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List of glaciers of Iceland

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Title: List of glaciers of Iceland  
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Subject: Economy of Iceland, Glaciers of Iceland, LGBT history in Iceland, Banking in Iceland, Northeastern Region (Iceland)
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List of glaciers of Iceland

The glaciers and ice caps of Iceland cover 11.1% of the land area of the country (about 11,400 km² out of the total area of 103,125 km²) and have a considerable impact on its landscape and meteorology. An ice cap is a mass of glacial ice that covers less than 50,000 km² of land area covering a highland area and they feed outlet glaciers. Glaciers are also contributing to the Icelandic economy, with tourists flocking to the country to see glaciers on snowmobiles and on glacier hiking tours.[1]

Many Icelandic ice caps and glaciers lie above volcanoes, such as Grímsvötn and Bárðarbunga, which lie under the largest ice cap, Vatnajökull. The caldera of Grímsvötn is 100 km² in area, and Bárðarbunga is 60 km².

When volcanic activity occurs under the glacier, the resulting meltwater can lead to a sudden glacial lake outburst flood, known in Icelandic as jökulhlaup,[2] but jökulhlaups are most often caused by accumulation of meltwater due to geothermal activity underneath the glacier. Such jökulhlaups have occasionally triggered volcanic eruptions through the sudden release of pressure.

Iceland is losing ice due to

  • National Land Survey of Iceland : Icelandic Statistics (Original source of area figures)
  • Elevations of some glaciers
  • Geographic Names of Iceland's Glaciers: Historic and Modern

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These 13 largest glaciers have an aggregate area of 11,181 km² (out of about 11,400 km² for all glaciers of Iceland).

Glacier or Ice Cap Area
1 Vatnajökull 8,300 3,100[5] 2,109.6
2 Langjökull 953 195[5] 1,360
3 Hofsjökull 925 208[6] 1,765
4 Mýrdalsjökull 596 140[7] 1,493
5 Drangajökull 160   925
6 Eyjafjallajökull 78   1,666
7 Tungnafellsjökull 48   1,535
8 Þórisjökull 32   1,350
9 Eiríksjökull 22   1,672
10 Þrándarjökull 22   1,236
11 Tindfjallajökull 19   1,462
12 Torfajökull 15   1,190
13 Snæfellsjökull 11   1,446
1-13 largest glaciers 11,181   2,109.6  

Largest glaciers by surface area


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The Icelandic word for glacier is jökull.


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