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This is a list of the 658 Members of Parliament (MPs) elected to the House of Commons of the 11th Parliament of the United Kingdom at the 1832 general election, held over several days from 8 December 1832 to 8 January 1833.

A total of 401 constituencies returned members. 153 constituencies returned one member each; 240 constituencies returned two members each; 7 constituencies returned 3 members each; and one constituency returned 4 members.


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1832 was the first general election in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland after the Representation of the People Act 1832 (commonly known as the "Reform Act 1832" or the "Great Reform Act") had introduced wide-ranging changes to the electoral system. The Act disenfranchised many small towns (some of which were known as rotten boroughs), reduced the number of MPs elected by some of the remaining boroughs, and created 65 new seats for the counties and 65 new seats for parliamentary boroughs.

The Act also increased the number of individuals entitled to vote, allowing a total of one out of six adult males to vote, but included the first statutory bar to women voting. The franchise was subsequently extended in several steps over the next century, culminating in the Representation of the People (Equal Franchise) Act 1928, which allowed all adult men and women to vote.

Not all constituencies actually voted. Where the number of candidates did not exceed the number of seats, members were returned unopposed; this was the case for 189 of the 658 members returned.[1]

Explanatory notes


The list of MPs records those MPs listed in the London Gazette as having been "returned to serve in the new Parliament". It does not include those subsequently elected in by-elections.

Where the election of an MP was subsequently overturned as a result of an election petition, the relevant entry in the list is shown in italics, and a footnote added to explain the circumstances. For a list of results which were overturned, see below: overturned elections.


The party labels for MPs in this period should be treated with caution.

The source for party affiliation of MPs for constituencies in England, Scotland and Wales is F. W. S. Craig's British Parliamentary election results 1832–1885. Craig does not distinguish between Liberals, Radicals and Whigs, labeling them all as "Liberal". Similarly, Craig does not distinguish between those who described themselves as Conservatives and those described as Tory, labeling them all as "Conservative". That convention has been followed in this list, with one variation: the label "Tory" has been used for Conservatives and Tories, because the term "Conservative" was not officially adopted by the party until 1834. Craig's volume covers only two years before that date, and 51 years after it, so "Conservative" is the more appropriate term for the period as a whole; but for 1832, it is an anachronism.

Craig warns that party affiliations in the period were fluid and cannot always be accurately assessed, and that some candidates could have been equally well described as either "Liberal" or "Conservative". [2]

Walker's Parliamentary election results in Ireland, 1801–1922 is the source for the party affiliations of the MPs for constituencies in Ireland. Walker also uses the labels "Liberal" and "Conservative", but warns that they are an "over-simplification", noting that until 1868 neither term was used consistently by contemporaries.[3]

A number of Irish MPs have been labelled as "Repeal", referring to the Repeal Association. Walker assigned this label to MPs who "signed the repeal pledge, advocated it at this election, or supported repeal measures in the ensuing parliament".[3]

Types of constituency

There were three types of constituency, each with different arrangements for the franchise:

  • Counties, which covered the whole of a county. In some cases they were divided into two or more divisions
  • University constituencies, which had no geographical basis. Their electorate comprised the graduates of the university
  • Parliamentary boroughs, known in Scotland as burghs, which comprised a town and in some cases some areas outside the town boundaries.
    • Districts of burghs (in Scotland) and districts of boroughs (in Wales) were a type of borough constituency in which several boroughs jointly elected one Member of Parliament. The areas were not geographically contiguous, and in some cases the boroughs were in different counties

