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Feliks Ankerstein

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Title: Feliks Ankerstein  
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Subject: List of guerrillas, List of Polish people, Edmund Charaszkiewicz, History of Polish intelligence services, Independent Operational Group Silesia
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Feliks Ankerstein

Feliks Józef Ankerstein (1897 – ? 1955) was a Polish Army major and intelligence officer.[1]


Ankerstein served during World War I in the Polish Legions and the Polish Military Organization, and after the war in the Polish Army. He participated in the Silesian Uprisings.[2]

He became an officer in the General Staff's Section II (the intelligence section), serving as deputy to the chief of its Office 2, Edmund Charaszkiewicz (1929–39), and as a member of the secret K-7 organization (Komitet Siedmiu, "Committee of Seven")[3] that supervised certain covert operations.[4]

He was engaged in covert operations from September 16, 1928, including the 1938 annexation of Zaolzie[5] and operations conducted in autumn 1938 in collaboration with Hungary in Carpathian Rus.[6][7][8]

After the invasion of Poland in September 1939, Ankerstein worked in Section II's Office (Ekspozytura) "R" in Romania. He later made his way to London, where he reportedly about 1940 entered the service of British intelligence.[9]

After the war, he remained abroad.[10]

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