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Corpus Catholicorum

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Title: Corpus Catholicorum  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Defence of the Seven Sacraments, Jerome Emser, Mary Ward (nun)
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Corpus Catholicorum

The Corpus Catholicorum (Corp. Cath., CCath., CC) is a collection of sixteenth century writings by the leading proponents and defenders of the Roman Catholic Church against the teachings of the Protestant reformers.

The full title of the series is: Corpus Catholicorum: Werke katholischer Schriftsteller im Zeitalter der Glaubensspaltung i.e. Body of Catholic [writings]: Works of Catholic authors in the Time of the Splitting of the Faith.

The series, intended as a counterpart to the

List of volumes in the Corpus Catholicorum

  • Vol. 1, Dr. Joseph Greving, S.J., ed., Münster in Westfalen, 1919, Verlag der Aschendorffeschen Verlagsbuchhandlung - [1]
    • [2]
  • Vol. 2, Johannes Metzler, S.J. ed., Münster in Westfalen, 1921 - HathiTrust. [3]
    • Johannes Eck, Epistola de Ratione Studiorum Suorum (1538)
    • Erasmus Wolph, De Orbitu Ioan. Eckii Adversus Calumniam Viti Theodorici (1543)
  • Vol. 3. Joseph Schweizer, ed., Munster in Westfalen, 1920.
    • , (1523),
  • Vol. 4, Dr. Franz Xaver Thurnhofer, ed., Munster in Westfalen, 1921 - HathiTrust. [4]
    • Jerome Emser (Hieronymus Emser), De disputatione Lipsicensi, quantum ad Boemos obiter deflexa est, (1519)
    • A Venatione Luteriana Aegocerotis Assertio, (1519)
  • Vol. 5, Dr. Ulrich Schmidt [5]
    • Kaspar Schatzgeyer O. F. M., Scrutinium Divinae Scripturae pro conciliatione dissidentium dogmatum (1522).
  • Vol. 34. Pierre Fraenkel, ed., Münster in Westfalen, Aschendorff, 1979.
    • [6]
  • Vols. 45-48: Mary Ward und ihre Gründung: Die Quellentexte bis 1645 (Mary Ward and Her Foundation. The Source Texts to 1645), 4 vols, 2007, Sr. Ursula Dirmeier, CJ, ed., Münster 2007.
  • Vol. 45 (Band 1), [7]
  • Vol. 46 (Band 2), [8]
  • Vol. 47 (Band 3), [9]
  • Vol. 48 (Band 4) [10]



  • Joseph Greving, Plan für ein Corpus Catholicorum (Sonderabdruck aus der Theologischen Revue, Jahrgang. 14, i.e. printed separately from the Theological Review, vol. 14, Nr. 17/18), Aschendorffsche Verlagsbuchhandlung, [1916], Münster in Westphalen [11]
  • Joseph Greving, Johann Eck als junger Gelehrter. Eine literar- und dogmengeschichtliche Untersuchung über seinen Chrysopassus praedestinationis aus dem Jahre 1514,Aschendorff, [1906], Münster in Westphalen.[12]
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