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Title: Sucidava  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Constantine's Bridge (Danube), Battle of Sarmisegetusa, Dacian fortress of Mala Kopania, Dacian fortress of Drajna de Sus, Dacian fortress of Timișu de Jos
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Castra Sucidava
Ruins of Sucidava, modern Romania
Sucidava is located in Romania
Location within Romania
Known also as Castra of Celeiu
Abandoned 6th century
Attested by Tabula Peutingeriana
Previous fortification Dacian
Place in the Roman world
Province Dacia
Administrative unit Dacia Malvensis
Nearby water Danubius
— Stone structure —
Altitude c. 37 m
Place name Cartier Celei
Town Corabia
County Olt
Country  Romania
RO-LMI OT-I-s-A-08492
Site notes
Condition Ruined
Excavation dates 1900 [1]
Archaeologists Pamfil Polonic [1]
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Ancient fortress of Sucidava - walls plan
Ancient settlement of Sucidava

Sucidava (Sykibid after Procopius,[2] Σucidava after Pârvan, where Σ is pronounced "sh"[3]) is a Dacian and Daco-Roman historical site, situated in Corabia, Romania, on the north bank of the Danube. The first Christian Basilica established in Romania can be found there and the foot of a Roman bridge over the Danube built by Constantine the Great to link Sucidava with Oescus (today in Bulgaria, in Moesia). There is also a secret underground fountain which flows under the walls of the town to a water spring situated outside.

From an archaeological point of view, the coins found at Sucidava show an uninterrupted series from Aurelian (270-275) to Theodosius II (408-450). The archaeological evidence show that in AD 443 or 447 the city was sacked by the Huns, and was restored under Justin I 518-527 or Justinian I 527-565. Around 600, it seems that the Roman garrison abandoned the city.[2]

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