List of Central African Republican films

The following is a list of African films. It is arranged alphabetically by country of origin.



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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1980 The Gods Must Be Crazy Jamie Uys comedy the first of the The Gods Must Be Crazy film series
1989 The Gods Must Be Crazy II Jamie Uys comedy part of the The Gods Must Be Crazy film series

Burkina Faso


Year Title Director Genre Notes
Ni nde?
1980 Ni-Ni
1992 Gito l'ingrat
2010 Mugisha


Cape Verde

Year Title Director Genre Notes
1988 Os Flagelados do Vento Leste (film) António Faria
1994 Longshots
1996 Ilhéu da Contenda
1997 O Testamento do Senhor Napumoceno
1998 Fintar o Destino
2000 Amílcar Cabral
2005 Siza, l'architecte et la vieille ville
2006 A Ilha dos Escravos

Central African Republic

Year Title Director Genre Notes
1981 Un homme est un homme
1985 Lengue Léonie Yangba Zowe documentary short
1985 Nzale
1985 Yangba bolo
2003 Le Silence de la forêt


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Congo, Democratic Republic of

Main article: Cinema of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Congo, Republic

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Year Title Director Genre Notes
Dagmay Hiwet
Fetihe do KimrAweki
Hidrido hadar
Siqta semayat
2001 White Hotel Dianne Griffin, Tobi Solvang documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
Selanchi romantic comedy
1972 Child of Resistance
1972 Hour Glass Hour Glass
1975 Gouma
1975 Mirt Sost Shi Amit
1976 Mirt Sost Shi Amit (also known as Harvest: 3,000 Years)
1978 Wilmington 10—U.S.A. 10,000
1979 Bush Mama Haile Gerima drama
1982 Ashes and Embers Haile Gerima drama
1985 After Winter: Sterling Brown
1993 Sankofa Haile Gerima drama
1994 Imperfect Journey Haile Gerima documentary
1995 Ye Wonz Maibel
1997 Blood Is Not Fresh Water Theo Eshetu documentary
1997 Gir-gir
1999 Adwa Haile Gerima documentary
2003 Mogzitwa
2006 Menged
2007 Thirteen Months of Sunshine
2008 Aldewolem
2008 Teza Haile Gerima drama



Year Title Director Genre Notes
1993 Sankofa Haile Gerima drama


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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1984 Fanado
1986 N'tturudu
1988 Mortu Nega Flora Gomes historical drama
1992 Udju Azul di Yonta
1994 Xime
1995 A Mascara
1996 Po di Sangui

Ivory Coast

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Year Title Director Genre Notes
1995 The Word Universe: A Journey to West Africa


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1972 Lorsque le destin s'acharne
1975 Al Tariq
1976 Al-Risâlah
1976 Mohammad, Messenger of God
(also known at The Message)
Moustapha Akkad biographical adventure drama
1976 Pustinjska ladja
1977 Les Ambassadeurs Naceur Ktar drama
1981 Lion of the Desert Moustapha Akkad biographical war drama
2007 The Last Jews of Libya Vivienne Roumani-Denn documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1974 Very Remby
1980 Fitampoha
1983 Dahalo, Dahalo
1987 Ilo Tsy Very
1987 Le Prix de la paix
1988 Tabataba
1989 Angano... Angano...
1996 Quand les étoiles rencontrent la mer
2004 Souli Alexander Abela drama
2005 Mahaleo


Year Title Director Genre Notes
2003 Lifecycles: A Story of AIDS in Malawi Sierra Bellows, Doug Karr documentary


Main article: List of Malian films






Year Title Director Genre Notes
1969 An Argument About a Marriage
1971 Baobab Play
1971 Bitter Melons
1989 Red Scorpion Joseph Zito action adventure
2000 Leni Riefenstahl im Sudan
2001 Diamonds and Rust Adi Barash, Ruthie Shatz documentary
2001 Imiti ikula
2001 Uno's World
2004 Bonnie's Momentum
2007 Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation Charles Burnett drama




Year Title Director Genre Notes
1986 Manirafashwa
1987 Rwanda, les collines de l'effort
2001 100 Days Nick Hughes drama
2003 Histoire de tresses
2004 Gardiens de la mémoire
2005 Sometimes in April Raoul Peck historical drama war television film
2007 Ikigeragezo cy' ubuzima
2007 Munyurangabo
2008 Ikigeragezo cy' ubuzima 2
2008 Kanyombya
2010 Ay'urukundo
2010 The Impact Peter Karanganwa Drama
2010 Kanyombya 2
2010 Mayibobo
2011 Amapingu y'urukundo
2011 Gibraltar documentary
2011 Zirara zishya Habyarimana charles Drama/comedy

São Tomé and Príncipe

Sierra Leone

Year Title Director Genre Notes
2000 Cry Freetown Sorious Samura documentary

2005 Blood Diamond Edward Zwick documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1961 Love Does Not Know Obstacles Hussein Mabrouk
1984 The Somali Darwish Said Salah
1987 Geedka nolosha Abdulkadir Ahmed Said
1992 La Conchiglia Abdulkadir Ahmed Said
2003 Rajo Abdisalam Aato
2006 Xaaskayga Araweelo Abdisalam Aato

South Africa


Year Title Director Genre Notes
2005 God Grew Tired of Us Christopher Dillon Quinn, Tommy Walker documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
2001 Maangamizi: The Ancient One Martin Mhando, Ron Mulvihill drama
2003 Bongoland Josiah Kibira
2005 Maisha Mapya
2006 Johari


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1972 Kouami
1979 Au rendez-vous du rêve abêti
1986 The Blooms of Banjeli
1988 Bawina
1991 Ashakara Gérard Louvin
1994 Femmes aux yeux ouverts Anne-Laure Folly documentary
1996 Les Oubliées Anne-Laure Folly documentary
1999 Sarah Maldoror ou la nostalgie de l'utopie Anne-Laure Folly documentary
2002 Le Dilemme d'Eya Sanni Assouma Adjike



Year Title Director Genre Notes
2001 ABC Africa Abbas Kiarostami documentary
2006 Invisible Children short documentary
2007 Divizionz

Western Sahara

Year Title Director Genre Notes
1976 Sahara Occidental indépendance ou génocide? Collective direction documentary link
1992 Goulili dis-moi ma Soeur Collective direction documentary
1999 Lalia Silvia Munt short film
2003 Cuentos de la Guerra Saharaui Pedro Pérez Rosado drama
2011 Wilaya Pedro Pérez Rosado drama
2012 La Badil (No Other Choice) Dominic Brown short documentary
2012 Sons of the Clouds: The Last Colony Alvaro Longoria documentary


Year Title Director Genre Notes
1987 La Vie est belle
1990 Burndown
1992 Le Crapaud chez ses beaux-parents
1994 Perle noire
1996 Le Damier
1996 Macadam tribu


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