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Peter Mathews (Left Behind)

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Title: Peter Mathews (Left Behind)  
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Subject: Left Behind, Pontifex Maximus, Tim LaHaye, Pope Peter II, Global Community, Enigma Babylon One World Faith, Soul Harvest, Assassins (LaHaye novel), Peter Matthews, Left Behind: The Kids
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Peter Mathews (Left Behind)

This a list of characters in the Left Behind novel series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Rayford Steele

Main article: Rayford Steele

Rayford Steele, was a former 747 pilot for Pan-Con Airlines, lost his first wife (Irene) and only son (Raymie Jr.) in the Rapture. Shortly after that, he became a born-again believer, became an employee of Global Community, and flew Carpathia's private jet until his cover was blown. His daughter Chloe also became a believer, and he has a grandson Kenny Bruce; he lost his second wife Amanda in a plane crash; original member of the Tribulation Force; witness to the Glorious Appearing; now residing near the Valley of Jehoshaphat. He was portrayed in the films by Brad Johnson. In the upcoming 2014 film Left Behind he will be portrayed by Nicolas Cage.

Cameron ("Buck") Williams

Main article: Cameron "Buck" Williams

Cameron ("Buck") Williams, is an award-winning journalist, former senior publisher of Global Community Weekly, who became a believer before the murder of Jonathan Stonagal. He married his wife Chloe in a double wedding with Rayford Steele (his new father-in-law) and Amanda White, has one son Kenny Bruce Williams. Author of the underground cyber-magazine "The Truth". He died less than 24 hours before the Glorious Appearing. He and his wife were gifted to teach children during the millennium, in a place called Children of the Tribulation (COT), which was located in Israel; towards the end their son Kenny expanded it to Greece. He is portrayed in the films by Kirk Cameron. In the upcoming 2014 film Left Behind he will be portrayed by Chad Michael Murray.

Chloe Steele Williams

Main article: Chloe Steele

Chloe Steele Williams, daughter of Rayford Steele and wife of Buck Williams, was a former college student. She lost her mother and brother in the rapture, became a believer in Christ, married Buck and had a son called Kenneth Bruce Williams after Ken Ritz, the pilot, and Bruce Barnes, who led Buck, Rayford, and Chloe (CEO of the International Commodity co-op) to Christ. She was beheaded shortly before the Battle of Armageddon. She is portrayed in the films by Janaya Stephens. In the upcoming 2014 film Left Behind she will be portrayed by Cassi Thomson.

Tsion Ben-Judah

Main article: Tsion Ben-Judah

A former rabbinical scholar and Israeli statesmen, revealed conversion to Christ on international TV, lost wife and two teenage kids in a murder, spiritual leader and teacher of the Trib force, has a cyber audience of more than a billion daily; teacher of the Jewish remnant at Petra; slain defending the Old City in Jerusalem; returned to earth with the heavenly hosts at the glorious appearing of Jesus, the Christ; glorified body

David Hassid

Formerly assigned to Global Community Headquarters Palace, New Babylon, United Holy Land States as Director of Purchasing; oversees all purchases for the GC and the hangar and cockpit crew of the Condor 216 and the Phoenix 216.

Hassid is a Jew who worked in New Babylon in the global government headed by Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia. Very quickly, he becomes a believer in Christ, and is spotted by Mac McCullum in the GC shelter right after the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake.

Hassid works in communications and is considered one of the top computer experts alive. His service to the Tribulation Force is to confound communications, tip off the Trib Force and arrange for some goods to be "mislaid" and end up in the hands of the Tribulation saints.

Immediately after Carpathia's assassination, Hassid has to work with artist Guy Blod, who is making a huge statue of Carpathia. Hassid and Blod clash, but eventually, Hassid realizes he must get along with Blod or risk discipline and possible exposure as a Tribulation saint; also, it is not very Christ-like to be promoting enmity. Hassid's love interest, Phoenix 216 cargo chief Annie Christopher dies as a result of False Prophet Leon Fortunato's Satan-imbued ability to call down lightning from heaven to kill any non-Carpathianist. David (at some point during this time) vomits on Carpathia during a meeting. Hassid begins grooming Chang Wong, a young man from China who is also very technically gifted, as his protégé and replacement when Hassid must leave; the mark of loyalty is now required of employees in New Babylon, and Chang, given the mark unwillingly, has both the mark of the Beast and the mark of God's own on his forehead.

After his death is faked Hassid starts setting up communications in Petra to prepare for the remnant of Israel to arrive during the fifth year of the Tribulation.

