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English: Freedom
Tavisupleba sheet music.

National anthem of  Georgia
Lyrics David Magradze
Music Zachary Paliashvili/Ioseb Kechakmadze
Adopted 2004
Music sample

Tavisupleba (Zachary (Zakaria) Paliashvili (ზაქარია ფალიაშვილი, 1871–1933), was adapted to form the anthem by Ioseb Kechakmadze (იოსებ კეჭაყმაძე). The lyrics were composed by David Magradze (დავით მაღრაძე).


  • History 1
  • Music 2
  • Official lyrics 3
  • Regulations 4
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The new Georgian anthem was adopted by the

  • (Georgian) Parliament of Georgia Lyrics
  • (Georgian) President of Georgia Lyrics and media
  • - Audio of the national anthem of Georgia, with information and lyricsTavisuplebaGeorgia:
  • From the Cradle of Wine"Tavisupleba: The Georgian National Anthem,"
  • Sheet music - SATB and Piano score of Tavisupleba on IMSLP

External links

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  4. ^ English translation is done by David Chikvaidze
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Vocal recording from the Government of Georgia

Instrumental recording made by the United States Navy Band

Problems playing these files? See .

At the beginning and closing of television and radio programing, the anthem is played. For example, Paata Burchuladze.

[5] According to the Regulations for the


Georgian Transliteration Literal translation[4]

ჩემი ხატია სამშობლო,
სახატე მთელი ქვეყანა,
განათებული მთა-ბარი,
წილნაყარია ღმერთთანა.
თავისუფლება დღეს ჩვენი
მომავალს უმღერს დიდებას,
ცისკრის ვარსკვლავი ამოდის
ამოდის და ორ ზღვას შუა ბრწყინდება,
და დიდება თავისუფლებას,
თავისუფლებას დიდება!

Chemi khat'ia samshoblo,
Sakhat'e mteli kveq'ana,
Ganatebuli mta-bari
Ts'ilnaq'aria Ghmerttana.
Tavisupleba dghes chveni
Momavals umghers didebas,
Tsisk'ris varsk'vlavi amodis
Amodis da or zghvas shua brts'q'indeba,
Da dideba tavisuplebas,
Tavisuplebas dideba!

My icon is my motherland,
And the whole world is its icon-stand,
Bright mounts and valleys
Are shared with God.
Today our freedom
Sings to the glory of the future,
The dawn star rises up
And shines out between the two seas,
So praise be to freedom,
To freedom be praise!

Official lyrics

The music of the anthem were adapted from two Georgian operas, "classical music genre.


During Freedom Square in Tbilisi, a recording of Tavisupleba failed to play properly. Saakashvili then motioned to the choirs, and thousands in the crowd joined the singers in singing the anthem, a moment which was described by media as "the most powerful moment of the day".[3]

The new anthem quickly gained popularity in contrast to its predecessor, whose lyrics were somewhat archaic and difficult to memorize.

Tavisupleba succeeded the old anthem Democratic Republic of Georgia from 1918 to 1921, and again by the newly independent (from Soviet Union) Georgia from 1990 to 2004.

The law does not give any regulations, but refers to the corresponding Presidential Decree. [2]

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