFL) in the United Kingdom. It is the most prestigious of the league's three bowl games that constitute BritBowl Weekend. Only teams in the Premier Division of BAFL are eligible to compete in BritBowl. The lower divisions have their own championship games.

To mark its 20th anniversary, Roman numerals were introduced to identify the game. The 2006 Championship became known as BritBowl XX. The previous nineteen championship games were redesignated as BritBowl I to BritBowl XIX respectively.

Since BritBowl XX the winning team has been presented with the Boston Trophy. The current champions are London Warriors, who defeated London Blitz 10-8 in BritBowl XXVIII on 14 September 2014, recording their second consecutive BritBowl success in the process. BritBowl XXVIII was a repeat of BritBowl XXVII, with London Warriors also winning on that occasion.

BritBowl Championships

BritBowl Year Date Winning Team Result Losing Team Venue MVP
XXIX 2015 5 September 2015 *London Warriors 20-19 London Blitz Allianz Park, London Ian Jacquet
XXVIII 2014 14 September 2014 *London Warriors 10-8 London Blitz John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds Samuel Obi
XXVII 2013 5 October 2013 *London Warriors 26-23 London Blitz John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds Romaine Jackson
XXVI 2012 26 August 2012 *London Blitz 37-21 London Warriors Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield Fred Boyle
XXV 2011 24 September 2011 *London Blitz 18-0 London Warriors Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London Fred Boyle
XXIV 2010 18 September 2010 *London Blitz 34-20 Coventry Cassidy Jets Sixways Stadium, Worcester Pete Sochart
XXIII 2009 27 September 2009 *London Blitz 26-7 Coventry Cassidy Jets Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster Gareth Dauley
XXII 2008 21 September 2008 *Coventry Cassidy Jets 33-32 London Blitz Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster Dax Michelena
XXI 2007 23 September 2007 *London Blitz 14-6 Coventry Cassidy Jets Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield Lennox Johnson
XX 2006 *London Olympians 45-30 London Blitz Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield Michael Andrew
XIX 2005 *London O's 21-19 Personal Assurance Knights Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
XVIII 2004 *Personal Assurance Knights 28-14 London O's Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
XVII 2003 *London O's 35-7 East Kilbride Pirates Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
XVI 2002 *London O's 42-15 Personal Assurance Knights Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
XV 2001 *London O's 37-20 East Kilbride Pirates Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
XIV 2000 *London O's 34-26 Birmingham Bulls Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield
XIII 1999 *London O's 9-6 Birmingham Bulls Saffron Lane Stadium, Leicester
XII 1998 *London O's 20-0 Sussex Thunder Saffron Lane Stadium, Leicester
XI 1997 Redbridge Fire 26-7 Nottingham Caesars Saffron Lane Stadium, Leicester
X 1996 Leicester Panthers 10-6 Milton Keynes Pioneers Saffron Lane Stadium, Leicester
IX 1995 Birmingham Bulls 34-30 London O's Norman Green Stadium, Solihull
VIII 1994 *Streatham Olympians 24-23 Birmingham Bulls Saffron Lane Stadium, Leicester
VII 1993 Bournemouth Buccaneers 42-34 Bedford Bombardiers Saffron Lane Stadium, Leicester
VI 1992 Clydesdale Colts 30-26 Farnham Knights Saffron Lane Stadium, [[
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