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Serb Democratic Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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Title: Serb Democratic Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chairmen of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1992 anti-war protests in Sarajevo, Radovan Karadžić
Collection: 1990 Establishments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Conservative Parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greater Serbian Ideology, Nationalist Parties, Nationalist Parties in Europe, Political Parties Established in 1990, Political Parties in Republika Srpska, Secession in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serb Political Parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian Democratic Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Serbian Nationalism
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Serb Democratic Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Serb Democratic Party
Српска демократска Странка
Srpska Demokratska Stranka
Leader Mladen Bosić
Founder Radovan Karadžić
Founded 1990
Headquarters Istočno Sarajevo
Ideology Serbian nationalism[1]
National conservatism[2][3][4][5]

Political position Right-wing
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
Colours Blue
Ethnic group Serbs
House of Representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 / 42
National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska
18 / 83
6,800 / 29,670
Politics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Political parties

The Serb Democratic Party (Serbian: Српска демократска Странка/Srpska Demokratska Stranka; abbr. СДС/SDS) is a political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is currently led by Mladen Bosić, who succeeded Dragan Čavić.

In the parliamentary elections of October 2006, the SDS lost its status as the leading party in Republika Srpska and the main Serb party in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), led by the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik.

The Serb Democratic Party is under sanctions from the United States. The sanctions prohibit any transfer of funds and material from the United States to the SDS and vice versa.[11]

The SDS made major gains in the 2012 elections.


  • History 1
    • Establishment 1.1
    • 1991 1.2
  • Election history 2
  • Notable former members 3
  • References 4
  • External links 5



Radovan Karadžić founded the Serb Democratic Party in 1990. The party aimed at unifying the Bosnian Serb community, as Jovan Rašković's Serb Democratic Party did with the Serbs in Croatia, and staying part of Yugoslavia (as the "Third Yugoslavia" with Serbia and Montenegro) in the event of secession by those two republics from the federation.


Throughout September 1991, the SDS began to establish various "[12]

Election history

Legislative, Republika Srpska
Election In coalition with Votes won Percentage Seats won Change
(Coalition totals) (SDS only)
1996 (September) None
45 / 83
1997 (September) None
24 / 83
1998 (September) None 160,370 21.67%
19 / 83
2000 (September) None 226,226 36.09%
31 / 83
2002 (October) None 159,164 31.19%
26 / 83
2006 (October) None 103,035 18.27%
17 / 83
2010 (October) None 120,136 18.97%
18 / 83
2014 (October) SRS RS 173,824 26.26%
21 / 83

Notable former members


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