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Heywood (UK Parliament constituency)

Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
1885 (1885)1918 (1918)
Number of members one

Heywood was a county constituency in the county of Lancashire of the House of Commons for the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Created by the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885, it was represented by one Member of Parliament. The constituency was abolished in 1918.

Boundaries and History

This area had previously been represented as part of the South East Lancashire multi-seat division. The Redistribution of Seats Act 1885 divided the former constituency into eight new single-member seats, one of which was designated South-East Lancashire, Heywood Division.[1]

The constituency comprised the Municipal Borough of Heywood, the cotton town of Ramsbottom, and a number of surrounding townships, namely: Ainsworth, Ashworth, Pilkington, Tottington Higher End and the rural part of the parish of Spotland.[2]

The constituency was mostly industrial but it included some agriculture. The town of Heywood was the most Liberal part of the constituency, having an engineering-based economy; Ramsbottom was more marginal politically. The countryside element of the constituency was Conservative inclined. Overall the division was Liberal 1885-1895, Liberal Unionist 1895-1904 and after a change of allegiance by the sitting MP was Liberal again from 1904 until the constituency was abolished in 1918.

The constituency adjoined Westhoughton to the west, Rossendale to the north, Middleton and Rochdale to the east as well as Radcliffe-cum-Farnworth, Bury, and another part of the Middleton constituency to the south.

The Representation of the People Act 1918 abolished this constituency. The successor seat was Heywood and Radcliffe.

Members of Parliament

Election Member Party
1885 Isaac Hoyle Liberal
1892 Thomas Snape Liberal
1895 George Kemp Liberal Unionist
1904 Liberal
1906 Sir Edward Hopkinson Holden, Bt Liberal
Jan 1910 Harold Thomas Cawley Liberal
1915 by-election Albert Holden Illingworth Liberal
1918 constituency abolished: see Heywood and Radcliffe




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