List of MPs elected

Liberal Party

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Constituency Seats Type Country County Member Party
Aberdeen[4] 1 Burgh Scotland Aberdeenshire Alexander Bannerman Liberal
Aberdeenshire[4] 1 County Scotland Aberdeenshire Capt. William Gordon Tory
Abingdon[5] 1 Borough England Berkshire Thomas Duffield Tory
Andover[6] 2 Borough England Hampshire Henry Arthur Wallop Fellowes Liberal
Andover [6] 2 Borough England Hampshire Ralph Etwall Liberal
Anglesey[7] 1 County Wales Anglesey Sir Richard Williams-Bulkeley, Bt Liberal
Antrim[8] 2 County Ireland Antrim John Bruce Richard O'Neill Tory
Antrim [8] 2 County Ireland Antrim Earl of Belfast Liberal
Argyllshire[9] 1 County Scotland Argyllshire James Henry Callander Liberal
Armagh[10] 1 Borough Ireland Armagh Leonard Dobbin Liberal
County Armagh[11] 2 County Ireland Armagh Viscount Acheson Liberal
County Armagh [11] 2 County Ireland Armagh William Verner Tory
Arundel[12] 1 Borough England Sussex Lord Dudley Stuart Liberal
Ashburton[13] 1 Borough England Devon William Stephen Poyntz Liberal
Ashton-under-Lyne[14] 1 Borough England Lancashire George Williams Liberal
Athlone[11] 1 Borough Ireland Westmeath & Roscommon James Talbot Liberal
Aylesbury[5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire Henry Hanmer Liberal
Aylesbury [5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire William Rickford Tory
Ayr Burghs[15] 1 District Scotland Ayrshire Thomas Francis Kennedy Liberal
Ayrshire[16] 1 County Scotland Ayrshire Richard Oswald Liberal
Banbury[8] 1 Borough England Oxfordshire Henry William Tancred Liberal
Bandon[17] 1 Borough Ireland Cork William Smyth Bernard Tory
Banffshire[9] 1 County Scotland Banffshire George Ferguson Tory
Barnstaple[18] 2 Borough England Devon John Chichester Liberal
Barnstaple [18] 2 Borough England Devon Charles St John Fancourt Tory
Bath[12] 2 Borough England Somerset John Arthur Roebuck Liberal
Bath [12] 2 Borough England Somerset Charles Palmer Liberal
Beaumaris[7] 1 District Wales Anglesey Frederick Paget Liberal
Bedford[4] 2 Borough England Bedfordshire Samuel Crawley Liberal
Bedford [4] 2 Borough England Bedfordshire William Henry Whitbread Liberal
Bedfordshire[4] 2 County England Bedfordshire Lord Charles Russell Liberal
Bedfordshire [4] 2 County England Bedfordshire William Stuart Tory
Belfast[8] 2 Borough Ireland Antrim James Emerson Tennent Liberal
Belfast [8] 2 Borough Ireland Antrim Lord Arthur Chichester Liberal
Berkshire[5] 3 County England Berkshire Robert Throckmorton Liberal
Berkshire [5] 3 County England Berkshire Robert Palmer Tory
Berkshire [5] 3 County England Berkshire John Walter Liberal
Berwickshire[4] 1 County Scotland Berwickshire Charles Albany Marjoribanks Liberal
Berwick-upon-Tweed[19] 2 Borough England Northumberland Sir Rufane Shaw Donkin Liberal
Berwick-upon-Tweed [19] 2 Borough England Northumberland Sir Francis Blake, Bt Liberal
Beverley[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Hon. Charles Langdale Liberal
Beverley [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Henry Burton-Peters Liberal
Bewdley[16] 1 Borough England Worcestershire Sir Thomas Winnington, Bt Liberal
Birmingham[20] 2 Borough England Warwickshire Thomas Attwood Liberal
Birmingham [20] 2 Borough England Warwickshire Joshua Scholefield Liberal
Blackburn[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire William Feilden Liberal
Blackburn [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire William Turner Liberal
Bodmin[9] 2 Borough England Cornwall William Peter Liberal
Bodmin [9] 2 Borough England Cornwall Samuel Thomas Spry Liberal
Bolton[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Robert Torrens Liberal
Bolton [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire William Bolling Tory
Boston[20] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire John Wilks Liberal
Boston [20] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Benjamin Handley Liberal
Bradford[22] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Ellis Cunliffe Lister Liberal
Bradford [22] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West John Hardy Liberal
Brecon[6] 1 Borough Wales Breconshire John Lloyd Vaughan Watkins Liberal
Breconshire[6] 1 County Wales Breconshire Thomas Wood Tory
Bridgnorth[10] 2 Borough England Shropshire Robert Pigot Tory
Bridgnorth [10] 2 Borough England Shropshire Thomas Charlton Whitmore Tory
Bridgwater[12] 2 Borough England Somerset William Tayleur Liberal
Bridgwater [12] 2 Borough England Somerset Charles Kemeys Tynte Liberal
Bridport[13] 2 Borough England Dorset Henry Warburton Liberal
Bridport [13] 2 Borough England Dorset John Romilly Liberal
Brighton[12] 2 Borough England Sussex Isaac Newton Wigney Liberal
Brighton [12] 2 Borough England Sussex George Faithfull Liberal
Bristol[19] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire/Somerset Sir Richard Vyvyan, Bt Liberal
Bristol [19] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire/Somerset James Evan Baillie Liberal
Buckingham[5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire Sir Harry Verney, Bt Liberal
Buckingham [5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire Sir Thomas Fremantle, Bt Tory
Buckinghamshire[5] 3 County England Buckinghamshire Marquess of Chandos Tory
Buckinghamshire [5] 3 County England Buckinghamshire John Smith Liberal
Buckinghamshire [5] 3 County England Buckinghamshire Sir George Dashwood, Bt Liberal
Bury[14] 1 Borough England Lancashire Richard Walker Liberal
Bury St Edmunds[20] 2 Borough England Suffolk Lord Charles FitzRoy Liberal
Bury St Edmunds [20] 2 Borough England Suffolk Earl Jermyn Tory
Buteshire[9] 1 County Scotland Buteshire Charles Stuart Tory
Caernarvon Boroughs[23] 1 District Wales Caernarvonshire Sir Charles Paget [24] Liberal
Caernarvonshire[23] 1 County Wales Caernarvonshire Thomas Assheton Smith Tory
Caithness[9] 1 County Scotland Buteshire/Caithness George Sinclair Liberal
Calne[23] 1 Borough England Wiltshire Earl of Kerry Liberal
Cambridge[4] 2 Borough England Cambridgeshire George Pryme Liberal
Cambridge [4] 2 Borough England Cambridgeshire Thomas Spring Rice Liberal
Cambridge University[4] 2 University England Cambridgeshire Henry Goulburn Tory
Cambridge University [4] 2 University England Cambridgeshire Charles Manners-Sutton Tory
Cambridgeshire[4] 3 County England Cambridgeshire Richard Greaves Towneley Tory
Cambridgeshire [4] 3 County England Cambridgeshire Charles Yorke Liberal
Cambridgeshire [4] 3 County England Cambridgeshire John Walbanke Childers Liberal
Canterbury[25] 2 Borough England Kent Richard Watson Liberal
Canterbury [25] 2 Borough England Kent Viscount Fordwich Liberal
Cardiff District[4] 1 District Wales Glamorganshire John Iltyd Nicholl Tory
Cardigan District[4] 1 District Wales Cardiganshire Pryse Pryse Liberal
Cardiganshire[4] 1 County Wales Cardiganshire William Edward Powell Tory
Carlisle[23] 2 Borough England Cumberland William James Liberal
Carlisle [23] 2 Borough England Cumberland Philip Henry Howard Liberal
Carlow[17] 1 Borough Ireland Carlow Nicholas Aylward Vigors Irish Repeal
County Carlow[17] 2 County Ireland Carlow Walter Blackney Irish Repeal
County Carlow [17] 2 County Ireland Carlow Thomas Wallace Liberal
Carmarthen Boroughs[10] 1 District Wales Carmarthenshire William Yelverton Liberal
Carmarthenshire[26] 2 County Wales Carmarthenshire Hon. George Rice-Trevor Tory
Carmarthenshire [26] 2 County Wales Carmarthenshire Edward Hamlyn Adams Liberal
Carrickfergus[11] 1 Borough Ireland Antrim Conway Richard Dobbs [27] Tory
Cashel[11] 1 Borough Ireland Tipperary James Roe Irish Repeal
Cavan[10] 2 County Ireland Cavan Henry Maxwell Tory
Cavan [10] 2 County Ireland Cavan Sir John Young, Bt Tory
Chatham[12] 1 Borough England Kent William Leader Maberly Liberal
Cheltenham[21] 1 Borough England Gloucestershire Hon. Craven Berkeley Liberal
Cheshire Northern[14] 2 County England Cheshire Hon. Edward Stanley Liberal
Cheshire Northern [14] 2 County England Cheshire William Egerton Tory
Cheshire Southern[14] 2 County England Cheshire George Wilbraham Liberal
Cheshire Southern [14] 2 County England Cheshire Earl Grosvenor Liberal
Chester[28] 2 Borough England Cheshire John Jervis Liberal
