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South Yorkshire Police


South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police
Abbreviation SYP
Logo of the South Yorkshire Police
Motto Justice with courage
Agency overview
Formed 1974
Preceding agencies
Annual budget £251 million (2012–13)
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* Police area of county of South Yorkshire (i.e. the metropolitan districts of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield), UK
Map of South Yorkshire Police's jurisdiction.
Size 1,554 km²
Population 1.28 million
Governing body Home Office
General nature
Operational structure
Headquarters Carbrook House, 5 Carbrook Hall Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 2EH
Sworn members 2710 (As of August 2013)
Unsworn members 2218 (As of August 2013)
South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner responsible Alan Billings
Agency executives
  • David Crompton, Chief Constable
  • Andy Holt, Deputy Chief Constable
  • Jo Byrne, Assistant Chief Constable
  • Ingrid Lee, Assistant Chief Constable
  • Nigel Hiller, Director of Finance
  • Steve Merret, Chief Officer (Special Constabulary)
Stations 24
Vehicle Fleets 500 +
Helicopters 1
Dogs 48
* Police area agency: Prescribed geographic area in the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

South Yorkshire Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing South Yorkshire in England. The force's roads policing unit and its helicopter, Sierra Yankee 99, have been a feature in three television series: Traffic Cops, Sky Cops and Police Interceptors. The current Police and Crime Commissioner is Alan Billings, and former Anglican priest and Deputy Leader of Sheffield City Council who was elected at a by-election on 30 October 2014, to replace Shaun Wright, the incumbent who resigned in the wake of the Rotherham child sexual exploitation controversy.


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Police area

The police force covers an area of approximately 1,554 square kilometres (approx. 600 square miles) which is made up of the county's three boroughs (Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham), along with the City of Sheffield. The resident population is 1.2 million. The force is the thirteenth largest of the 44 forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The force is divided into four basic command units (BCUs):

Force Headquarters is based at Carbrook House, in Tinsley, Sheffield. This is a move from Snig Hill Police Station that occurred in early 2013. This move saw the Senior Command Team and other services (such as firearms licensing) into one location. This has been funded by the sale of out-dated buildings, including West Bar Police Station, and the future sale of vacated properties.[1]


The current Chief Constable is David Crompton.[2] He is assisted by DCC Andy Holt and ACC Jo Byrne and ACC Ingrid Lee.[2] Nigel Hiller is the Director of Finance.

The South Yorkshire Special Constabulary is headed by Chief Officer Stephen Merrett. He is assisted by Deputy Chief Officer Andy Taylor.


South Yorkshire Police is governed by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner,.[3] The election took place on 15 November 2012, the same day as 40 other elections for the respective Police and Crime Commissioners (the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police having other elected officials acting as Commissioner). His deputy, Tracey Cheetham, was confirmed by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Panel in January 2013.[4] This is a salaried position, which is coming under scrutiny by local press.[5]

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner election, 2012 [6]
Party Candidate 1st Round % 2nd Round Total  First Round Votes  Transfer Votes 
Labour Shaun Wright 74,615 51.35%
English Democrats David Allen 22,608 15.56%
Conservative Nigel Bonson 21,075 14.51%
UKIP Jonathan Arnott 16,773 11.54%
Liberal Democrat Robert Teal 10,223 7.04%
Turnout 145,294 14.53%
Rejected ballots
Total votes
Registered electors 1,000,015
Labour win

Before November 2012 police governance was undertaken by the South Yorkshire Police Authority, made up of elected councillors from the four metropolitan boroughs.


The force was formed in 1974, as a merger of the previous Sheffield and Rotherham Constabulary along with part of the West Yorkshire Constabulary area (which Barnsley Borough Police and Doncaster Borough Police had been merged into on 1 October 1968).

During the [8]

The force was condemned by Prime Minister David Cameron in September 2012 for their dishonesty and negligence in their handling of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, which led to an apology from the current Chief Constable David Crompton.[9] The Hillsborough Independent Panel had exposed the way in which the force had attempted to divert blame from their own mishandling of the tragedy by feeding false information to the media and altering statements given by their own officers.