Hassid is killed by two GC MIAs at Petra before the remnant actually arrives in Petra.

Montgomery Cleburn ("Mac") McCullum

Pilot for Carpathia; Good friend of Rayford 'Ray' Steele, chief Tribulation Force pilot assigned to Petra; witness to the Glorious Appearing; residing near the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

Nicolae Carpathia

Former president of Romania, former Secretary General of the United Nations, self-appointed Global Community Potentate, assassinated in Jerusalem, resurrected at GC complex and possessed by Satan. Within the series, Carpathia is the Antichrist, and leader of the Global Community, a world government which he ultimately marshals against the followers of Jesus Christ. In the Left Behind movies, Carpathia is portrayed by Gordon Currie. In the Left Behind PC games, he is portrayed by Trevor Parsons.

Early life and rise to power

According to the plot, Carpathia was born in Cluj County, Romania, the product of genetic engineering and artificial insemination. His mother, Marilena, was persuaded by a group of Luciferians to become the mother of a child who, they assured her, would change the world. Marilena stayed with her husband, Sorin, until the baby was born, insisting that her son keep the family name. In prequel novels, it is explained that the name "Nicolae" means "victory of the people".

Through his parents, Carpathia possessed a bloodline dating back to Ancient Rome; connecting himself to the early Christian belief that the Antichrist would come in the form of a Roman emperor and the current Pre-Millennialist Christian view that the Antichrist will emerge from a "New Roman Empire".

As a young child, Carpathia showed remarkable intelligence and athleticism, and also proved able to bend others to his will with relative ease. His handlers arranged for his mother to be eliminated, and Nicolae himself eventually demanded the dispatch of his "father". With his advisers and counselors, Carpathia formed an import-export business, which made him a millionaire. Guided by the "kingmaker" Leon Fortunato, set his sights on politics.

At the age of 24, Carpathia became a member of the lower house of the Parliament of Romania. Falling victim to Fortunato's blackmail, the President of Romania resigned, allowing Carpathia to assume power, with the unanimous support of that country's parliament. This events of the book series would not follow the constitution of Romania, in that the Romanian president is always directly elected, and when vacant, the presidency is assumed ad hoc by the President of the Senate until new elections are held. This is explained in the series by the fact that the government of Romania unanimously approved this breach of their constitution.

Shortly after the Rapture, Carpathia was appointed United Nations Secretary-General. From this office, he converted the U.N. into the Global Community, appointing himself as that government's Supreme Potentate.

Death and resurrection

After three and a half years in power, Carpathia was assassinated by Chaim Rosenzweig, an Israeli botanist and statesman. After three days, Carpathia's body was re-animated by Satan, who thus made Carpathia appear to rise from the dead.

Final 3½ years

To complete world domination, Carpathia created the One World Unity Army, composed of all G.C. military presence, whose mission was to destroy the remnant stronghold of Petra and capture the city of Jerusalem as the world's new capital, following the destruction of New Babylon. He also gathered the armies of the world at the valley of Armageddon for the battle with Jesus Christ and His army.

In accordance with the series' interpretation of biblical prophecy, Carpathia was overthrown and destroyed by the Second Coming of Jesus. Before his sentence is executed, Carpathia realizes all too late how loved he was by Jesus, and states that he has hitherto wasted most of his effort.

One thousand years later

A brief glimpse of Carpathia and Leon Fortunato is seen when the Lake of Fire opens to admit Satan, in which scene Carpathia is tortured in fire, repeating constantly that Jesus is supreme.


Carpathianism is a fictional religion established by the character Nicolae Carpathia as the only legal religion on Earth. The religion lasted for three and a half years before the Second Coming of Christ.

Carpathianism draws heavily from the narratives and traditions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (collectively known as the three monotheistic faiths). After his death and resurrection, Carpathia proclaimed himself God in the desecrated Temple of the Holy of Holies, and ordered golden statues of himself to be placed prominently and worshiped three times a day; referring in part to the golden calf story found in the Old Testament and the Quran, as well as the tradition of multiple daily calls to prayer in Islam. In following with the Book of Revelation, Carpathia introduces the mandatory mark known as the biblical Mark of the Beast.

Leon Fortunato

Main article: Leon Fortunato

Carpathia's right hand man, known as "The False Prophet".

