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Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory

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Title: Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory  
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Subject: Antisemitism, Antisemitic canard, Jewish deicide, Religious antisemitism, Allahdad
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Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory

German poster from 1935 saying, "World politics – World revolution. Freemasonry is an international organisation beholden to Jewry with the political goal of establishing Jewish domination through world-wide revolution."
French revolution: before and after: satirical drawing by French draftsman Caran d'Ache, 1898, in the middle of the Affaire Dreyfus and the foundation of Action Française. Although the Ancien Régime is not shown as idyllic, the contemporary situation is shown as an increase of oppression, which technical improvements (notice the ploughshare) don't lighten, and to which financial capitalism (the banker with his top hat and his wallet), the francmason (with his set square and plumb line) and the Jew (with a curved nose) are contributors.[1]
Catholic France driven by Jews and Freemasons, drawing by Achille Lemot in Le Pèlerin, 1902.
"The aryan breaking the chains of Judeo-Masonry, drawing of 1897 in a book by Augustin-Joseph Jacquet, France

The Judeo-Masonic conspiracy is a conspiracy theory[2] involving an alleged secret coalition of Jews and Masons. These theories were popular on the reactionary right, particularly in France,[3] Russia, and Eastern Europe, with similar allegations still being published.

Elders of Zion

The Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory merges two older strains of conspiracy claims: Anti-Masonic conspiracy claims and Anti-Semitic conspiracy claims. It was heavily influenced by publication of the [4] Adherents of the Judeo-Masonic conspiracy took the claim made by the Protocols to extremes and claimed that the leaders of Freemasonry and the leaders of the Jewish plot were one and the same.[3]

"Conceptual influence"

According to Dr. Danny Keren (a member of the Department of Computer Science at Haifa University), the "conceptual inspiration" of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was the 1797 treatise, Napoleon Bonaparte's liberal policy toward the Jews, calling attention to the alleged part of the Jews in the conspiracy he had earlier attributed to the Masons. This myth of an international Jewish conspiracy reappeared later on in 19th century Europe in places such as Germany and Poland."[5]

According to the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon website: "While it is both simplistic and specious to lay the responsibility for the French Revolution at the door of Freemasonry, there is no question that freemasons, as individuals, were active in building, and rebuilding, a new society. Considering the large number of bodies claiming masonic authority, many men identified today as freemasons were probably unaware of each other’s masonic association and clearly cannot be seen as acting in concert. Yet they did share certain beliefs and ideals."[6]

French Masonry of the time was exclusive, denying initiation to Jews, along with many other classes of people.[6]

Barry Domvile, and The Link

The founder of a British pro-Nazi association, 'The Link',[7] retired Admiral Sir Barry Domvile coined the title "Judmas" for the alleged Judeo-Masonic conspiracy.[8] Domvile claimed that the "activities of Judmas are confined to a small section of both Jews and Masons: the large majority have no idea of the work undertaken behind the façade of Judmas."[9] Domvile alleged that "the aim of these international Jews is a World state kept in subjection by the power of money, and working for its Jewish masters"[10] and that "Masonry is the executive partner for the conduct of Jewish policy."[11]

Domvile said that he first started thinking about a Jewish-Masonic theory as a result of Hitler.[9] Domvile referred both to [11]

Post-Soviet Russia

The Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theories found new currency among the various marginal political forces in post-Soviet [12][15][16] An opinion poll conducted in Moscow ca. 1990 has shown that 18% of Moscow residents believed that there is Zionist conspiracy against Russia and further 25% did not exclude such a possibility.

Link to the Bilderberg group

Contemporary conspiracy theorists, who hew to theories centered on the Bilderbergers and an alleged impending New World Order, often draw upon older concepts found in the Jewish-Masonic conspiracy theory, frequently blaming the Rothschild family or "international bankers".[17] Because of the use of themes and tropes traditionally viewed as anti-semitic, these contemporary conspiracy theorists tend to draw the ire of groups sensitive to anti-semitic terminology, such as the Anti-Defamation League.[17]

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