The media have called the force's judgement into question over a number of incidents involving the sexual abuse of minors in Rotherham, where prosecutions were not undertaken.[10]

Previous Chief Constables

Chief Constables of South Yorkshire Police
Period of Appointment Name
1974–1979 Incomplete
1979–1983 James Hilton Brownlow CBE QPM[11]
1983–1990 Peter Wright CBE[12]
1990–1998 Richard Wells
1998–2004 Mike Hedges
2004–2011 Meredydd Hughes CBE QPM
2011–2012 Robert Dyson QPM (temporary)[13]
2012–Present David Crompton[14]

Roll of Honour

This table sorts names alphabetically by default. The Roll of Honour is a list of all sworn police officers who have died whilst on duty. The Roll of Honour is provided by the national police charity, the Police Roll of Honour Trust.[15]

Name Rank Organisation Date Cause of death
Austwick, AlfredAlfred Austwick 09Police Constable West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary 1886-08-011 August 1886(1886-08-01) (aged 30) Shot and fatally wounded by a man he had warned about his conduct
Beardshaw, WilliamWilliam Beardshaw 09Police Constable Sheffield Borough Police 1855-07-2323 July 1855(1855-07-23) (aged 26) Struck on head by a stone during a street disturbance and died next day
Bull, Arthur TylerArthur Tyler Bull 10Special Constable Rotherham Borough Police 1916-10-022 October 1916(1916-10-02) (aged 46) Collapsed of heart failure while on duty in the early hours
Cornish, ArchieArchie Cornish 07Inspector Sheffield Police Fire Brigade 1931-02-1818 February 1931(1931-02-18) (aged 47) Burns sustained fighting a fire at a hospital in November 1930
Edwards, Sandra JaneSandra Jane Edwards 09Woman Police Constable South Yorkshire Police 1995-05-1010 May 1995(1995-05-10) (aged 28) Traffic car crashed while pursuing a stolen car
Gibson, Samuel PiddSamuel Pidd Gibson 09Police Constable Sheffield Borough Police 1872-02-2424 February 1872(1872-02-24) (aged 33) A fractured skull received during an arrest in a hostile crowd
Grainger, HaroldHarold Grainger 09Police Constable South Yorkshire Police 1974-10-2626 October 1974(1974-10-26) (aged 35) Police vehicle accident while on prisoner escort to Paisley
Howe, GlenGlen Howe 09Police Constable South Yorkshire Police 2008-10-2424 October 2008(2008-10-24) (aged 48) Police motorcycle accident attending an emergency in Sheffield
Jackson, Thomas AndrewThomas Andrew Jackson 09Police Constable South Yorkshire Police 2003-12-1313 December 2003(2003-12-13) (aged 46) Collapsed dispersing rival football crowds with his police dog
Jackson, WilliamWilliam Jackson 08Sergeant Sheffield City Police 1914-11-2626 November 1914(1914-11-26) (aged 41) Accidentally killed by a train while crossing the line on patrol at night
Kew, John WilliamJohn William Kew 09Police Constable West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary 1900-07-1111 July 1900(1900-07-11) (aged 29) Fatally shot challenging two armed suspects who had threatened him
Marriott, HarryHarry Marriott 09Police Constable Sheffield City Police 1961-06-088 June 1961(1961-06-08) (aged 31) Accidental collision with a van while on motorcycle patrol
Moor, LotLot Moor 09Police Constable West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary 1900-06-1616 June 1900(1900-06-16) (aged 58) Found dead on his beat in the early morning believed from heart failure
Munks, Frank HidesFrank Hides Munks 10Police War Reserve Constable Sheffield City Police 1940-12-1313 December 1940(1940-12-13) (aged 52) Enemy air raid
Pollard, JohnJohn Pollard 01Chief Constable Rotherham Borough Police 1888-06-3030 June 1888(1888-06-30) (aged 41) Collapsed while running to the scene of a fire late at night
Pryor, EdwinEdwin Pryor 09Police Constable Sheffield Borough Police 1857-04-088 April 1857(1857-04-08) Struck on head by a stone during a street disturbance and died next day
Robinson, Rex WebsterRex Webster Robinson 08Sergeant Doncaster Borough Police 1961-12-099 December 1961(1961-12-09) (aged 52) Collapsed while briefing traffic officers on shift changeover
Rutherford, Gina CorinGina Corin Rutherford 09Woman Police Constable South Yorkshire Police 1994-02-077 February 1994(1994-02-07) (aged 25) Drowned in a patrol car which left an icy road and crashed into a river
Saunders, BarryBarry Saunders 09Police Constable South Yorkshire Police 1989-11-2424 November 1989(1989-11-24) (aged 31) Fell through a roof while checking burgled factory premises
Slee, JamesJames Slee 09Police Constable Sheffield City Police 1940-09September 1940(1940-09-00) (aged 30) Road accident on patrol in a police motorcycle combination
South, KennethKenneth South 09Police Constable Sheffield City Police 1960-03-3030 March 1960(1960-03-30) (aged 25) Motorcycle accident after finishing an extended tour of duty
Spencer, Frederick ParkesFrederick Parkes Spencer 09Police Fireman Sheffield Police Fire Brigade 1940-12-1212 December 1940(1940-12-12) (aged 36) Killed fighting a fire at the Empire Theatre after an enemy air raid
Watson, George WilliamGeorge William Watson 07Inspector West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary 1953-11-055 November 1953(1953-11-05) (aged 48) Collapsed soon after leading a police funeral escort

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