Chaim Rosenzweig

Main article: Chaim Rosenzweig

Israeli botanist and statesman, discoverer of a formula that made Israeli desert bloom, former Global Weekly Man of the Year; murderer of Carpathia; leader of the million-plus Jewish remnant at Petra; witness to the Glorious Appearing; now residing near the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

Chaim was Carpathia's friend for the first half of the tribulation; Chaim believed in him with all of his heart. However, through infiltration of the GC Palace by the Trib Force and Buck & Tsion's conversations with him, Chaim was led to murder Carpathia. He faked a stroke, got a wheelchair, and hid a hand-filed blade in the handle. When Rayford Steele accidentally shot the Saber, Carpathia staggered back, tripped, and fell backwards, right into the blade being held in Chaim's hands. Chaim later became a believer, and led the Jewish Remnant at Petra under the alias "Micah" (made from the letters of his original name).

In the Left Behind films he is portrayed by Colin Fox.

Hattie Durham

Main article: Hattie Durham

Before the Rapture, Hattie was a senior flight attendant, young and beautiful, working for Pan-Continental Airlines. She seemed to be attracted to Pan-Con pilot Rayford Steele, perhaps wanting an affair with him. Late into the night, it was stated half way to London from O'Hare, many awake to find that loved ones and others have vanished, leaving behind everything material, ranging from clothes and hearing aids to tooth fillings. Terrified at the events, Hattie informs Rayford about the event, thinking he does not know what has just happened. When they return to Chicago, Hattie begs Rayford to stay with her, but he refused, wanting to check on his family. A few days later she arrives at his house, pleading for him to come with her, but he tells her he found what he was missing, Jesus Christ and that the disappearances was the Rapture. However she declines, thinking he is crazy after losing his wife and son, and leaves without him.

Hattie, who convinced Buck to introduce her to Nicolae Carpathia, eventually becomes the personal secretary, and later the lover. Rayford and the other members of the Tribulation Force attempt to convince her that Carpathia is evil, but she refuses to listen. After becoming pregnant with Nicolae's child and being engaged to him, Carpathia attempts to poison her but the child takes the brunt of the poison and dies. Hattie is eventually sent to the Belgium Facility for Female Rehabilitation (BFFR, or "Buffer") when Carpathia realizes she would be a liability to him. She is rescued by members of the Tribulation Force. She is then convinced of the truth of God's Word, and she becomes a devout Christian. She is eventually killed by Leon Fortunato, who calls down a bolt of lightning to vaporize her.

Hattie is resurrected at the Glorious Appearing of Jesus Christ, to the great delight of Rayford and the rest of God's followers. She is awarded a crown from Jesus Himself, who praises her for her bravery in the face of certain death. She also appears briefly in Kingdom Come, as she is among those present at Mac McCullum's thousandth birthday party and is assumedly with the rest of the Trib Force as they gather to watch the end of the Millennium. In the films, Hattie is played by Chelsea Noble. In the upcoming 2014 film Left Behind she will be portrayed by Nicky Whelan.

Annie Christopher

Main article: Annie Christopher

Global Community corporal; Phoenix 216 Cargo Chief. After meeting and falling in love with David Hassid, Annie became part of the Trib Force's operative group in New Babylon. She was planned to leave after the initiation of the Mark of the Beast, along with Mac McCullum, David, Chang Wong (who did not leave until God strikes New Babylon with darkness ) and Hannah Palemoon. However, she was struck by lightning at Carpathia's resurrection, resulting in an immediate and painless death. When David was in the hospital due to dehydration, he was taken to see Annie in the morgue by Hannah Palemoon.

Leah Rose

Former head nurse at Arthur Young Hospital in Palatine, Illinois, she helped Cameron "Buck" Williams get Ken Ritz out without compromising the Tribulation Force's cover, and after helping deliver Hattie Durham's stillborn baby that was fathered by Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia, abandons her now-compromised job and must request sanctuary at the Trib Force safe house.

Leah and Rayford Steele clash as they stumble at trying to work together, their personalities colliding. Leah's first Trib Force undercover mission, at the midpoint of the Tribulation, takes her to Belgium to try to communicate with Hattie at the Belgium Facility for Female Rehabilitation (BFFR), or "Buffer." There, she meets Ming Toy, another believer with a strategic position inside the Global Community. Ming helps Leah avoid suspicion and incarceration, and Leah returns to Illinois.

She helps out at Operation Eagle as a nurse, and then goes to live with a co-op pilot and his wife when the Chicago safe house is compromised.

