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Politics of Aosta Valley

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Title: Politics of Aosta Valley  
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Subject: Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology, Politics of Italy, Politics of Aosta Valley, List of legislatures of the Italian Republic, Assessor (Italy)
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Politics of Aosta Valley

This article is part of a series on the
politics and government of
Aosta Valley

The Politics of Aosta Valley, Italy takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democracy, whereby the President of Aosta Valley is the head of government, and of a pluriform multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the Regional Government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Council of the Valley.


The Regional Government (Italian: Giunta Regionale, French: Junte régionale) is presided by the President of the Region (Italian: Presidente della Regione, French: Président de la région) and is composed by the President and the Ministers (Italian: Assessori, French: Assesseurs), who are currently 7.[1]

List of Presidents

President Took office Left office Party
(Acting) Federico Chabod 10 January 1946 24 October 1946 Action Party
1 Severino Caveri 1946 1954 Valdostan Union
2 Vittorino Bondaz 1954 1959 Christian Democracy
3 Oreste Marcoz 1959 1963 Valdostan Union
4 Saverino Caveri 1963 1968 Valdostan Union
5 Cesare Dujany 1968 1973 Valdostan Union
6 Mario Andrione 1973 1983 Valdostan Union
7 Augusto Rollandin 1983 1993 Valdostan Union
8 Roberto Louvin 1993 2003 Valdostan Union
9 Carlo Perrin 2003 2008 ALPE
10 Augusto Rollandin 2008 Incumbent Valdostan Union

Source: Regional Government of Aosta Valley – Governments since 1946

Legislative branch

The Council of the Valley (French: Conseil de la Vallée, Italian: Consiglio regionale della Valle d'Aosta) is composed of 35 members. The Council is elected for a five-year term.

Political parties and elections

Latest regional election

Parties     votes votes (%)   seats
Valdostan Union 24,121 33.5 13
Edelweiss (incl. Lega Nord VdA) 8,824 12.2 5
Autonomist Federation (incl. Union of the Centre) 1,572 2.2 -
Aosta Valley coalition 34,517 47.9 18
Progressive Valdostan Union 13,843 19.2 7
Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology 8,943 12.4 5
Democratic Party – VdA Left[2] 6,401 8.9 3
Autonomy Liberty Democracy 29,187 40.5 15
Five Star Movement 4,773 6.6 2
The People of Freedom 2,961 4.1 -
Others 622 0.9 -
Total 72,060 100.0 35
Source: Aosta Valley Region

Latest general election in Aosta Valley

Chamber of Deputies

Candidate Party/coalition       votes       %
Rudi Marguerettaz Aosta Valley coalition 18,376 25.4
Laurent Viérin Progressive Valdostan Union 18,191 25.1
Jean Pierre Guichardaz Autonomy Liberty Democracy 14,340 19.8
Roberto Cognetta Five Star Movement 13,403 18.5
Giorgia Meloni Brothers of Italy 3,051 4.2
Nicoletta Spelegatti Lega Nord Valle d'Aosta 2,384 3.3
Other candidates Other parties 2,691 3.7
Total 72,436 100.0

Source: Aosta Valley Region


Candidate Party/coalition       votes       %
Albert Lanièce Aosta Valley coalition 24,609 37.0
Patrizia Morelli Autonomy Liberty Democracy 20,430 30.8
Stefano Ferrero Five Star Movement 13,760 20.7
Sandy Cane Lega Nord Valle d'Aosta 2,608 3.9
Other candidates Other parties 5,032 7.6
Total 66,439 100.0

Source: Aosta Valley Region


  1. ^ Consiglio Regionale della Valle d'Aosta - I Consiglieri
  2. ^ Including the Communist Refoundation PartyFederation of the Left, Italy of Values, the Italian Socialist Party, Democratic Centre, non-party independents, minor parties and associations. See and Valle d'Aosta Bene Comune.


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