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List of Dacian kings

This article lists rulers of Thrace and Dacia, and includes Thracian, Paeonian, Celtic, Dacian, Scythian, Persian or Ancient Greek up to the point of its fall to the Roman empire, with a few figures from Greek mythology.



Tribal kings





It should be noted that Thracian kings (and some of the Getae[27]) were the first to be Hellenized.[28] Odrysian kings though called Kings of Thrace never exercised sovereignty over all of Thrace.[29] Control varied according to tribal relationships.[30]

Astaean line

Thrace became a client state of Rome in 11 BC.



Getic and Dacian

Herodotus called the Getae "the noblest as well as the most just of all the Thracian tribes."

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  • The Histories, translated by G. C. Macaulay, Barnes & Noble, Inc., 2004.

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