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Dawid Wdowiński

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Title: Dawid Wdowiński  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Warsaw Ghetto, Zionists, Irgun, Jewish resistance under Nazi rule, American writers
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Dawid Wdowiński

Dawid (David) Wdowiński (1896–1970) was a Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Before World War II, Wdowiński was a chairman of the Revisionist Zionism party in Poland. Together with many Jews in the Polish Army and Polish Jewish political leaders (Dawid Apfelbaum, Józef Celmajster, Henryk Lifszyc, Kałmen Mendelson, Paweł Frenkel and Leon Rodl), he founded the ŻZW group in the Warsaw Ghetto.[1] He was never a military commander, serving instead as political head of the ŻZW. In 1963 he published his memoir, in which he told about his involvement with the ŻZW and the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.[2]

After the war, accounts of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising were filtered through former members of the left-leaning socialist movements, including the Zionists, saw them as the Jewish ebodiminent of Fascism."[5] Wdowiński candidly noted the pro-Soviet political orientation of the leftist Jews: "The second, the confused political orientation, was largely because many Jewish leaders were reared in the spirit of the Russian Revolution, and they thought they could translate the ideas of the class struggle into Zionist terms."[6] Wdowisnki was fiercely opposed to any Jewish reconciliation with Germans and Germany and this theme pervades his memoirs as well as his correspondence.[7]


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