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List of Taiwanese flags

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Title: List of Taiwanese flags  
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Subject: Flags of Asia, Taiwan-related lists, Flags, List of cultural flags, List of USSR navy flags
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List of Taiwanese flags

The flag of the Republic of China, the entity currently in control of Taiwan.

Taiwan has been controlled by various governments and has been associated with various flags throughout its history. Since 1945, the Republic of China controls the island; thus the flag most commonly associated with it is the Flag of the Republic of China. Since Taiwan makes up almost 100% of the ROC's territory, the country is usually referred to as Taiwan.


  • National flags 1
  • Political divisions 2
    • Special municipalities 2.1
    • Provincial cities 2.2
    • Counties 2.3
  • Military flags 3
  • Other state flags 4
  • Non-state flags 5
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National flags

Political divisions

Below are the flags used in the political divisions of Taiwan.

Special municipalities

Flag Duration Use Description
Kaohsiung City
New Taipei City
2008– Taichung City
2010– Tainan City
2010- Taipei City
Taoyuan City

Provincial cities

Flag Duration Use Description
Chiayi City
Hsinchu City
Keelung City


Flag Duration Use Description
Changhua County
Chiayi County
Hsinchu County
Hualien County
Kinmen County
Lienchiang County
Miaoli County
Nantou County
Penghu County
Pingtung County
Taitung County
Yilan County
Yunlin County

Military flags

Flag Duration Use Description
Flag of the Republic of China Army (formerly National Revolutionary Army) The Blue Sky with a White Sun with a red border.
Republic of China Navy Identical to the Kuomintang flag (see below).
Republic of China Air Force
Republic of China Marine Corps
Republic of China Military Police

Other state flags

Flag Duration Use Description
1979– Chinese Taipei's Olympic flag. The ROC is recognized as "Chinese Taipei" in the Olympics, due to the political status of Taiwan.
1929– Standard of the President of the Republic of China
1947–1986 Standard of the Vice President of the Republic of China Abolished with Act of Ensign of the Republic of China Navy (海軍旗章條例) on Jan. 3rd, 1986.
1929–1966 Civil Ensign of the Republic of China Four serrated yellow stripes are added to the flag of the Republic of China for use as a civil ensign at sea. Present civil ensign is national flag.

Non-state flags

Flag Duration Use Description
1895– Kuomintang flag (shared as the Naval Jack of the nation). The "Blue Sky with a White Sun", 12 rays of the sun represent progressive ideals.
1986– Democratic Progressive Party flag.
Taiwan Solidarity Union flag.

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