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List of flags of Lithuania

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Title: List of flags of Lithuania  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Flag of Lithuania, Presidential Standard, Coat of arms of Klaipėda, List of flags of Kenya, List of flags of Latvia
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List of flags of Lithuania

The following is a list of flags of Lithuania.

National flag and State flag

Flag Date Use Description
2004–present National flag and civil ensign Current version adopted in 2004. Ratio: 3:5
2004–Present State flag (historical) The flag displays the national emblem in a banner form, flag was adopted in 2004. Ratio: 3:5

Governmental flags

Flag Date Use Description
1993–Present Presidential standard The State Emblem charged in the center on a purple background. Ratio: 5:6
?–Present Defence Minister White flag with the national flag in canton and a circular badge showing the stylized Columns of Gediminas on a red field in the center. Ratio: 1:2

Military flag

Flag Date Use Description
?–Present Armed Forces Flag . Ratio: 1:1
?–Present Army Flag . Ratio: 2:3
?–Present Airforce Flag White flag charged with the State flag in the canton and with stylized azure wings and double cross of Jogaila family in lower right quarter. The cross of Jogaila family is white bordered with two black bends. Ratio: 1:2
1992–Present Naval ensign White with a dark blue St. George-style cross throughout and the Lithuanian tricolor in the canton. Ratio: 1:2
1992–Present Naval jack White with a circular badge showing the stylized Columns of Gediminas on a red field, with a dark blue anchor behind the badge. Ratio: 1:2
1992–Present The Flag of Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces White flag with the national tricolour in the canton and three sixpointed stars set in rasing diagonal in the fly half. The stars are sixpointed segmented with black lines and with white border fimbriated with red
1992–Present Chief of Staff's Flag Flag similar to CinC Armed Forces, but with two stars only.
1992–Present Commander Naval Armed Forces Flag similar to CinC Armed Forces, but with a single star only.
?–Present Brigade Commander's flag Pennat consisting of the national flag at hoist and tapering swallow-tailed white part at fly, continuing two red stars (of the same shape as in the previous flags) next to each other. Ratio: 1:5
?–Present Division Commander Same as Brigade Commander's flag, but with single star. Ratio: 1:5
?–Present Group Commander Same as Brigade Commander's flag, but without the stars. Ratio: 1:5
?–Present Masthead Pennant Rectangular pennant with swallow-tail, national tricolour at hoist (1:4) and blue fly. Total flag ratio: 1:20

Historical flags

Flag Date Use Description
1988–2004 State flag and civil ensign Ratio: 1:2
1953–1988 Flag of the Lithuanian SSR
1944–1953 Soviet occupation (Lithuanian SSR)
1941–1944 German occupation
1940 August 3 - 1941 Soviet occupation from 3 July 1940 till 22 June 1941 (Lithuanian SSR)
1918–1940 State flag and civil ensign of Kingdom of Lithuania
17th century Royal Banner of Poland–Lithuania
15th century Royal Banner of Lithuania

County flags

Each county of Lithuania has adopted a flag, each of them conforming to a pattern: a blue rectangle, with ten instances of the Cross of Vytis appearing in gold, acts as a fringe to the central feature of the flag, which is chosen by the county itself. Most of the central designs were adapted from the counties' coat of arms.

Flag Date Use Description
2004–Present Alytus County
2004–Present Kaunas County
2004–Present Klaipėda County
2004–Present Marijampolė County
2004–Present Panevėžys County
2004–Present Šiauliai County
2004–Present Tauragė County
2004–Present Telšiai County
2004–Present Utena County
2004–Present Vilnius County

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