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List of Deputy Lieutenants of Wiltshire

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Title: List of Deputy Lieutenants of Wiltshire  
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Subject: Wiltshire, Matthew Arundell, Damson Brook, River Og, River Key
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List of Deputy Lieutenants of Wiltshire

Caricature of Lord Henry Frederick Thynne by Leslie Ward, 1877

This is a list of Deputy Lieutenants of Wiltshire.

Unlike the appointment of High Sheriff, which is for one year, the term of office of a Deputy Lieutenant comes to an end only when the Lord Lieutenant changes. However, in practice the title of Deputy Lieutenant is usually held for life, as new Lord Lieutenants rarely make changes.

16th century appointments

17th century appointments

18th century appointments

  • John Baskerville, of Turleigh, Bradford-on-Avon (died 1800)

19th century appointments

Caricature of Lord Arthur Somerset DL, 1887

20th century appointments

1946 appointments

1968 appointments

1974 appointments

1979 appointments

1983 appointments

1990 appointments

1993 appointments

1996 appointments

1998 appointments

  • Mr John Barnard Bush (born 1937), Fullingbridge Farm, Heywood, Westbury[10]
  • Mr Charles Giles Clarke, Holt Manor, Holt[10]
  • Mrs Anna Ruth Grange, Thornhill Farm, Malmesbury[10]
  • Mr Patrick John Wintour, Weavers House, Bromham, Chippenham[10]

1999 appointments

2000 appointments

2002 appointments

2003 appointments

2004 appointments

2006 appointments

2007 appointments

2009 appointments

  • Sir Michael Edward Pitt, Garden Cottage, Foxley, Malmesbury[18]
  • The Hon. Peter John Pleydell-Bouverie, Newcourt, Downton, Salisbury[18]
  • Mrs Margaret Madeline Wilks, Box Cottage, North Newnton, Pewsey[19]

2011 appointments


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