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European Parliament election, 2009 (Denmark)


European Parliament election, 2009 (Denmark)

Denmark European Parliament election, 2009

7 June 2009
13 seats to the European Parliament

The European Parliament election of 2009 in Denmark was the election of the delegation from Denmark to the European Parliament on June 7, 2009. The number of Danish MEPs elected was 13 (previously it was 14). The election was held simultaneously with a referendum on changing the Danish Act of Succession.


Election posters at Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

All Danish parties which were represented in the European Parliament announced they would take part in the election. These were the Social Democrats, Venstre (Liberal Party), Conservative People's Party, June Movement, Socialist People's Party, Danish People's Party, Social Liberal Party and the People's Movement against the EU.

As in the last election, several electoral coalitions were agreed to before the vote. The Social Democrats sided with the Social Liberal Party and the Socialist People's Party, while Venstre teamed up with the Conservative People's Party and Liberal Alliance. EU-critics JuniBevægelsen and the People's Movement against the EU were also in a coalition, meaning that the only party not in a coalition was the Danish People's Party.[1]

Under the Danish electoral code for European Parliament elections, parties that surpassed the 2% threshold in the last Folketing elections may also take part in the European elections, should they wish so.


  Summary of the June 2009 European Parliament election results[2]
Parties and coalitions Votes Seats
Symbol Name (Danish name) European party No. % ±% No. ±
A Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne) PES 503,439 21.49 -11.1 4 -1
V Liberals (Venstre, Danmarks Liberale Parti) ELDR 474,041 20.24 +0.8 3 ±0
F Socialist People's Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti) EGP observer 371,603 15.87 +7.8 2 +1
O Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti) AEN 357,942 15.28 +8.5 2 +1
C Conservative People's Party (Det Konservative Folkeparti) EPP 297,199 12.69 +1.3 1 ±0
N People's Movement against the EU (Folkebevægelsen mod EU) none (GUE/NGL group) 168,555 7.20 +2.2 1 ±0
B Danish Social Liberal Party (Det Radikale Venstre) 100,094 4.27 -2.2 0 -1
J June Movement (JuniBevægelsen) 55,459 2.37 -6.8 0 -1
I Liberal Alliance (Liberal Alliance) 13,796 0.59 N/A 0 N/A
Valid votes 2,268,688 96.86
Blank and invalid votes 73,440 3.14
Totals 2,342,128 100.00 13 1
Electorate (eligible voters) and voter turnout 4,059,385 57.70

Turnout figure includes blank and invalid votes, but these are excluded from the total.

The final list of MEP were determined by a recount of votes on individual politicians:[3]

Popular vote

After the election, both head of the June Movement Keld Albrechtsen[4] and lead kandidate Hanne Dahl[5] announced that they intended to disband the movement after failing to obtain a seat at the election.

Opinion polls

Source Date SD V SF K DF FM EU RV JB LA Undecided
[1] March 26–1 April 26.4% 22% 17.4% 12.1% 12% 4% 3.9% 2.2% n.a. -
[2] May 22 27.9% 24.4% 13.4% 11.8% 8.6% 6.3% 4.4% 3.2% n.a. -
[3] May 29 26.5% 23.5% 12.1% 13.6% 10.2% 5.3% 4.5% 3.8% 0.5% -
[4], [5] June 5 24.1% 23.3% 15.8% ? 12% 11.8% 5.2% 3.7% 3.5% ? -
[6] June 6 22.6% 22.4% 15.5% 12.3% 6.7% 6.5% 3.8% 2.9% 0.6% -


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