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List of South Korean flags

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Title: List of South Korean flags  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: List of Korean flags, National symbols of South Korea, List of flags of Kenya, List of Falkland Islands flags, List of flags of Latvia
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List of South Korean flags

This is a list of flags used in South Korea, during from 1945 to the present.

National flags

Flag Date Use Description
August 15, 1948 – October 15, 1949 Civil and state flag and ensign of the First Republic of South Korea. This flag was designed by the first National Assembly.
October 15, 1949 – October 1997 Civil and state flag and ensign of the First Republic of South Korea. This flag was designed by the Ministry of Education and Culture in October 1949. The exact colors were not specified.
October 1997 – present Civil and state flag and ensign of the 6th Republic of South Korea. In October 1997, the South Korean government officially specified the exact colors to be used on the flag via presidential decree.

National government flags

Flag Date Use Description
1967 – present Presidential Standard Two phoenixes taking golden Hibiscus syriacus under their wings
1988 – present Standard of the prime minister Golden Hibiscus syriacus inlaid in symbolic Hibiscus syriacus insignia
1988 – present Flag of the national government Symbolic Hibiscus syriacus insignia, inlaid with the words 정부 (RR:jeongbu, MR:chŏngbu), or "the national government"

Military flags

Flag Date Use Description
1946 – present Flag of the army Insignia of the army on a field parted per fess; above is white, below is blue.
1955 – present Naval jack (maritime flag) Taegeuk on crossed anchors in a white canton on a blue field
1951 – present Flag of the marine corps The similarity with the flag of the United States Marine Corps shows the strong influence of the United States since the creation of South Korean armed forces.
1951 – 2005 Old roundel of the air force Used until the 2000s
2005 – present Roundel of the air force Used after the 2000s

Korean coast guard flags

Flag Date Use Description
2005 – present Flag of the Korea Coast Guard This flag has three diagonal lines of red, yellow, and blue.

Historical flags

Flag Date Use Description
1946 – 1996 Old flag of Seoul The circle in the center of the emblem represents a street and the octagonal symbol stands for the eight mountains surrounding Seoul.


Flag Date Use Description
1976 – 1979 Flag of the South Korean People's Front Preparation Committee Similar to the flag of North Korea

Provincial-level division flags

Flag Name Geocode Description
Busan KR-26 Flag of Busan since March 28, 1995
North Chungcheong Province KR-43 Flag of North Chungcheong Province
South Chungcheong Province KR-44 Flag of South Chungcheong Province
Daegu KR-27 Flag of Daegu since October 10, 1996
Daejeon KR-30 Flag of Daejeon
Gangwon KR-42 Flag of Gangwon Province
Gwangju KR-29 Flag of Gwangju
Gyeonggi Province KR-41 Flag of Gyeonggi Province since 2006
North Gyeongsang Province KR-49 Flag of North Gyeongsang Province
South Gyeongsang Province KR-49 Flag of South Gyeongsang Province
Incheon KR-28 Flag of Incheon
Jeju KR-49 Flag of Jeju Province since July 2006
North Jeolla Province KR-45 Flag of North Jeolla Province
South Jeolla Province KR-46 Flag of South Jeolla Province
Sejong City KR-50 Flag of Sejong City
Seoul KR-11 Flag of Seoul
Ulsan KR-31 Flag of Ulsan

North Korean provincial flags

Following are flags of the five Korean provinces located entirely north of the Military Demarcation Line according to the South Korean government, as it formally claims to be the sole legitimate government of the whole of Korea.
Flag Name Geocode Description
North Hamgyeong Province -
Flag of North Hamgyeong Province of South Korea
South Hamgyeong Province -
Flag of South Hamgyeong Province of South Korea
Hwanghae Province -
(KP-05 and KP-06)
Flag of Hwanghae Province of South Korea
North Pyeongan Province -
Flag of North Pyeongan Province of South Korea
South Pyeongan Province -
Flag of South Pyeongan Province of South Korea

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