Chester [28] 2 Borough England Cheshire Lord Robert Grosvenor Liberal
Chichester[16] 2 Borough England Sussex Lord Arthur Lennox Liberal
Chichester [16] 2 Borough England Sussex John Abel Smith Liberal
Chippenham[23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Joseph Neeld Tory
Chippenham [23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire William Fox Talbot Liberal
Christchurch[6] 1 Borough England Hampshire George William Tapps [29] Tory
Cirencester[21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Joseph Cripps Tory
Cirencester [21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Lord Apsley Tory
Clackmannans and Kinross[15] 1 County Scotland Clackmannanshire Sir Charles Adam Liberal
Clare[17] 2 County Ireland Clare William Nugent Macnamara Liberal
Clare [17] 2 County Ireland Clare Cornelius O'Brien Liberal
Clitheroe[21] 1 Borough England Lancashire John Fort Liberal
Clonmel[11] 1 Borough Ireland Tipperary Dominick Ronayne Irish Repeal
Cockermouth[20] 2 Borough England Cumberland Fretchville Dykes Liberal
Cockermouth [20] 2 Borough England Cumberland Henry Aglionby Liberal
Colchester[16] 2 Borough England Essex Richard Sanderson Tory
Colchester [16] 2 Borough England Essex Daniel Whittle Harvey Liberal
Coleraine[11] 1 Borough Ireland Londonderry Sir John Beresford, Bt [30] Tory
Cork City[17] 2 Borough Ireland Cork Daniel Callaghan Liberal
Cork City [17] 2 Borough Ireland Cork Herbert Baldwin Irish Repeal
County Cork[17] 2 County Ireland Cork Feargus O'Connor Irish Repeal
County Cork [17] 2 County Ireland Cork Garrett Standish Barry Irish Repeal
Cornwall Eastern[9] 2 County England Cornwall Sir William Molesworth, Bt Liberal
Cornwall Eastern [9] 2 County England Cornwall William Salusbury-Trelawny Liberal
Cornwall Western[9] 2 County England Cornwall Sir Charles Lemon, Bt Liberal
Cornwall Western [9] 2 County England Cornwall Edward Wynne-Pendarves Liberal
Coventry[25] 2 Borough England Warwickshire Edward Ellice Liberal
Coventry [25] 2 Borough England Warwickshire Henry Bulwer Liberal
Cricklade[23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Thomas Calley Liberal
Cricklade [23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Robert Gordon Liberal
Cumberland Eastern[23] 2 County England Cumberland William Blamire Liberal
Cumberland Eastern [23] 2 County England Cumberland Sir James Graham, Bt Liberal
Cumberland Western[23] 2 County England Cumberland Viscount Lowther Tory
Cumberland Western [23] 2 County England Cumberland Edward Stanley Tory
Dartmouth[13] 1 Borough England Devon John Seale Liberal
Denbigh Boroughs[13] 1 District Wales Denbighshire John Madocks Liberal
Denbighshire[13] 2 County Wales Denbighshire Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn, Bt Tory
Denbighshire [13] 2 County Wales Denbighshire Robert Myddleton-Biddulph Liberal
Derby[4] 2 Borough England Derbyshire Edward Strutt Liberal
Derby [4] 2 Borough England Derbyshire Henry Cavendish Liberal
Derbyshire Northern[4] 2 County England Derbyshire Lord Cavendish of Keighley Liberal
Derbyshire Northern [4] 2 County England Derbyshire Thomas Gisborne Liberal
Derbyshire Southern[4] 2 County England Derbyshire Hon. George Venables-Vernon Liberal
Derbyshire Southern [4] 2 County England Derbyshire The Lord Waterpark Liberal
Devizes[23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Wadham Locke Liberal
Devizes [23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Montague Gore Liberal
Devonport[13] 2 Borough England Devon Sir Edward Codrington Liberal
Devonport [13] 2 Borough England Devon Sir George Grey, Bt Liberal
Devon Northern[18] 2 County England Devon Viscount Ebrington Liberal
Devon Northern [18] 2 County England Devon Hon. Newton Fellowes Liberal
Devon Southern[18] 2 County England Devon Lord John Russell Liberal
Devon Southern [18] 2 County England Devon John Crocker Bulteel Liberal
Donegal[11] 2 County Ireland Donegal Edmund Hayes Tory
Donegal [11] 2 County Ireland Donegal Edward Conolly Tory
Dorchester[13] 2 Borough England Dorset Anthony Henry Ashley-Cooper Tory
Dorchester [13] 2 Borough England Dorset Robert Williams Tory
Dorset[13] 3 County England Dorset Lord Ashley Tory
Dorset [13] 3 County England Dorset William John Bankes Tory
Dorset [13] 3 County England Dorset Hon. William Ponsonby Liberal
Dover[19] 2 Borough England Kent Charles Poulett Thomson Liberal
Dover [19] 2 Borough England Kent Sir John Rae Reid, Bt Tory
Down[17] 2 County Ireland Down Lord Arthur Hill Liberal
Down [17] 2 County Ireland Down Viscount Castleragh Tory
Downpatrick[17] 1 Borough Ireland Down John Waring Maxwell Tory
Drogheda[11] 1 Borough Ireland Louth Andrew Carew O'Dwyer Irish Repeal
Droitwich[16] 1 Borough England Worcestershire John Hodgetts-Foley Liberal
Dublin[11] 2 Borough Ireland Dublin Daniel O'Connell Irish Repeal
Dublin [11] 2 Borough Ireland Dublin Edward Southwell Ruthven Irish Repeal
County Dublin[11] 2 County Ireland Dublin Christopher Fitzsimon Irish Repeal
County Dublin [11] 2 County Ireland Dublin George Hampden Evans Liberal
Dublin University[11] 2 University Ireland Dublin Thomas Langlois Lefroy Tory
Dublin University [11] 2 University Ireland Dublin Sir Frederick Shaw, Bt Tory
Dudley[16] 1 Borough England Worcestershire Sir John Campbell Liberal
Dumfries Burghs[4] 1 District Scotland Dumfriesshire Matthew Sharpe Liberal
Dumfriesshire[7] 1 County Scotland Dumfriesshire John Hope-Johnstone Tory
Dunbartonshire[16] 1 County Scotland Dunbartonshire John Campbell Colquhoun Liberal
Dundalk[8] 1 Borough Ireland Louth William O'Reilly Liberal
Dundee[9] 1 Burgh Scotland Forfarshire George Kinloch Liberal
Dungannon[11] 1 Borough Ireland Tyrone John James Knox Tory
Dungarvan[8] 1 Borough Ireland Waterford Hon. George Lamb Liberal
Durham City[16] 2 Borough England Durham William Chaytor Liberal
Durham City [16] 2 Borough England Durham William Charles Harland Liberal
Durham Northern[16] 2 County England Durham Hedworth Lambton Liberal
Durham Northern [16] 2 County England Durham Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bt Liberal
Durham Southern[16] 2 County England Durham Joseph Pease Liberal
Durham Southern [16] 2 County England Durham John Bowes Liberal
East Retford[15] 2 Borough England Nottinghamshire Granville Harcourt-Vernon Liberal
East Retford [15] 2 Borough England Nottinghamshire Viscount Newark Liberal
Edinburgh[4] 2 Burgh Scotland Midlothian Francis Jeffrey Liberal
Edinburgh [4] 2 Burgh Scotland Midlothian James Abercromby Liberal
Elgin Burghs[10] 1 District Scotland Elginshire Sir Andrew Leith Hay Liberal
Elginshire and Nairnshire[9] 1 County Scotland Elginshire/Nairnshire Francis William Grant Tory
Ennis[17] 1 Borough Ireland Clare Francis McNamara Irish Repeal
Enniskillen[11] 1 Borough Ireland Fermanagh Arthur Henry Cole Tory
Essex Northern[16] 2 County England Essex Sir John Tyssen Tyrell, Bt Tory
Essex Northern [16] 2 County England Essex Alexander Baring Tory
Essex Southern[16] 2 County England Essex Robert Westley Hall Dare Tory
Essex Southern [16] 2 County England Essex Sir Thomas Barrett-Lennard, Bt Liberal
Evesham[16] 2 Borough England Worcestershire Sir Charles Cockerell, Bt Liberal
Evesham [16] 2 Borough England Worcestershire Thomas Hudson Liberal
Exeter[25] 2 Borough England Devon James Wentworth Buller Liberal
Exeter [25] 2 Borough England Devon Edward Divett Liberal
Eye[20] 1 Borough England Suffolk Francis Seymour Stevenson Tory
Falkirk Burghs[15] 1 District Scotland Stirlingshire William Downe Gillon Liberal
Fermanagh[11] 2 County Ireland Fermanagh Mervyn Archdall Tory
Fermanagh [11] 2 County Ireland Fermanagh Viscount Cole Tory
Fife[15] 1 County Scotland Fife James Erskine Wemyss Liberal
Finsbury[9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Robert Grant Liberal
Finsbury [9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Robert Spankie Tory
Flint Boroughs[31] 1 District Wales Flintshire Sir Stephen Glynne, Bt Liberal
Flintshire[31] 1 County Wales Flintshire Edward Lloyd-Mostyn Liberal
Forfarshire[9] 1 County Scotland Forfarshire Douglas Hallyburton Liberal
Frome[12] 1 Borough England Somerset Thomas Sheppard Liberal
Galway Borough[17] 2 Borough Ireland Galway Andrew Henry Lynch Irish Repeal
