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Iso 3166-2:ru

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Title: Iso 3166-2:ru  
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Iso 3166-2:ru

ISO 3166-2:RU is the entry for codes for some of the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1. ISO 3166-2:RU contains no codes for the Russian-administered Republic of Crimea and Federal City of Sevastopol, which are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine and do have codes in Ukraine's entry in ISO 3166-2.

Currently for Russia, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for the following federal subjects:

Each code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen. The first part is RU, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of Russia. The second part is either of the following:

  • two letters: republics
  • three letters: all other subdivisions


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Current codes

Subdivision names are listed as in the ISO 3166-2 standard published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA).

  • Subdivision name 1 — Romanization system: BGN/PCGN 1947
  • Subdivision name 2 — Romanization system: GOST 1983

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Code Subdivision name 1 Subdivision name 2 Subdivision category
RU-AD Adygeja, Respublika republic
RU-AL Altaj, Respublika republic
RU-BA Baškortostan, Respublika republic
RU-BU Burjatija, Respublika republic
RU-CE Čečenskaja Respublika republic
RU-CU Čuvašskaja Respublika republic
RU-DA Dagestan, Respublika republic
RU-IN Ingušetija, Respublika republic
RU-KB Kabardino-Balkarskaja Respublika republic
RU-KL Kalmykija, Respublika republic
RU-KC Karačajevo-Čerkesskaja Respublika republic
RU-KR Karelija, Respublika republic
RU-KK Hakasija, Respublika republic
RU-KO Komi, Respublika republic
RU-ME Marij Èl, Respublika republic
RU-MO Mordovija, Respublika republic
RU-SA [Yakutiya] Saha, Respublika [Jakutija] republic
RU-SE Severnaja Osetija-Alanija, Respublika republic
RU-TA Tatarstan, Respublika republic
RU-TY [Tuva] Tyva, Respublika [Tuva] republic
RU-UD Udmurtskaja Respublika republic
RU-ALT Altajskij kraj administrative territory
RU-KAM Kamčatskij kraj administrative territory
RU-KHA Habarovskij kraj administrative territory
RU-KDA Krasnodarskij kraj administrative territory
RU-KYA Krasnojarskij kraj administrative territory
RU-PER Permskij kraj administrative territory
RU-PRI Primorskij kraj administrative territory
RU-STA Stavropol'skij kraj administrative territory
RU-ZAB Zabajkal'skij kraj administrative territory
RU-AMU Amurskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-ARK Arhangel'skaja oblast' administrative region
RU-AST Astrahanskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-BEL Belgorodskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-BRY Brjanskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-CHE Čeljabinskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-IRK Irkutskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-IVA Ivanovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KGD Kaliningradskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KLU Kalužskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KEM Kemerovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KIR Kirovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KOS Kostromskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KGN Kurganskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-KRS Kurskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-LEN Leningradskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-LIP Lipetskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-MAG Magadanskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-MOS Moskovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-MUR Murmanskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-NIZ Nižegorodskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-NGR Novgorodskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-NVS Novosibirskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-OMS Omskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-ORE Orenburgskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-ORL Orlovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-PNZ Penzenskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-PSK Pskovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-ROS Rostovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-RYA Rjazanskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-SAK Sahalinskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-SAM Samarskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-SAR Saratovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-SMO Smolenskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-SVE Sverdlovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-TAM Tambovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-TOM Tomskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-TUL Tul'skaja oblast' administrative region
RU-TVE Tverskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-TYU Tjumenskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-ULY Ul'janovskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-VLA Vladimirskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-VGG Volgogradskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-VLG Vologodskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-VOR Voronežskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-YAR Jaroslavskaja oblast' administrative region
RU-MOW Moskva autonomous city
RU-SPE Sankt-Peterburg autonomous city
RU-YEV Evrejskaja avtonomnaja oblast' autonomous region
RU-CHU Čukotskij avtonomnyj okrug autonomous district
RU-KHM Hanty-Mansijskij avtonomnyj okrug-Jugra autonomous district
RU-NEN Nenetskij avtonomnyj okrug autonomous district
RU-YAN Jamalo-Nenetskij avtonomnyj okrug autonomous district


The following changes to the entry have been announced in newsletters by the ISO 3166/MA since the first publication of ISO 3166-2 in 1998:

Newsletter Date issued Description of change in newsletter Code/Subdivision change
Newsletter I-1 2000-06-21 Introduction of alternative name forms for 2 republics. Correction of a spelling mistake in the name of 1 autonomous district
Newsletter I-7 2005-09-13 Add local language name to the title Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug. Update of list source
Newsletter I-8 2007-04-17 Modification of the administrative structure Subdivisions added:
RU-PER Permskiy kray
Subdivisions deleted:
RU-PER Permskaya oblast'
RU-KOP Komi-Permyatskiy avtonomnyy okrug
Newsletter I-9 2007-11-28 Update and use of long forms of country names as given in Draft NL I-8 538, 22-02-2007 and formation of Permskiy kray after amalgamation Subdivisions added:
RU-KAM Kamchatskiy kray
Subdivisions deleted:
RU-KAM Kamchatskaya oblast'
RU-EVE Evenkiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug
RU-KOR Koryakskiy avtonomnyy okrug
RU-TAY Taymyrskiy avtonomnyy okrug
Newsletter II-2 2010-06-30 Update of the administrative structure and of the list source Subdivisions added:
RU-ZAB Zabaykal'skiy kray
Subdivisions deleted:
RU-CHI Chitinskaya oblast'
RU-AGB Aginskiy Buryatskiy avtonomnyy okrug
RU-UOB Ust'-Ordynskiy Buryatskiy avtonomnyy okrug

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