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Hed Artzi

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Title: Hed Artzi  
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Hed Artzi

Hed Arzi
Founded 1946
Founder Zvi Levin
Country of origin Israel
Location Tel Aviv
Official website

Hed Arzi Music (Hebrew: הד ארצי‎, meaning: The Echo of My Country / My Country's Echo; the name can also be spelled as Hed Artzi or Hed Artsi, sometimes using a hyphen), is an Israeli music company that is involved with producing music, importing albums from abroad, and distributing Israeli and international music. Hed Arzi is one of the largest and most veteran companies in Israel, and many major artists work with it.

Besides its involvement in music, the company also imports and distributes multimedia products, such as computer games and videos.


The company was founded in Tel Aviv in 1946 as a partnership of Zvi Levin (also known as Hirsch Lewin) with Josef Grossman, Alexander Borowitz and Ephraim Ruttenberg. Mr. Levin was an emigrant from Berlin where he owned until early 1930s a bookshop and recording label Semer. Started operating in September 1947, managed by Ephraim Felix Rzeczynski. Hed-Arzi was the oldest recording company in Israel (followed by Makolit in Jaffa, Tslil in Tel-Aviv and others[1]).

Originally the company produced 78 rpm grammophone records (including re-issues of Semer recodings), the most popular among which were Agala Vesoussa and Bab El-Wad by Yaffa Yarkoni as well as Kalaniot and Ani Mitzfat by Shoshana Damari. In 1951, company started building a plant in Ramat-Gan. In 1955, the first LP was manufactured (6 songs of Shoshana Damari).[2] In 1958, it recorded its first stereo record and was considered "the biggest and most modern record manufacturer in the Near East with steady increasing export activities to nearly 30 countries" [3] or the "leading distributor and manufacturer in Israel".[4] Until 1960, the company has produced over 1250 titles of conventional records, about 700 records 7" in diameter and over 320 LP records; its income was $25,000 a year.[5] In late 1961, the company issued a documentary LP Echoes of the Eichmann trial.[6]

In 1980, 50% share was sold to Modi’in Publishing House, ltd. (the parent company of the newspaper Maariv), since 1993 owned by Israel Land Development Company, ltd.

Since 2008, ownership is held by NMC United (owner of NMC Music).

Notable artists

External links

  • Official site (Hebrew)
  • List of some of Hed-Arzi recordings, with photos of their labels


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