Galway Borough [17] 2 Borough Ireland Galway Lachlan MacLachlan [32] Irish Repeal
County Galway[17] 2 County Ireland Galway Thomas Barnwall Martin Liberal
County Galway [17] 2 County Ireland Galway James Daly Tory
Gateshead[16] 1 Borough England Durham Cuthbert Rippon Liberal
Glamorganshire[4] 2 County Wales Glamorganshire Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot Liberal
Glamorganshire [4] 2 County Wales Glamorganshire Lewis Weston Dillwyn Liberal
Glasgow[4] 2 Burgh Scotland Lanarkshire James Ewing Liberal
Glasgow [4] 2 Burgh Scotland Lanarkshire James Oswald Liberal
Gloucester[21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Maurice Berkeley Liberal
Gloucester [21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Edward Webb Liberal
Gloucestershire Eastern[21] 2 County England Gloucestershire Sir Berkeley Guise, Bt Liberal
Gloucestershire Eastern [21] 2 County England Gloucestershire Hon. Henry Reynolds-Moreton Liberal
Gloucestershire Western[21] 2 County England Gloucestershire Grantley Berkeley Liberal
Gloucestershire Western [21] 2 County England Gloucestershire Hon. Augustus Moreton [33] Liberal
Grantham[20] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Algernon Tollemache Tory
Grantham [20] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Glynne Earle Welby Tory
Great Grimsby[20] 1 Borough England Lincolnshire William Maxfield Liberal
Great Marlow[5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire William Clayton Liberal
Great Marlow [5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire Thomas Peers Williams Tory
Great Yarmouth[12] 2 Borough England Norfolk Charles Edmund Rumbold Liberal
Great Yarmouth [12] 2 Borough England Norfolk Hon. George Anson Liberal
Greenock[16] 1 Burgh Scotland Renfrewshire Robert Wallace Liberal
Greenwich[12] 2 Borough England Kent James Whitley Deans Dundas Liberal
Greenwich [12] 2 Borough England Kent Edward George Barnard Liberal
Guildford[6] 2 Borough England Surrey James Mangles Liberal
Guildford [6] 2 Borough England Surrey Charles Baring Wall Tory
Haddington Burghs[7] 1 District Scotland Haddingtonshire Robert Steuart Liberal
Haddingtonshire[9] 1 County Scotland Haddingtonshire James Balfour Tory
Halifax[22] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Rawdon Briggs Liberal
Halifax [22] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Charles Wood Liberal
Hampshire Northern[7] 2 County England Hampshire Charles Shaw-Lefevre Liberal
Hampshire Northern [7] 2 County England Hampshire James Winter Scott Liberal
Hampshire Southern[7] 2 County England Hampshire The Viscount Palmerston Liberal
Hampshire Southern [7] 2 County England Hampshire Sir George Staunton, Bt Liberal
Harwich[16] 2 Borough England Essex John Charles Herries Tory
Harwich [16] 2 Borough England Essex Christopher Thomas Tower Liberal
Hastings[19] 2 Borough England Sussex Frederick North Liberal
Hastings [19] 2 Borough England Sussex John Ashley Warre Liberal
Haverfordwest[25] 1 District Wales Pembrokeshire Sir Richard Bulkeley Philipps, Bt Liberal
Helston[9] 1 Borough England Cornwall Sackville Walter Lane-Fox Tory
Hereford[20] 2 Borough England Herefordshire Edward Clive Liberal
Hereford [20] 2 Borough England Herefordshire Robert Biddulph Liberal
Herefordshire[34] 3 County England Herefordshire Edward Thomas Foley Tory
Herefordshire [34] 3 County England Herefordshire Kedgwin Hoskins Liberal
Herefordshire [34] 3 County England Herefordshire Sir Robert Price, Bt Liberal
Hertford[20] 2 Borough England Hertfordshire Viscount Ingestrie [35] Tory
Hertford [20] 2 Borough England Hertfordshire Viscount Mahon [35] Tory
Hertfordshire[20] 3 County England Hertfordshire Sir John Sebright, Bt Liberal
Hertfordshire [20] 3 County England Hertfordshire Nicolson Calvert Liberal
Hertfordshire [20] 3 County England Hertfordshire Viscount Grimston Tory
Honiton[18] 2 Borough England Devon Viscount Villiers Tory
Honiton [18] 2 Borough England Devon James Ruddell-Todd Liberal
Horsham[12] 1 Borough England Sussex Robert Henry Hurst Liberal
Huddersfield[22] 1 Borough England Yorkshire, West Lewis Fenton Liberal
Huntingdon[4] 2 Borough England Huntingdonshire Jonathan Peel Tory
Huntingdon [4] 2 Borough England Huntingdonshire Frederick Pollock Tory
Huntingdonshire[9] 2 County England Huntingdonshire Viscount Mandeville Tory
Huntingdonshire [9] 2 County England Huntingdonshire John Bonfoy Rooper Liberal
Hythe[19] 1 Borough England Kent Stewart Marjoribanks Liberal
Inverness Burghs[20] 1 District Scotland Inverness-shire John Baillie Tory
Inverness-shire[10] 1 County Scotland Inverness-shire Charles Grant Liberal
Ipswich[20] 2 Borough England Suffolk James Morrison Liberal
Ipswich [20] 2 Borough England Suffolk Rigby Wason Liberal
Isle of Wight[4] 1 County England Hampshire Sir Richard Simeon, Bt Liberal
Kendal[10] 1 Borough England Westmorland James Brougham Liberal
Kent Eastern[12] 2 County England Kent John Pemberton Plumptre Liberal
Kent Eastern [12] 2 County England Kent Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bt Tory
Kent Western[12] 2 County England Kent Thomas Law Hodges Liberal
Kent Western [12] 2 County England Kent Thomas Rider Liberal
Kerry[17] 2 County Ireland Kerry Frederick William Mullins Irish Repeal
Kerry [17] 2 County Ireland Kerry Charles O'Connell Irish Repeal
Kidderminster[16] 1 Borough England Worcestershire Richard Godson Liberal
Kildare[11] 2 County Ireland Kildare Edward Ruthven Irish Repeal
Kildare [11] 2 County Ireland Kildare Richard More O'Ferrall Liberal
Kilkenny City[11] 1 Borough Ireland Kilkenny Richard Sullivan Irish Repeal
County Kilkenny[10] 2 County Ireland Kilkenny Pierce Butler Irish Repeal
County Kilkenny [10] 2 County Ireland Kilkenny William Francis Finn Irish Repeal
Kilmarnock Burghs[15] 1 District Scotland Ayrshire John Dunlop Liberal
Kincardineshire[16] 1 County Scotland Kincardineshire Hugh Arbuthnot Tory
King's County[8] 2 County Ireland King's County Lord Oxmantown Liberal
King's County [8] 2 County Ireland King's County Nicholas Fitzsimon Irish Repeal
King's Lynn[12] 2 Borough England Norfolk Lord George Bentinck Tory
King's Lynn [12] 2 Borough England Norfolk Lord William Lennox Liberal
Kingston Upon Hull[36] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Matthew Davenport Hill Liberal
Kingston Upon Hull [36] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East William Hutt Liberal
Kinsale[17] 1 Borough Ireland Cork Sampson Stawell Liberal
Kirkcaldy Burghs[7] 1 District Scotland Fife Robert Ferguson Liberal
Kirkcudbright Stewartry[28] 1 County Scotland Kirkcudbright Stewartry Robert Cutlar Fergusson Liberal
Knaresborough[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West John Richards Liberal
Knaresborough [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Benjamin Rotch Liberal
Lambeth[6] 2 Borough England Surrey Charles Tennyson d'Eyncourt Liberal
Lambeth [6] 2 Borough England Surrey Benjamin Hawes Liberal
Lanarkshire[4] 1 County Scotland Lanarkshire John Maxwell Liberal
Lancashire Northern[21] 2 County England Lancashire John Wilson-Patten Tory
Lancashire Northern [21] 2 County England Lancashire Hon. Edward Stanley Liberal
Lancashire Southern[21] 2 County England Lancashire George William Wood Liberal
Lancashire Southern [21] 2 County England Lancashire Viscount Molyneux Liberal
Lancaster[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Thomas Greene Tory
Lancaster [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Patrick Maxwell Stewart Liberal
Launceston[9] 1 Borough England Cornwall Henry Hardinge Tory
Leeds[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West John Marshall Liberal
Leeds [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Thomas Babington Macaulay Liberal
Leicester[4] 2 Borough England Leicestershire William Evans Liberal
Leicester [4] 2 Borough England Leicestershire Wynne Ellis Liberal
Leicestershire Northern[4] 2 County England Leicestershire Lord Robert Manners Tory
Leicestershire Northern [4] 2 County England Leicestershire Charles March Phillipps Liberal
Leicestershire Southern[4] 2 County England Leicestershire Edward Dawson Liberal
Leicestershire Southern [4] 2 County England Leicestershire Sir Henry Halford, Bt Tory
