Statue of Tara

Tara may refer to:

Religions and deities

  • Tara (Buddhism), is a tantric meditation deity in Tibetan Buddhism, actually the generic name for a set of similar bodhisattvas
  • In Hinduism:
  • Tara (Devi), a Mahavidya of Mahadevi, Kali or Parvati
  • In Indian Hinduism, the star goddess Tara is a manifestation of the queen of time, Kali
  • Another name for Taraka, the second wife of Brihaspati
  • Tara (Ramayana), the wife of the monkey king Vali, who married Vali's brother and successor, Sugriva, after Vali's death

People and characters

  • Tara (name), a list of people and characters with the name




  • Tara, Cairo, villa in Gezira Island, Cairo, made famous by its inhabitants during World War II
  • Tara, Chertsey, Surrey, UK, previously the home of drummer Keith Moon
  • Tara Theatre, an art house movie theater in Atlanta named after the plantation in Gone With the Wind

Natural features


Populated places

  • Qila Tara Singh, a town and union council of Depalpur Tehsil in the Okara District of Punjab Province, Pakistan
  • Tara, Afghanistan, in Wardak Province
  • Tara, Ethiopia, a village in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia
  • Tara, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Tara Garh, a village in the Pattoki tehsil of Kasur District in the West Punjab, Pakistan
  • Tara Hills, California, USA
  • Tara, County Down, a townland in County Down, Northern Ireland
  • Tara, Ireland, a village in Ireland
  • Tara Khēl, a village in Deh Sabz District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan
  • Țara Moților, an ethnogeographical region of Romania
  • Tara Nagar, a village in Gorkha District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal
  • Tara, Nepal, a village in Baglung District in the Dhawalagiri Zone of central Nepal
  • Tara, Ontario, village in Canada
  • Tara, Queensland, town in Australia
  • Tara, Russia, name of several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Tara, Saga, town, mountain and mountain range in Saga Prefecture, Japan
  • Tara Township, Minnesota (disambiguation), USA; several places
  • Tara, Zambia, a village in the Southern Province of Zambia


Companies and organizations

Works of fiction


  • Tara Road, a 1998 novel by Irish writer Maeve Binchy

Film and television



  • Queen Tara, play by Darrell Figgis. Opened at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, February 25, 1913. Produced by Henry Herbert.




  • Battle of Tara (disambiguation), a number of battles in Ireland
  • Da' Tara, American thoroughbred racehorse
  • Hurricane Tara (disambiguation), name of three tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific Ocean
  • Kayf Tara, United Kingdom Thoroughbred racehorse
  • tārā, Tahitian slang for 5 CFP francs
  • Tara Brooch, an artifact from Ireland

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