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Minister-President of Prussia

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Title: Minister-President of Prussia  
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Subject: February 23, Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Kingdom of Prussia, Unification of Germany, North German Constitution, Free State of Prussia, Johann Kasimir Kolbe von Wartenberg
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Minister-President of Prussia

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The office of Minister President (German: Ministerpräsident), or Prime Minister, of Prussia existed in one form or another from 1702 until the dissolution of Prussia in 1947.

When Prussia was an independent kingdom (since 1701), the Minister President functioned as the King's chief minister and presided over the Prussian Landtag (the Prussian legislature established in 1848). After the unification of Germany in 1871 and until the collapse in 1918, the office of the Prussian Minister President was usually held jointly by the Imperial Chancellor, beginning with the tenure of Otto von Bismarck.

Under the Weimar Republic the Minister President was the head of the state government in a more traditional parliamentary role. The office ceased to have any real meaning except as a kind of political patronage title after the Nazi dismantlement of Prussia as a state in 1935, and disappeared along with Prussia itself after World War II.

Chief Ministers of the Kingdom of Prussia (1702–1848)

Minister-Presidents of the Kingdom of Prussia (1848–1918)

Name Picture Period of office Notes
Count Adolf Heinrich von Arnim-Boitzenburg
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19 March 1848 –
29 March 1848
Gottfried Ludolf Camphausen 29 March 1848 –
20 June 1848
Rudolf Ludwig Cäsar von Auerswald 25 June 1848 –
8 September 1848
Ernst von Pfuel 21 September 1848 –
1 November 1848
Count Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg 2 November 1848 –
6 November 1850
Baron Otto Theodor von Manteuffel 9 December 1850 –
6 November 1858
Prince Karl Anton of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen 6 November 1858 –
12 March 1862
Prince Adolf zu Hohenlohe-Ingelfingen 17 March 1862 –
23 September 1862
Prince Otto von Bismarck 23 September 1862 –
22 December 1873
1st term
From 1871 onwards, also served as Imperial Chancellor
Count Albrecht von Roon 1 January 1873 –
9 November 1873
Did not serve as Imperial Chancellor
Prince Otto von Bismarck 9 November 1873 –
20 March 1890
2nd term
Count Leo von Caprivi 20 March 1890 –
22 March 1892
Count Botho zu Eulenburg 22 March 1892 –
26 October 1894
Did not serve as Imperial Chancellor
Prince Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst 29 October 1894 –
17 October 1900
Count Bernhard von Bülow 17 October 1900 –
13 July 1909
Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg 14 July 1909 –
13 July 1917
Georg Michaelis 14 July 1917 –
31 October 1917
He was the first non-noble to hold the office.
Count Georg von Hertling 1 November 1917 –
30 September 1918
Prince Maximilian of Baden 3 October 1918 –
9 November 1918

Minister-Presidents of the Free State of Prussia (1918–1935)

Name Picture Period of office Party
Minister-Presidents of the Free State of Prussia in the Weimar Republic
Friedrich Ebert 9 November 1918 –
11 November 1918
Social Democratic Party of Germany
Paul Hirsch 11 November 1918 –
27 March 1920
Social Democratic Party of Germany
Otto Braun 27 March 1920 –
21 April 1921
Social Democratic Party of Germany
Adam Stegerwald 21 April 1921 –
5 November 1921
Centre Party
Otto Braun 5 November 1921 –
18 February 1925
Social Democratic Party of Germany
Wilhelm Marx 18 February 1925 –
6 April 1925
Centre Party
Otto Braun 6 April 1925 –
20 July 1932
Social Democratic Party of Germany
Franz von Papen Reichskommisar
20 July –
3 December 1932
Kurt von Schleicher Reichskommisar
3 December 1932 –
28 January 1933
Minister-Presidents of the Free State of Prussia in the Third Reich
Franz von Papen 30 January –
10 April 1933
Hermann Göring Ministerpräsident
10 April 1933 –
24 April 1945
30 January 1935 -
24 April 1945
National Socialist German Workers' Party
Adolf Hitler Reichsstatthalter
30 January 1933 –
30 January 1935
National Socialist German Workers' Party

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