Leith Burghs[7] 1 District Scotland Midlothian John Archibald Murray Liberal
Leitrim[11] 2 County Ireland Leitrim Samuel White Liberal
Leitrim [11] 2 County Ireland Leitrim Viscount Clements Liberal
Leominster[21] 2 Borough England Herefordshire Thomas Bish Liberal
Leominster [21] 2 Borough England Herefordshire The Lord Hotham Tory
Lewes[12] 2 Borough England Sussex Sir Charles Richard Blunt, Bt Liberal
Lewes [12] 2 Borough England Sussex Thomas Read Kemp Liberal
Lichfield[28] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Sir Edward Scott, Bt Liberal
Lichfield [28] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Sir George Anson Liberal
Limerick City[11] 2 Borough Ireland Limerick William Roche Irish Repeal
Limerick City [11] 2 Borough Ireland Limerick David Vandeleur Roche Irish Repeal
County Limerick[11] 2 County Ireland Limerick Standish O'Grady Liberal
County Limerick [11] 2 County Ireland Limerick Hon. Richard FitzGibbon Liberal
Lincoln[10] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire George Heneage Liberal
Lincoln [10] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Edward Lytton Bulwer Liberal
Lincolnshire Northern[20] 2 County England Lincolnshire Hon. Charles Anderson-Pelham Liberal
Lincolnshire Northern [20] 2 County England Lincolnshire Sir William Amcotts-Ingilby, Bt Liberal
Lincolnshire Southern[20] 2 County England Lincolnshire Henry Handley Liberal
Lincolnshire Southern [20] 2 County England Lincolnshire Gilbert Heathcote Liberal
Linlithgowshire[9] 1 County Scotland Linlithgowshire Sir Alexander Hope Tory
Lisburn[8] 1 Borough Ireland Antrim Henry Meynell Tory
Liskeard[9] 1 Borough England Cornwall Charles Buller Liberal
Liverpool[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Viscount Sandon Tory
Liverpool [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire William Ewart Liberal
City of London[25] 4 Borough England Middlesex George Grote Liberal
City of London [25] 4 Borough England Middlesex Sir Matthew Wood, Bt Liberal
City of London [25] 4 Borough England Middlesex Robert Waithman Liberal
City of London [25] 4 Borough England Middlesex Sir John Key, Bt Liberal
Londonderry City[11] 1 Borough Ireland Londonderry Sir Robert Ferguson, Bt Liberal
County Londonderry[11] 2 County Ireland Londonderry Theobald Jones Tory
County Londonderry [11] 2 County Ireland Londonderry Sir Robert Bateson, Bt Tory
County Longford[11] 2 County Ireland Longford Luke White[37] Irish Repeal
County Longford [11] 2 County Ireland Longford James Halpin Rorke[37] Irish Repeal
County Louth[8] 2 County Ireland Louth Thomas FitzGerald Irish Repeal
County Louth [8] 2 County Ireland Louth Richard Bellew Irish Repeal
Ludlow[10] 2 Borough England Shropshire Viscount Clive Tory
Ludlow [10] 2 Borough England Shropshire Edward Romilly Liberal
Lyme Regis[13] 1 Borough England Dorset William Pinney Liberal
Lymington[6] 2 Borough England Hampshire Sir Harry Burrard-Neale, Bt Tory
Lymington [6] 2 Borough England Hampshire John Stewart Tory
Macclesfield[14] 2 Borough England Cheshire John Ryle Tory
Macclesfield [14] 2 Borough England Cheshire John Brocklehurst Liberal
Maidstone[12] 2 Borough England Kent Abraham Wildey Robarts Liberal
Maidstone [12] 2 Borough England Kent Charles James Barnett Liberal
Maldon[16] 2 Borough England Essex Thomas Barrett Lennard Liberal
Maldon [16] 2 Borough England Essex Quintin Dick Tory
Mallow[17] 1 Borough Ireland Cork William Daunt [38] Irish Repeal
Malmesbury[23] 1 Borough England Wiltshire Viscount Andover Liberal
Malton[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, North/East William Fitzwilliam Liberal
Malton [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, North/East Charles Pepys Liberal
Manchester[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Mark Philips Liberal
Manchester [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Charles Poulett Thomson Liberal
Marlborough[23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Lord Ernest Brudenell-Bruce Tory
Marlborough [23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Henry Bingham Baring Tory
Marylebone[9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Edward Berkeley Portman Liberal
Marylebone [9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Sir William Horne Liberal
Mayo[17] 2 County Ireland Mayo John Browne Liberal
Mayo [17] 2 County Ireland Mayo Dominick Browne Liberal
Meath[11] 2 County Ireland Meath Morgan O'Connell Irish Repeal
Meath [11] 2 County Ireland Meath Henry Grattan Irish Repeal
Merionethshire[31] 1 County Wales Merionethshire Sir Robert Vaughan, Bt. Tory
Merthyr Tydvil[4] 1 Borough Wales Glamorganshire John Josiah Guest Liberal
Middlesex[9] 2 County England Middlesex Joseph Hume Liberal
Middlesex [9] 2 County England Middlesex George Byng Liberal
Midhurst[12] 1 Borough England Sussex Hon. Frederick Spencer Liberal
Midlothian (aka Edinburghshire)[4] 1 County Scotland Midlothian Sir John Dalrymple, Bt Liberal
Monaghan[11] 2 County Ireland Monaghan Cadwallader Blayney Tory
Monaghan [11] 2 County Ireland Monaghan Hon. Henry Westenra Liberal
Monmouth Boroughs[7] 1 District Wales Monmouthshire Benjamin Hall Liberal
Monmouthshire[7] 2 County Wales Monmouthshire Lord Granville Somerset Tory
Monmouthshire [7] 2 County Wales Monmouthshire William Addams Williams Liberal
Montgomery Boroughs[9] 1 District Wales Montgomeryshire David Pugh [39] Tory
Montgomeryshire[9] 1 County Wales Montgomeryshire Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn Tory
Montrose Burghs[15] 1 District Scotland Forfarshire Horatio Ross Liberal
Morpeth[20] 1 Borough England Northumberland Frederick George Howard Liberal
Newark-on-Trent[15] 2 Borough England Nottinghamshire William Ewart Gladstone Tory
Newark-on-Trent [15] 2 Borough England Nottinghamshire William Farnworth Handley Tory
Newcastle-under-Lyme[21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire William Henry Miller Tory
Newcastle-under-Lyme [21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Sir Henry Willoughby, Bt Tory
Newcastle-upon-Tyne[28] 2 Borough England Northumberland Sir Matthew White Ridley, Bt Liberal
Newcastle-upon-Tyne [28] 2 Borough England Northumberland John Hodgson Tory
Newport[7] 2 Borough England Hampshire John Heywood Hawkins Liberal
Newport [7] 2 Borough England Hampshire William Henry Ord Liberal
New Ross[8] 1 Borough Ireland Wexford John Hyacinth Talbot Irish Repeal
Newry[17] 1 Borough Ireland Armagh/Down Lord Marcus Hill Tory
New Shoreham[16] 2 Borough England Sussex Sir Charles Burrell, Bt Tory
New Shoreham [16] 2 Borough England Sussex Harry Goring Liberal
Norfolk Eastern[12] 2 County England Norfolk William Howe Windham Liberal
Norfolk Eastern [12] 2 County England Norfolk Hon. George Keppel Liberal
Norfolk Western[12] 2 County England Norfolk Sir Jacob Astley, Bt Liberal
Norfolk Western [12] 2 County England Norfolk Sir William Ffolkes, Bt Liberal
Northallerton[22] 1 Borough England Yorkshire, North John George Boss Liberal
Northampton[15] 2 Borough England Northamptonshire Robert Vernon Smith Liberal
Northampton [15] 2 Borough England Northamptonshire Charles Ross Tory
Northamptonshire Northern[15] 2 County England Northamptonshire Viscount Milton Liberal
Northamptonshire Northern [15] 2 County England Northamptonshire Lord James Brudenell Tory
Northamptonshire Southern[15] 2 County England Northamptonshire Viscount Althorp Liberal
Northamptonshire Southern [15] 2 County England Northamptonshire William Ralph Cartwright Tory
Northumberland Northern[20] 2 County England Northumberland Viscount Howick Liberal
Northumberland Northern [20] 2 County England Northumberland Lord Ossulston Tory
Northumberland Southern[20] 2 County England Northumberland Thomas Wentworth Beaumont Liberal
Northumberland Southern [20] 2 County England Northumberland Matthew Bell Tory
Norwich[25] 2 Borough England Norfolk Viscount Stormont Tory
Norwich [25] 2 Borough England Norfolk Sir James Scarlett Tory
Nottingham[19] 2 Borough England Nottinghamshire Sir Ronald Craufurd Ferguson Liberal
Nottingham [19] 2 Borough England Nottinghamshire Viscount Duncannon Liberal
Nottinghamshire Northern[15] 2 County England Nottinghamshire Viscount Lumley Liberal