She and Hannah Palemoon move to Petra and help run the hospital there. Leah also helps Rayford Steele in Glorious Appearing after an almost fatal ATV wreck. She is among the few believers left alive when Jesus Christ returns to earth

Tyrola ("T") Mark Delanty

Tyrola Mark Delanty became a believer and a member of the Tribulation Force. He was in charge of the airstrip that Ken Ritz had used. Rayford Steele met him when the plague of locusts struck, attacking all unbelievers. T also helped Buck Williams and Chaim Rosenzweig escape out of Israel on a plane that crashed in Greece, killing him.

Abdullah ("Smith" / "Smitty") Ababneh

Abdullah Ababneh is a former Jordanian fighter pilot, first officer for the Phoenix 216, Royal Jordanian Air Force, Amman; lost divorced wife and two children in Rapture; former first officer, Phoenix 216; a principal Trib Force pilot assigned to Petra; witnessed the Glorious Appearing; now residing near the Valley of Jehoshaphat, Israel

Eleazar Tiberias

Eleazer Tiberias is one of the elders at Petra, who help Micah (aka Chaim Rosenzweig) run the operations of the city of the remnant. Eleazar's wife was converted to Christianity before she died of an illness, and Eleazar, who otherwise loved his wife greatly, rejected his dying wife's pleas to convert, and instead disowned her and slipped into depression. The events of the Rapture happen; Eleazar listens to Tsion Ben-Judah's television broadcast on the Messiah and is converted. Eleazar is one of the 144,000 evangelical converts in the book. Eleazar's daughter is Naomi Tiberias.

Ming Toy

Ming Toy is the older sister of Chang Wong. She was a former Global Community employee working at Buffer who is a believer.

She was formerly married but left a widow during the early years of the Tribulation. She joined the Tribulation Force in "The Mark", escaping Buffer when the "mark of loyalty" was being tested out on prisoners.

She traveled to China under the guise of a Global Community Peacekeeper officer named Chang Chow in order to find her parents who became believers, and discovered that while her mother was still alive, her father died a martyr.

She later fell in love with and married Ree Woo in "Armageddon". She made it to the Glorious Appearing.

Chang Wong

Brother of Ming Toy he is 17 at the time of Global Community Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia's temporary death, he is groomed by David Hassid to replace him as the Tribulation Force's mole in the GC Headquarters Palace in New Babylon. Hassid, who is a believer, cannot take the mark of the beast and so he flees, faking his death.

Chang is pressured by his parents, who are Carpathia loyalists, to take the mark, but Chang violently protests this as he is a believer in Jesus Christ. He is later drugged by his father, who forces the mark on Chang while the young man is incapacitated; Chang fears for his soul as a result of this, although he is reassured that he cannot be held responsible for taking the mark since it was forced on him against his will.

Even though Chang appears to have the mark of loyalty, believers can still see the mark of God on him. He is able to continue as the Trib Force's mole until God strikes New Babylon with darkness; then he is rescued and relocated to Petra to work with the Remnant of Israel. Where he is prayed for by Tsion and others and his mark of loyalty is miraculously removed by God.

Chang becomes romantically involved with Naomi Tiberias, but they decide to postpone marriage until a point beyond Glorious Appearing.

Al B. (aka "Albie")

Albie (no real name given, named for the town Al Basrah) was a Middle East black market arms dealer who became a believer and a member of the Tribulation Force. He helped Rayford rescue Hattie Durham from a detention center in Colorado in "The Mark", using the name Marcus Elbaz. He was killed trying to purchase help from another black market dealer named Mainyu Mazda. He later returned with the resurrected martyrs at the second coming of Jesus.

Kenneth Bruce Williams

As Cameron and Chloe's son, he was nearly 5 at the time of the Glorious Appearing. Around Kenny's 95th year, he infiltrates The Other Light (TOL) and is seen by Abdullah, who doubts his faith. Kenny had 14 kids and more than 80 grandchildren. He expanded Children of the Tribulation to Greece. Near the end of the millennium, he was losing his sight and hearing. He was at Mac's Birthday at the end and then was taken to heaven after the final judgment.

Peter Mathews

Peter Mathews was the archbishop of Cincinnati, Ohio, at the time of the Rapture. He was described as a very traditional Roman Catholic at this time, although he rapidly embraced dramatic changes to the faith after the Rapture. Shortly after the Rapture, Mathews participated in key meetings to establish the Global Community Faith (shortly after, it was renamed Enigma Babylon One World Faith) and also was elected to replace the pope John XXIV who had been raptured.

Calling himself Supreme Pontiff and Pontifex Maximus, Mathews became the leader of Enigma Babylon, adopted the name Peter the Second, and considered the new faith organization to be at least as important as the Global Community and himself an equal of Supreme Potentate and Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia.

