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Eadberht of Selsey

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Title: Eadberht of Selsey  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Eolla, Osric of Sussex, Eadberht, Bishops of Selsey, Brihthelm
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Eadberht of Selsey

Bishop of Selsey
See Diocese of Selsey
Appointed c. 705
Term ended between 716 and 731
Predecessor new foundation
Successor Eolla
Consecration between 709 and 731
Personal details
Died between 716 and 731
Denomination Catholic

Eadberht of Selsey (died circa 716) was an abbot of Selsey Abbey, later promoted to become the first Bishop of Selsey, though neither the date of his consecration nor of his death are known.[1] He was consecrated sometime between 709 and 716, and died between 716 and 731.[2] Wilfrid has occasionally been regarded as a previous bishop of the South Saxons, but this is an insertion of his name into the episcopal lists by later medieval writers, and Wilfrid was not considered the bishop during his lifetime or Bede's.[3][4]

As abbot Eadberht received, around 700, a grant of land from Bryni, Ealdorman of Sussex, that was witnessed by Kings Nothelm of Sussex and Watt of Sussex.[5]

In a

Catholic Church titles
New title
new foundation
Bishop of Selsey
flourished around 715
Succeeded by
  • Prosopography of Anglo Saxon England entry for Eadberht

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Eadberht also appears as a witness to an undated charter of Nothelm, together with Osric and Eolla. The charter can be approximately dated to some point between about 705 and 717.[11] Eadberht last appearance is as a witness to a confirmation, dated 716, of a charter of Wihtred, King of Kent.[12]


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