Strength athletics in Norway

Strength athletics in Norway refers to the participation of Norwegian competitors in the field of strength athletics in association with the World's Strongest Man.


The sport's roots have a long history going back many centuries before modern strongman competitions in the 1970s. However, Norway did not come onto the international scene in modern times until the mid-1990s. Norway has had mixed success on the international stage, with Svend Karlsen winning the 2001 World's Strongest Man title, Norways only WSM title. In recent years, Norway has had several top international competitors in WSM, including Arild Haugen, Richard Skog, Odd Haugen and Espen Aune.

National Competitions

Norway's Strongest Man

Norway's Strongest Man
Tournament information
Month played May
Established 1998
Format Multi-event competition
Current champion
Norway Ole Martin Hansen

Norway's Strongest Man (Norwegian: Norges Sterkeste Mann) is an annual strongman competition held in Norway. The event was established in 1998.[1] Kurt Kvikkstad won in 1998 & 1999, with Roy Holte winning the next 3 years. Svend Karlsen took the 2003, 2005, and 2006 titles. Arild Haugen won in 2007 & 2008. Richard Skog won in 2009 & 2010.[1] Espen Aune won in 2011, Skog did not compete due to injury.[2]

Official results - top three places

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place
2012 Norway Ole Martin Hansen Norway Lars Rørbakken Norway Espen Aune
2011Note 1 Norway Espen Aune Norway Lars Rørbakken Norway Bjørn André Solvang
2010 Norway Richard Skog Norway Espen Aune Norway Bjørn André Solvang
2009 Norway Richard Skog Norway Arild Haugen Norway Lars Rørbakken
2008 Norway Arild Haugen Norway Richard Skog Norway Odd Haugen
2007 Norway Arild Haugen Norway Espen Aune Norway Odd Haugen
2006 Norway Svend Karlsen Norway Arild Haugen Norway Reider Kvåle
2005 Norway Svend Karlsen Norway Reider Kvåle Norway Olaf Dahl
2004 Norway Reider Kvåle[3] Norway Espen Aune[4] Norway Olaf Dahl[4]
2003 Norway Svend Karlsen Norway Odd Haugen Norway Reider Kvåle
2002 Norway Roy Holte Norway Olaf Dahl Norway Frank Nagy
2001 Norway Roy Holte Norway Kurk Kvikkstad Norway Frank Nagy
2000 Norway Roy Holte Norway Odd Haugen Norway Olaf Dahl
1999 Norway Kurt Kvikkstad Norway Marius Bjerke Norway Roy Holte
1998 Norway Kurt Kvikkstad Norway Thomas Johansen Norway Roy Holte
  • Results courtesy of David Horne's World of Grip

Regional Competitions

Nordic Strongman Championships

The Nordic Strongman Championships consists of athletes from Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.[5]

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place Location
2005 Norway Svend Karlsen Sweden Magnus Samuelsson Finland Juha-Matti Räsänen Norway IFSA Nordic Championships Kristiansand, Norway
2012[5] Sweden Johannes Arsjo Norway Lars Rorbakken Denmark Michael Leicht Norway Nordic Championships Harstad, Norway
2013 Sweden Johannes Arsjo Norway Ole Martin Hansen Finland Juha Matti Jarvi Norway Giants Live Nordic Championships Norway


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