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Solar power in the Czech Republic


Solar power in the Czech Republic

Solar radiation map of the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic had almost 2 GW of photovoltaics at the end of 2010, but installed less than 10 MW in 2011 due to the feed-in tariff being reduced by 25%, after installing almost 1,500 MW the year before. Installations increased to 109 MW in 2012.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Photovoltaics installed
Year Installed Total (MWp) Generation (GWh)
2006 0.313 0.843
2007 3.118 3.961
2008 51 54.674
2009 411.2 465.9 88.8
2010 1495.8 1959.1 615.7
2011 0 1913.4 2182.0
2012 109.0 2022.4 2149.0
2013 110.4 2132.4 2070.0
Photovoltaic power stations
Photovoltaic power station Region Site co-ordinates Nominal Power
(Annual GW·h)
Ralsko Solar Park[8][9] Liberec 38.3 Completed December 2010
Vepřek Solar Park[10][11] Central Bohemian 35.1 186,960 modules, completed September 2010
Ševětín Solar Park[12][13] South Bohemian 29.902 Completed December 2010
Bežerovice[14] South Bohemian 3.013
Buštěhrad[14] Central Bohemian 2.396
Čekanice[14] South Bohemian 4.48
Dukovany[14] Vysočina 0.01
Hrušovany[14] South Moravia 3.73 3.7
Chýnov[14] South Bohemian 2.009
Mimoň[14] Ústí 17.494
Pánov[14] South Moravia 2.134
Přelouč[14] Pardubice 0.0208
Vranovská Ves[14] South Moravia 16.033
Žabčice[14] South Moravia 5.6

In 2003 a Czech-Austrian information and training center for solar power was founded in the village of Věžovatá Pláně in South Bohemia.[15] That same year major Josef Mach claimed that the electricity from the Temelín nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic would be abandoned. He is known as one of the biggest Temelín opponents in the Czech Republic.

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