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House of Montoire

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Title: House of Montoire  
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Subject: Arthur II, Duke of Brittany, List of counts and dukes of Vendôme, Catherine of Vendôme
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House of Montoire

The House of Montoire, started with Nihard, Lord of Montoire. Later, through the marriages of Plaisante de Montoire and Helvise Doubleau, the possessions of Mondoubleau and Fréteval Langeais were added. The manor of Mondoubleau and, following the marriage of Pierre II de Montoire and Agnès de Vendôme, the county of Vendôme became part of the House of Montoire.

House of Montoire

Nihard (+ 1059), seigneur de Montoire[1]

Plaisante of Montoire[2]

  • 1)Married, Eudes I of Doubleau (+1057), seigneur de Montdoubleau,
  • 2)Married, Aubry de Nouatre (+1072), seigneur de Montoire

Hugues II Doubleau (+1065), seigneur de Montdoubleau,[3] son of Plaisante

Helvise Doubleau,[4] daughter of Hugues II

  • 1)Married, Payen de Fréteval (+1044), seigneur de Fréteval[5]
  • 2)Married, Hamelin II de Langeais (+1108), seigneur de Langeais and de Montoire,[6] son of Gautier de Langeais, Viscount of Le Mans and Vendôme

1)Hildebert Payen, seigneur de Montdoubleau[7] son of Payen of Freteval.

  • Married Aia.

2)Peter I of Montoire (+1135), seigneur de Montoire,[8] son of Hamelin II.

  • Married, Ada

Philip de Montoire, seigneur de Montoire,[9] son of Peter I.

  • 1)Married, Aénor
  • 2)Married Laetitia, Lady of Savonières[10]

Peter II, seigneur de Montoire, son of Philip of Montoire and Laetitia.

John IV (+1230), seigneur de Montoire, Count of Vendôme, son of Peter II.

  • Married, Eglantine

Peter (+1249), Count of Vendôme,[12] son of John IV.

  • Married, Jeanne de Mayenne (+1246)

Bouchard V (1225+1271), Count of Vendôme, son of Peter.

  • Married, Marie de Roye[13]

Jean V (1250+1315), Count of Vendôme, son of Bouchard V.

Bouchard VI (1290+1354), Count of Vendôme and Lord of Castres,[15] son of John V.

  • Married in 1320, Alix de Dreux

Jean VI (+1364), Count of Vendôme and Lord of Castres, son of Bouchard VI.

Catherine de Vendôme (+1412), Countess of Vendôme and Castres, daughter of John VI.

===>Counts of Vendôme through the House of Bourbon-La Marche

Bouchard VII (+1371), Count of Vendôme and Castres, son of John VI.

  • Married, Isabelle of Bourbon (+1371)

Jeanne de Vendôme (+1372), Countess of Vendôme and Castres, daughter of Bouchard VII.



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