Nottinghamshire Northern [15] 2 County England Nottinghamshire Thomas Houldsworth Tory
Nottinghamshire Southern[15] 2 County England Nottinghamshire Evelyn Denison Liberal
Nottinghamshire Southern [15] 2 County England Nottinghamshire Earl of Lincoln Tory
Oldham[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire John Fielden Liberal
Oldham [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire William Cobbett Liberal
Orkney and Shetland[13] 1 County Scotland Orkney & Shetland George Traill Liberal
Oxford[8] 2 Borough England Oxfordshire James Haughton Langston Liberal
Oxford [8] 2 Borough England Oxfordshire Thomas Stonor [40] Liberal
Oxfordshire[41] 3 County England Oxfordshire George Granville Harcourt Liberal
Oxfordshire [41] 3 County England Oxfordshire Lord Norreys Tory
Oxfordshire [41] 3 County England Oxfordshire Richard Weyland Liberal
Oxford University[41] 2 University England Oxfordshire Thomas Estcourt· Tory
Oxford University [41] 2 University England Oxfordshire Sir Robert Inglis, Bt Tory
Paisley[16] 1 Burgh Scotland Renfrewshire Sir John Maxwell, Bt Liberal
Peeblesshire[7] 1 County Scotland Peeblesshire Sir John Hay, Bt Tory
Pembroke Boroughs[31] 1 District Wales Pembrokeshire Hugh Owen Owen Tory
Pembrokeshire[31] 1 County Wales Pembrokeshire Sir John Owen, Bt Tory
Penryn and Falmouth[9] 2 Borough England Cornwall Robert Rolfe Liberal
Penryn and Falmouth [9] 2 Borough England Cornwall Lord Tullamore Tory
Perth[5] 1 Burgh Scotland Perthshire Laurence Oliphant Liberal
Perthshire[5] 1 County Scotland Perthshire Earl of Ormelie Liberal
Peterborough[15] 2 Borough England Northamptonshire John Nicholas Fazakerley Liberal
Peterborough [15] 2 Borough England Northamptonshire Sir Robert Heron, Bt Liberal
Petersfield[6] 1 Borough England Hampshire John Shaw-Lefevre[42] Liberal
Plymouth[18] 2 Borough England Devon Thomas Bewes Liberal
Plymouth [18] 2 Borough England Devon John Collier Liberal
Pontefract[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West John Gully Liberal
Pontefract [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Hon. Henry Stafford-Jerningham Tory
Poole[19] 2 Borough England Dorset Benjamin Lester Liberal
Poole [19] 2 Borough England Dorset John Byng Liberal
Portarlington[17] 1 Borough Ireland Queen's County/King's County Thomas Gladstone Tory
Portsmouth[7] 2 Borough England Hampshire John Bonham-Carter Liberal
Portsmouth [7] 2 Borough England Hampshire Francis Thornhill Baring Liberal
Preston[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Peter Hesketh-Fleetwood Tory
Preston [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Hon. Henry Thomas Stanley Liberal
Queen's County[17] 2 County Ireland Queen's County Patrick Lalor Irish Repeal
Queen's County [17] 2 County Ireland Queen's County Sir Charles Coote, Bt Tory
Radnor Boroughs[26] 1 District Wales Radnorshire Richard Price Tory
Radnorshire[26] 1 County Wales Radnorshire Thomas Frankland Lewis Tory
Reading[5] 2 Borough England Berkshire Charles Fyshe Palmer Liberal
Reading [5] 2 Borough England Berkshire Charles Russell Tory
Reigate[6] 1 Borough England Surrey Viscount Eastnor Tory
Renfrewshire[16] 1 County Scotland Renfrewshire Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, Bt Liberal
Richmond[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, North Hon. John Dundas Liberal
Richmond [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, North Sir Robert Lawrence Dundas Liberal
Ripon[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Thomas Staveley Liberal
Ripon [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Joshua Crompton Liberal
Rochdale[14] 1 Borough England Lancashire John Fenton Liberal
Rochester[12] 2 Borough England Kent Ralph Bernal Liberal
Rochester [12] 2 Borough England Kent John Mills Tory
Roscommon[11] 2 County Ireland Roscommon Fitzstephen French Liberal
Roscommon [11] 2 County Ireland Roscommon The O'Conor Don Irish Repeal
Ross and Cromarty[41] 1 County Scotland Ross-shire/Cromartyshire James Stewart-Mackenzie Liberal
Roxburghshire[16] 1 County Scotland Roxburghshire George Elliot Liberal
Rutland[43] 2 County England Rutland Sir Gerard Noel, Bt. Tory
Rutland [43] 2 County England Rutland Sir Gilbert Heathcote, Bt. Liberal
Rye[19] 1 Borough England Sussex Edward Barrett Curteis Liberal
St Albans[20] 2 Borough England Hertfordshire Sir Francis Vincent, Bt Liberal
St Albans [20] 2 Borough England Hertfordshire Henry George Ward Liberal
St Andrews Burghs[4] 1 District Scotland Fife Andrew Johnston Liberal
St Ives[9] 1 Borough England Cornwall James Halse Tory
Salford[14] 1 Borough England Lancashire Joseph Brotherton Liberal
Salisbury[23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire William Bird Brodie Liberal
Salisbury [23] 2 Borough England Wiltshire Wadham Wyndham Tory
Sandwich[19] 2 Borough England Kent Joseph Marryatt Liberal
Sandwich [19] 2 Borough England Kent Sir Edward Troubridge, Bt Liberal
Scarborough[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Sir John Vanden-Bempde-Johnstone, Bt Liberal
Scarborough [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, East Sir George Cayley, Bt Liberal
Selkirkshire[9] 1 County Scotland Selkirkshire Robert Pringle Liberal
Shaftesbury[13] 1 Borough England Dorset John Sayer Poulter Liberal
Sheffield[22] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West John Parker Liberal
Sheffield [22] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West James Silk Buckingham Liberal
Shrewsbury[10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Sir John Hanmer, Bt Tory
Shrewsbury [10] 2 Borough England Yorkshire, West Robert Aglionby Slaney Liberal
Shropshire Northern[10] 2 County England Shropshire Sir Rowland Hill, Bt Tory
Shropshire Northern [10] 2 County England Shropshire John Cotes Liberal
Shropshire Southern[10] 2 County England Shropshire Earl of Darlington Tory
Shropshire Southern [10] 2 County England Shropshire Hon. Robert Clive Tory
Sligo[44] 1 Borough Ireland Sligo John Martin Liberal
County Sligo[44] 2 County Ireland Sligo Edward Joshua Cooper Tory
County Sligo [44] 2 County Ireland Sligo Alexander Perceval Tory
Somerset Eastern[12] 2 County England Somerset William Gore-Langton Liberal
Somerset Eastern [12] 2 County England Somerset William Papwell Brigstocke Liberal
Somerset Western[12] 2 County England Somerset Edward Ayshford Sanford Liberal
Somerset Western [12] 2 County England Somerset Charles Kemeys-Tynte Liberal
Southampton[19] 2 Borough England Hampshire Arthur Atherley Liberal
Southampton [19] 2 Borough England Hampshire James Barlow-Hoy Tory
South Shields[16] 1 Borough England Durham Robert Ingham Liberal
Southwark[6] 2 Borough England Surrey John Humphery Liberal
Southwark [6] 2 Borough England Surrey William Brougham Liberal
Stafford[21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire William Fawkener Chetwynd Liberal
Stafford [21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Rees Howell Gronow Liberal
Staffordshire Northern[21] 2 County England Staffordshire Sir Oswald Mosley, Bt Liberal
Staffordshire Northern [21] 2 County England Staffordshire Edward Buller Liberal
Staffordshire Southern[21] 2 County England Staffordshire Edward John Littleton Liberal
Staffordshire Southern [21] 2 County England Staffordshire Sir John Wrottesley, Bt Liberal
Stamford[20] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire Thomas Chaplin Tory
Stamford [20] 2 Borough England Lincolnshire George Finch Tory
Stirling Burghs[9] 1 District Scotland Stirlingshire Lord Dalmeny Liberal
Stirlingshire[16] 1 County Scotland Stirlingshire Charles Elphinstone Fleeming Liberal
Stockport[14] 2 Borough England Cheshire Thomas Marsland Tory
Stockport [14] 2 Borough England Cheshire John Horatio Lloyd Liberal
Stoke-upon-Trent[21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Josiah Wedgwood III Liberal
Stoke-upon-Trent [21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire John Davenport Tory
Stroud[21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire William Henry Hyett Liberal
Stroud [21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire David Ricardo Liberal
Sudbury[20] 2 Borough England Suffolk Michael Angelo Taylor Liberal
