List of lakes of the United Kingdom

The list of Lakes and lochs of the United Kingdom is a link page for the lakes of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), including lochs fully enclosed by land.

Lakes in Scotland are called lochs, in Northern Ireland it is spelt loughs but said the same way, and in Wales a lake is a Llyn . Note that the words, loch and lough, in addition to referring to bodies of freshwater (lakes), are also applied to bodies of brackish water or seawater, which in other countries or contexts may be called fjord, firth, strait, estuary, bay etc.

These lists are made more complicated by the fact that many of the largest lakes in England and Wales are man-made reservoirs, or lakes whose size has been increased by damming.

Largest water bodies in the United Kingdom

This table includes the ten largest fresh water bodies by area. Lough Neagh is the largest water body in the UK by this measure, although Loch Ness is the largest by volume and contains nearly double the amount of water in all the lakes of England and Wales combined.[1] Loch Morar is the deepest of the UK's lakes and Loch Awe the longest. Murray and Pullar (1910) note that the mean depth of Loch Ness is 57.4% of the maximum depth - higher than in any other large deep loch in Scotland.[2] The deepest lake in England is Wastwater which descends to 76 metres (249 ft).

Name Location Area (mi²) Area (km²) Volume (km³) Length (km) Max. depth (m) Mean depth (m)[3]
Lough Neagh Northern Ireland 147.87 383[4] 3.528 30 25 9
Lower Lough Erne Northern Ireland 42.28 109.5[5] 1.3[6] 29[7] 62[6] 11.9[5]
Loch Lomond Scotland 27.45 71 2.6 36 190 37[8]
Loch Ness Scotland 21.78 56 7.45 39 230 132[2]
Upper Lough Erne Northern Ireland 13.3 34.5[5] <0.35 19[7] <60[7] 2.3[5]
Loch Awe Scotland 14.85 39 1.2 41 94 32 [9]
Loch Maree Scotland 11.03 28.6 1.09 20 114 38[10]
Loch Morar Scotland 10.3 27 2.3 18.8 310 87[11]
Loch Tay Scotland 10.19 26.4 1.6 23 150 60.6[12]
Loch Shin Scotland 8.7 22.5 0.35 27.8 49 15.5[13]

Largest lakes in England

Lake Area (sq mi)
Windermere 5.69
Ullswater 3.44
Bassenthwaite Lake 2.06
Derwent Water 2.06

Largest lakes in Wales

Lake Area (sq mi)
Lake Bala 1.69

Largest reservoirs in the United Kingdom

Lake Area (sq mi) Location
Rutland Water 4.86 England
Kielder Water 4.25 England
Lake Vyrnwy 3.18 Wales
Pitsford Water 2.85 England
Grafham Water 2.85 England
Chew Valley Lake 1.88 England
Trawsfynydd 1.84 Wales
Carron Valley 1.51 Scotland
Haweswater 1.50 England
Derwent Reservoir 1.44 England
Llyn Brenig 1.44 Wales
Thirlmere 1.25 England
Llyn Celyn 1.25 Wales
Llyn Alaw 1.21 Wales

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  • Murray, Sir John and Pullar, Laurence (1910) Bathymetrical Survey of the Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland, 1897-1909. London; Challenger Office.
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