Mathews is later assassinated—stabbed with icicles from an ice sculpture—by the ten "kings" that Carpathia had appointed to lead the world under his rule.

Steven Plank

Prior to the Rapture he was the executive editor of Global Weekly magazine, and the boss of Cameron "Buck" Williams. Within two weeks of the Rapture, Plank accepts a post as press secretary for rising international political leader Nicolae Carpathia, and nominates Buck to take his place as senior editor.

Plank falls under Carpathia's spell and serves him faithfully until he becomes surplus to Nicolae's needs. He disappears for several years, presumably lost in the bombing of New York City by the Global Community but blamed on American militia forces.

Plank resurfaces shortly after the midpoint of the Tribulation, using the alias Pinkerton Stephens, and a believer in Christ. Rayford Steele and Albie encounter him in The Mark working undercover as a GC operative in Pueblo, Colorado. He is badly disfigured and wears a prosthetic to hide the fact that most of his face is missing as a result of injuries caused by the Wrath of the Lamb earthquake. Though he is hideously disfigured, the seal of the believer is visible on his forehead. He says that he had already been convinced before the earthquake, and that he "was praying the prayer as the building came down."

After revealing his true identity to Rayford and Albie, he helps them rescue Hattie Durham from the very facility where he has been working undercover.

Plank next appears in The Remnant, when the GC brass order all personnel without Carpathia's mark of loyalty obtain it immediately. After agonizing in prayer, Plank surrenders himself to the GC, refusing to take the mark. Even while choosing to place his head on the guillotine at the loyalty mark processing center, Plank uses wit and disarming cooperation as he is positioned for execution, bantering good-naturedly with his executioners, and trading quips about the stand-in executioner owing him a favor for assisting in operating the guillotine.

Amanda White

The second wife of Rayford Steele, whom married him in Tribulation Force. Engaged and married on the same day as Chloe and Buck.

She died in a plane crash in Soul Harvest. Thought to be subversive after death due to messages planted by Hattie Durham, who later clears Amanda's name when poisoned by Nicolae. She appears in Glorious Appearing with Rayford's first wife Irene.

Jonathan Stonagal

Jonathan Stonagal is a powerful and highly influential American financier with links to Viv Ivins' Luciferian organization. Apart from controlling most of the world's largest financial institutions and being the richest man in history, he also owns the genetic engineering company that artificially inseminated Nicolae Carpathia's mother Marilena. As her son Nicolae comes of age, Stonagal becomes one of his mentors, financing his rise in the corporate world.

At his first meeting as United Nations Secretary-General (at the end of Left Behind Book 1), Carpathia executes Stonagal with a revolver, believing that his usefulness has expired. The same bullet that kills Stonagal also kills Joshua Todd-Cothran, the head of the London Stock Exchange, believed responsible for plotting an attempt on Buck Williams' life earlier in the book as well as liquidating many of his acquaintances. Carpathia then brainwashes everyone in the room (except Williams, who was protected by God) into believing that Stonagal shot himself and Todd-Cothran in remorse for the assassinations.

In Tribulation Force (Book 2), Carpathia tells Williams that he was named the sole beneficiary in Stonagal's will, though Stonagal's family members will receive massive payoffs to silence them. This effectively bestowed on Carpathia the financial resources and clout needed for his intended takeover of the world's media and information networks, granting him a media monopoly.

Joshua Todd-Cothran

Joshua Todd-Cothran is the head of the London Stock Exchange and, like his colleague Jonathan Stonagal, is a highly influential financier. So influential, in fact, that award-winning journalist Cameron "Buck" Williams believes he is responsible for having many professional acquaintances liquidated. Williams also suspects Todd-Cothran had framed him for the violent death of Scotland Yard agent and close friend Alan Tompkins, who had grown suspicious of Todd-Cothran's practices.

At his first meeting as United Nations Secretary-General (at the end of Left Behind), Nicolae Carpathia executes Stonagal and Todd-Cothran with a single bullet that passes through Stonagal's head, then Todd-Cothran's. Carpathia explains to Buck that he was fulfilling his promise to take care of Buck's problem, knowing that Todd-Cothran was responsible for plotting the attempt on Williams' life earlier in the book as well as the assassinations. Carpathia then brainwashes everyone in the room (except Buck, who was protected by God) into believing that it was Stonagal who shot himself and Todd-Cothran in remorse for the assassinations.

Gustaf Zuckermandel, Jr. (Zeke)

Disguise Expert and Master Forger for the Tribulation Force.


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