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Greenwich and Lewisham (London Assembly constituency)

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Title: Greenwich and Lewisham (London Assembly constituency)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: London Assembly, London Assembly election, 2004, Len Duvall, Lewisham, Charlton, London
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Greenwich and Lewisham (London Assembly constituency)

Greenwich and Lewisham
Territorial constituency for the London Assembly
Greenwich and Lewisham shown within London
Created 2000 (2000)
Number of members One
Member Len Duvall
Party Labour
Last election 2012
Next election 2016

Greenwich and Lewisham is a constituency represented in the London Assembly.

It consists of the combined area of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the London Borough of Lewisham.


  • Overlapping constituencies 1
  • Assembly Members 2
  • Election results 3
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Overlapping constituencies

In elections to Westminster it is traditionally strong Labour-voting area, with all constituencies returning Labour MPs. Greenwich and Lewisham contains all of the following UK Parliament constituencies:

Additionally, it contains part of the following two constituencies:

Assembly Members

Year Member Party
2000 Len Duvall Labour

Election results

London Assembly election, 2012: Greenwich and Lewisham[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Len Duvall 65,366 49.6 +13.4
Conservative Alex Wilson 27,329 20.7 -4.5
Green Roger Sedgley 12,427 9.4 -1.2
Liberal Democrat John Russell 9,393 7.1 -5.3
Lewisham People Before Profit Barbara Raymond 6,873 5.2 N/A
UKIP Paul Oakley 4,997 3.8 +1.1
BNP Roberta Woods 3,551 2.7 N/A
National Front Tess Culnane 1,816 1.4 -4.4
Majority 38,037
Total formal votes 131,752 98.6
Informal votes 1,907 1.4
Turnout 133,659 37.2 -5.8
London Assembly election, 2008: Greenwich and Lewisham[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Len Duvall 53,174 36.2 +2.9
Conservative Andy Jennings 37,040 25.2 +4.8
Liberal Democrat Brian Robson 18,174 12.4 –5.2
Green Sue Luxton 15,607 10.6 +0.2
National Front Tess Culnane 8,509 5.8 N/A
Christian (Christian Peoples) Stephen Hammond 5,079 3.5 +0.2
UKIP Arnold Tarling 3,910 2.7 –9.7
Left List Jennifer Jones 2,045 1.4 N/A
English Democrats Joanna Munilla 1,716 1.2 N/A
Socialist Alternative Chris Flood 1,587 1.1 N/A
Majority 16,134 11.0 –1.9
Turnout 149,238 43.0 +10.0
Labour hold Swing –1.0
London Assembly election, 2004: Greenwich and Lewisham[3]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Len Duvall 36,251 33.3 –9.2
Conservative Gareth Bacon 22,168 20.4 –3.2
Liberal Democrat Alexander Feakes 19,183 17.6 +0.5
UKIP Timothy Reynolds 13,454 12.4 N/A
Green Susan Luxton 11,271 10.4 –2.1
Christian Peoples Stephen Hammond 3,619 3.3 N/A
Respect Ian Page 2,825 2.6 N/A
Majority 14,083 12.9 –6.1
Turnout 108,771 33.0 +4.0
Labour hold Swing
London Assembly election, 2000: Greenwich and Lewisham[4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Len Duvall 40,386 42.6 N/A
Conservative Rhodri Harris 22,401 23.6 N/A
Liberal Democrat David Buxton 16,290 17.2 N/A
Green Terry Liddle 11,839 12.5 N/A
London Socialist Ian Page 3,981 4.2 N/A
Majority 17,985 19.0 N/A
Turnout 94,697 29.0 N/A
Labour hold Swing


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