Sudbury [20] 2 Borough England Suffolk Sir John Benn Walsh, Bt Tory
Suffolk Eastern[20] 2 County England Suffolk The Lord Henniker Tory
Suffolk Eastern [20] 2 County England Suffolk Robert Newton Shawe Liberal
Suffolk Western[20] 2 County England Suffolk Charles Tyrrell Liberal
Suffolk Western [20] 2 County England Suffolk Sir Hyde Parker, Bt Liberal
Sunderland[16] 2 Borough England Durham Sir William Chaytor, Bt Liberal
Sunderland [16] 2 Borough England Durham George Barrington Tory
Surrey Eastern[6] 2 County England Surrey John Ivatt Briscoe Liberal
Surrey Eastern [6] 2 County England Surrey Aubrey Beauclerk Liberal
Surrey Western[6] 2 County England Surrey William Denison Liberal
Surrey Western [6] 2 County England Surrey John Leach Liberal
Sussex Eastern[16] 2 County England Sussex Hon. Charles Cavendish Liberal
Sussex Eastern [16] 2 County England Sussex Herbert Barrett Curteis Liberal
Sussex Western[16] 2 County England Sussex Lord John Lennox Liberal
Sussex Western [16] 2 County England Sussex Earl of Surrey Liberal
Sutherland[15] 1 County Scotland Sutherland Roderick Macleod Liberal
Swansea District[4] 1 District Wales Glamorganshire John Henry Vivian Liberal
Tamworth[21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire/Warwickshire Sir Robert Peel Tory
Tamworth [21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire/Warwickshire Lord Charles Townshend Liberal
Taunton[12] 2 Borough England Somerset Henry Labouchere Liberal
Taunton [12] 2 Borough England Somerset Edward Thomas Bainbridge Liberal
Tavistock[13] 2 Borough England Devon Charles Richard Fox Liberal
Tavistock [13] 2 Borough England Devon Lord Russell Liberal
Tewkesbury[21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire Charles Hanbury-Tracy Liberal
Tewkesbury [21] 2 Borough England Gloucestershire John Martin Liberal
Thetford[12] 2 Borough England Norfolk Francis Baring Tory
Thetford [12] 2 Borough England Norfolk Lord James FitzRoy Liberal
Thirsk[22] 1 Borough England Yorkshire, North Sir Robert Frankland, Bt Liberal
Tipperary[11] 2 County Ireland Tipperary Hon. Cornelius O'Callaghan Liberal
Tipperary [11] 2 County Ireland Tipperary Richard Lalor Sheil Irish Repeal
Tiverton[18] 2 Borough England Devon John Heathcoat Liberal
Tiverton [18] 2 Borough England Devon James Kennedy [45] Liberal
Totnes[18] 2 Borough England Devon Jasper Parrott Liberal
Totnes [18] 2 Borough England Devon James Cornish Liberal
Tower Hamlets[9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Stephen Lushington Liberal
Tower Hamlets [9] 2 Borough England Middlesex William Clay Liberal
Tralee[17] 1 Borough Ireland Kerry Maurice O'Connell Irish Repeal
Truro[9] 2 Borough England Cornwall Sir Hussey Vivian, Bt Liberal
Truro [9] 2 Borough England Cornwall William Tooke Liberal
Tynemouth and North Shields[20] 1 Borough England Northumberland George Frederick Young Liberal
Tyrone[11] 2 County Ireland Tyrone Henry Thomas Lowry-Corry Tory
Tyrone [11] 2 County Ireland Tyrone Sir Hugh Stewart, Bt Tory
Wakefield[22] 1 Borough England Yorkshire, West Daniel Gaskell Liberal
Wallingford[5] 1 Borough England Berkshire William Seymour Blackstone Tory
Walsall[21] 1 Borough England Staffordshire Charles Smith Forster Tory
Wareham[13] 1 Borough England Dorset John Hales Calcraft Tory
Warrington[14] 1 Borough England Lancashire Edmund George Hornby Liberal
Warwick[20] 2 Borough England Warwickshire Sir Charles Greville [46] Tory
Warwick [20] 2 Borough England Warwickshire Edward Bolton King Liberal
Warwickshire Northern[20] 2 County England Warwickshire Sir John Eardley-Wilmot, Bt Tory
Warwickshire Northern [20] 2 County England Warwickshire William Stratford Dugdale Tory
Warwickshire Southern[20] 2 County England Warwickshire Sir Grey Skipwith, Bt Liberal
Warwickshire Southern [20] 2 County England Warwickshire Sir George Philips, Bt Liberal
Waterford City[44] 2 Borough Ireland Waterford Henry Winston Barron Irish Repeal
Waterford City [44] 2 Borough Ireland Waterford William Christmas Tory
County Waterford[8] 2 County Ireland Waterford John Matthew Galwey Irish Repeal
County Waterford [8] 2 County Ireland Waterford Sir Richard Keane, Bt Liberal
Wells[12] 2 Borough England Somerset Norman Lamont Liberal
Wells [12] 2 Borough England Somerset John Lee Lee Liberal
Wenlock[10] 2 Borough England Shropshire George Weld-Forester Tory
Wenlock [10] 2 Borough England Shropshire James Milnes Gaskell Tory
Westbury[23] 1 Borough England Wiltshire Sir Ralph Lopes, Bt Liberal
Westmeath[11] 2 County Ireland Westmeath Montagu Lowther Chapman Liberal
Westmeath [11] 2 County Ireland Westmeath Sir Richard Nagle, Bt Irish Repeal
Westminster[9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Sir Francis Burdett, Bt Liberal
Westminster [9] 2 Borough England Middlesex Sir John Cam Hobhouse, Bt Liberal
Westmorland[10] 2 County England Westmorland Viscount Lowther Tory
Westmorland [10] 2 County England Westmorland Henry Cecil Lowther Tory
Wexford[8] 1 Borough Ireland Wexford Charles Arthur Walker Irish Repeal
County Wexford[8] 2 County Ireland Wexford Robert Carew Liberal
County Wexford [8] 2 County Ireland Wexford Henry Lambert Liberal
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis[13] 2 Borough England Dorset Thomas Fowell Buxton Liberal
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis [13] 2 Borough England Dorset Sir Frederick Johnstone, Bt Tory
Whitby[22] 1 Borough England Yorkshire, North Aaron Chapman Tory
Whitehaven 1 Borough England Cumberland Matthias Attwood Tory
Wick Burghs[9] 1 District Scotland Caithness James Loch Liberal
Wicklow[8] 2 County Ireland Wicklow Ralph Howard Liberal
Wicklow [8] 2 County Ireland Wicklow James Grattan Liberal
Wigan[21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Ralph Thicknesse Liberal
Wigan [21] 2 Borough England Lancashire Richard Potter Liberal
Wigtown Burghs[15] 1 District Scotland Wigtownshire Edward Stewart Liberal
Wigtownshire[7] 1 County Scotland Wigtownshire Sir Andrew Agnew, Bt Liberal
Wilton[23] 1 Borough England Wiltshire John Penruddocke Tory
Wiltshire Northern[23] 2 County England Wiltshire Paul Methuen Liberal
Wiltshire Northern [23] 2 County England Wiltshire Sir John Astley, Bt Liberal
Wiltshire Southern[23] 2 County England Wiltshire John Bennett Liberal
Wiltshire Southern [23] 2 County England Wiltshire Sidney Herbert Tory
Winchester[7] 2 Borough England Hampshire Bingham Baring Liberal
Winchester [7] 2 Borough England Hampshire Paulet St John-Mildmay Liberal
Windsor[5] 2 Borough England Berkshire Samuel Pechell Liberal
Windsor [5] 2 Borough England Berkshire John Ramsbottom Liberal
Wolverhampton[21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire William Wolryche-Whitmore Liberal
Wolverhampton [21] 2 Borough England Staffordshire Richard Fryer Liberal
Woodstock[8] 1 Borough England Oxfordshire Marquess of Blandford Tory
Worcester[25] 2 Borough England Worcestershire Thomas Davies Liberal
Worcester [25] 2 Borough England Worcestershire George Richard Robinson Liberal
Worcestershire Eastern[16] 2 County England Worcestershire William Congreve Russell Liberal
Worcestershire Eastern [16] 2 County England Worcestershire Thomas Cookes Liberal
Worcestershire Western[16] 2 County England Worcestershire Hon. Henry Lygon Tory
Worcestershire Western [16] 2 County England Worcestershire Hon. Thomas Foley Liberal
Wycombe[5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire Charles Grey Liberal
Wycombe [5] 2 Borough England Buckinghamshire Hon. Robert Smith Liberal
York[19] 2 Borough England Yorkshire Edward Petre Liberal
York [19] 2 Borough England Yorkshire Samuel Adlam Bayntun Tory
East Riding of Yorkshire[10] 2 County England Yorkshire, East Richard Bethell Tory
East Riding of Yorkshire [10] 2 County England Yorkshire, East Paul Thompson Liberal
North Riding of Yorkshire[10] 2 County England Yorkshire, North Hon. William Duncombe Tory
North Riding of Yorkshire [10] 2 County England Yorkshire, North Edward Stillingfleet Cayley Liberal
West Riding of Yorkshire[10] 2 County England Yorkshire, West Viscount Morpeth Liberal
West Riding of Yorkshire [10] 2 County England Yorkshire, West Sir George Strickland, Bt Liberal
Youghal[17] 1 Borough Ireland Cork John O'Connell Irish Repeal

