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London station group


London station group

Tickets to "London"

The London station group is a ring of 18 railway stations served by the National Rail network in central London. Most are terminal stations, although a few are through-stations (that includes those with a combination of terminal and through platforms). Each of these stations is part of a notional "common location" to which tickets from stations outside that group are issued. The station group is rendered on tickets as London Terminals.[1]

All current stations in the group fall within London fare zone 1. The large number of terminal stations is explained by the refusal of Parliament to allow railway lines to enter the centre of London in the 19th century, causing them to form a ring, connected by underground railways.[2] The majority of the larger stations managed by Network Rail are in the group.[3]


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Group members

As of 2016, the group comprises:[1][4]

Former members

Station statistics

Station Image Location Coordinates Managed
National services Annual entry/exit (millions)[7] Open
Platforms Category
2006/7 2007/8 2008/9 2009/10 Terminal Through
Blackfriars City of London Thameslink NW, N, S, SE Thameslink, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport 11.852 12.440 12.959 12.089 1886 2 2 A
Cannon Street City of London Network Rail[3] SE Kent and East Sussex 21.106 22.045 21.646 20.229 1866 7 0 A
Charing Cross Westminster Network Rail[3] SE Kent and East Sussex 34.779 36.294 36.660 36.460 1864 6 0 A
City Thameslink City of London Thameslink NW, N, S, SE Thameslink, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport 5.479 5.370 5.294 5.163 1988 0 2 C
Euston Camden Network Rail[3] NW West Coast Main Line 25.585 28.739 31.179 30.068 1837 18 0 A
Fenchurch Street City of London Network Rail[3] E Southend-on-Sea 15.189 15.976 16.576 15.093 1841 4 0 A
Kings Cross Camden Network Rail[3] N East Coast Main Line 22.504 23.945 24.641 24.818 1852 12 0 A
Liverpool Street City of London Network Rail[3] E, NE East of England, Stansted Airport 55.266 57.790 56.198 51.596 1874 18 0 A
London Bridge Southwark Network Rail[3] S, SE, NW Kent, East Sussex, Gatwick Airport 47.577 50.602 49.901 48.723 1836 9 6 A
Marylebone Westminster Chiltern Railways NW Birmingham 11.639 11.559 11.645 11.758 1899 6 0 A
Moorgate City of London London Underground N Hertfordshire 9.236 10.109 9.374 6.737 1865 2 0 E
Old Street Islington London Underground N Hertfordshire 0.734 0.813 0.828 1.372 1901 0 2 E
Paddington Westminster Network Rail[3] W Great Western Main Line, Heathrow Airport 27.259 26.521 32.697 29.104 1854 14 0 A
St Pancras Camden Network Rail,[3] HS1 Ltd. and Eurostar International Limited[8] N, NW, S, SE Midland Main Line, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, High Speed 1 (Kent), Eurostar (Belgium and France) 5.777 6.624 19.326 18.020 1868 13 2 A/C
Vauxhall Lambeth South West Trains SW South West England 10.469 15.420 14.582 13.890 1848 0 10 B
Victoria Westminster Network Rail[3] S, SE, SW Kent, Sussex, Gatwick Airport 66.749 70.854 70.157 70.224 1862 19 0 A
Waterloo Lambeth Network Rail[3] SW South West England 89.993 91.452 88.548 86.397 1848 22 0 A
Waterloo East Lambeth Southeastern S, SE Kent and East Sussex 6.329 6.537 6.675 6.714 1869 0 4 B

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  • ^a for Thameslink from the north only[1]
  • ^b for Thameslink from the south only[1]
  • ^c does not include London Underground
  • ^d from 2008/2009, King's Cross Thameslink passengers are grouped with St Pancras. In addition, full Eurostar services began from St Pancras on 9 December 2007.
  • ^e international and domestic category A; Thameslink category C[9]


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