Overturned elections

The list of MPs records those MPs listed in the London Gazette as having been "returned to serve in the new Parliament". Where the election of an MP was subsequently overturned as a result of an election petition, the relevant entry in the list is shown in italics, and a footnote added to explain the circumstances. A total of 16 MPs in 14 constituencies were unseated, although one (Sir Charles Paget) was subsequently reinstated.

Voided elections

The 1832 elections were declared void as a result of a petition for a total of 7 MPs in six constituencies:[47]

Constituency Country County Seats voided Reason for voiding
Carrickfergus Ireland Antrim 1 of 1 Bribery and/or corrupt practices.[47] Writ suspended [48]
Hertford England Hertfordshire 2 of 2 Bribery and/or corrupt practices.[47] Writ suspended [49]
Montgomery Boroughs Wales Montgomeryshire 1 of 1 Bribery and/or corrupt practices.[47] Writ suspended [50]
Oxford England Oxfordshire 1 of 2 Bribery and/or corrupt practices.[47] Writ suspended [51]
Tiverton England Devon 1 of 2 Candidate lacked property qualification to be elected [52]
Warwick England Warwickshire 1 of 2 Bribery and/or corrupt practices.[47] Writ suspended [53]

Undue elections

In 8 constituencies, a petition led to a recount and another candidate was declared elected without a further ballot being held. Nine seats changed hands in this way:[54]

Constituency Country County Seats overturned
Caernarvon Boroughs Wales Caernarfonshire 1 of 1 [55]
Coleraine Ireland County Londonderry 1 of 1 [56]
Galway Borough Ireland County Galway 1 of 2 [57]
Longford Ireland County Longford 2 of 2 [58]
Mallow Ireland County Cork 1 of 1 [59]
Petersfield England Hampshire 1 of 1 [60]
Salisbury England Wiltshire 1 of 1 [61]
Southampton England Hampshire 1 of 1 [62]

Notes and references


  • London Gazette

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